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How to Dispose of Trash, Recycle and Large Items

There are many options for disposing of your garbage.  For trash pick-up you can contact West Central Sanitation (800-246-7630, www.scsanitation.com) for a seasonal rate.  Miller Sanitation (320-974-3050) is another option.

For recycling there are even more options.  Atwater sorts out glass (brown/green, blue, clear), newspaper, cardboard (broken down flat), plastic (no caps), metal (no lids), open 24 hours, just behind Casey’s.  In Kandiyohi, recycling bins are at the south end of 7th St (206 7th St, to be exact), the last street as you head west out of town.  I am told that they sort “everything”. In Willmar (320-235-7630) they will take the same sort as in Atwater, but are only open 8 – 4, M-F, but their hazardous waste site will take paint and almost anything else hazardous from 8:30 – 4 M-F, 9 – 2 Saturdays.  They are located at 400 Benson Ave SW.

There is even a County Landfill (320-354-2707) where you can take your big, more cumbersome items.  They weigh you on the way in and on the way out and you pay by the pound.  Spicer also has county maintained bins behind the ball fields on Hwy 23.

You should know that your lake association does its part by providing dumpsters at each access during the winter months.  But the dumpsters located at the Count Park and Wheeler’s Campground are NOT for public use.

and Trash, Recycle and Landfill Options