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7/2/02 - View from Hwy 12 going west, Diamond Lake in middle, Green Lake behind
7/2/02 - View coming from Willmar on Country Road 26
7/2/02 - View coming from Willmar on Country Road 26
7/2/02 - West Bay
7/2/02 - North Bay
7/2/02 - North Bay looking into Southy Bay (Dog Fish Bay in back)
7/2/02 - 159th St from North Bay (Country Road 137 behind)
7/2/02 - Hubbard - Wheeler - Schultz lake chain from Diamond Lake
If you have a photo of Diamond Lake and would like it on our web site, either e-mail it to jchristensen77@comcast.net as a jpg file.  Please include details on the date of the photo, who took it and any information regarding the photo.
Photos taken 6/2001 - Sunset at Diamond Lake - courtesy of Jade Bishop (parents are Doug & Denise Bishop)
Photos taken 5/2004- Loons on Diamond Lake - courtesy of Bill and Carol Simondet
Photos of weed cutting that occurred 06/2004.  Volunteers included Kathy & Orlan Flaata, Rene & Mike McMonigal, Bill Schultz, Paul Benson & others.
July 4th 2005 Boat Parade

The July 4th 2005 Boat Parade was wildly successful this year.  Fifty-six boats participated!  Many thanks to Dick and Judy Johnson for organizing this event.  Following are pictures of the parade courtesy of Judy Christensen.  Click on each link below to see pictures of the boats & hear music.

                        Boats 1 - 10            Boats 11 - 20          Boats 21 - 30       

                        Boats 31 - 40          Boats 41 - 50           Boats 51 - 56
Memorial Day 2004 - by North Shore - cold & blustery
Kandiyohi Cnty Park #3 - 6/2004
courtesy of Mark Gregory
Sent in by Mark Haen June 2007, with these comments: "This picture is most unique.  It's a shot of diamond lake from our deck.  Smooth ice, almost perfectreflection.  So perfect that when I turned the pic over you can hardly tell.  The picture is upside down!"

A truck broke through the ice at around 10 p.m. Saturday December 20, 2008 on Diamond Lake. Brandon Kragenbring Atwater said the truck broke through the ice when he was a few hundred yards from the southwest shore of the lake. He was able to escape through the driver ’s side window before the truck completely broke through the ice,
Truck Removal Pictures - winter 2008 - 2009 (pictures sent in by Richard Phillips
Picture 1
Picture 3
Picture 2