Diamond Lake Area 
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota

 Diamond Lake News
Fortieth Year
Labor Day Edition 2023
The Clayton & Mary Ann (Tait) Smith Family enjoyed a beautiful morning at the park to dedicate their memorial bench.


   The Diamond Lake Area Recreational Association (our official name) Weed Fest held at Community Park on July 22 was fantastic! Met and far exceeded expectations! Astounded young, old and tweenies alike! Something for everyone: brats and burgers from the Simmy Shack, weed identification and answers in person from Cory Smith of the Watershed District and Dan McEwen, Ph.D of Limnopro, our weed removal contractor. Adult beverages were provided by Tom Hayden's Handlebar from town, proceeds after expenses very generously donated to the lake association -- do you know what a special liquor license cost? Neither do I. Water Totalers also had an option, thanks to the Water Table (so to speak) run by the Lake Family Groshens. There was even ​a Mini Donut truck. And if you wanted ice cream or a wide variety of picnic items you could have popped into Todd Anderson's County Park Store.

  But wait, there's more. Curiosity Cabin's Marc Haen and his newly organized or reorganized and repersonifitized band provided a mix of rock, country, blues and pop music for some FIVE HOURS to an audience estimated at anywhere from 100 to 300+ music lovers., many of whom never left their seats for almost the entire show. All this capped off by perfect weather and a very nice breeze from somewhere. Neighbors and camp followers mingled, some boated in. With the many garbage cans strategically provided there was no garbage left to speak of. Many thanks to Tom Hayden, Mark Kragenbring, Ania Hagen, Tom Groshens and Marc Haen this first ever Weed Fest was a smash hit, even if Jane Fonda was a no show. Will these leaders reprise the event next year? Easy for me, who contributed nothing, to say. Looking for help for next year......

Fish Stories

by Dean Volk

When I grew up in the 70s, I loved being able to camp at Diamond Lake. My parents had great friends that had a cabin on the north side of the lake and we stayed in the campground. My father and his friend Charley told many fishing stories, but my favorite goes something like this: We were out fishing for about four hours, and ready to pull up our bait and go home defeated. My father reeled up his line, but Charley had to have one more cast. He hooked into a lunker, big Walleye (biggest they had ever seen on the lake). They got it up to the boat a couple different times, my dad had the net out, and Charley was bringing the fish in close. Dad got it in the net (there is some question about this fact) then the mighty fish made a hole in the net and ended their dream. I heard fault on both sides and still do to this day when they tell the story. Not sure if I ever saw a hole in the net or not…

My wife and I saw the opportunity to purchase a cabin on the lake in 2004 and jumped at the chance. It was walls and 2X4s when we moved in. We insulated, sheet rocked, put in a ceiling. Then centered it in the lot and built a basement underneath. Later we added a new garage, and foyer. Our oldest daughter was 6 months old when we purchased the cabin, she is now starting her second year in college, my youngest is a junior in High school. We cherish the time we can be at the lake and trust that our children will for many years to come. Dean Volk

Editor’s Note: The Editor was unable to fact check this story and takes no position on its veracity. Perhaps you have one you would like to submit. I myself am working on the time I rode a dolphin from Community Park over to Dogfish Bay and back.

Missile Lane

IMPORTANT ! 49 th Avenue will be getting a new road! 
Construction should start just after Labor Day and is expected to last about 10-14 days. Work will be completed by Duininck Construction and managed by Bolton & Menk Engineering. All residents should receive a handout prior to the start of construction work. Questions? Call Allie Holien, Harrison Township Clerk (706 284-0646). The Township Board thanks you for your patience during this
construction project.

Marc Haen and the Curiosity Band typically has a concert on the weekend (Saturday?) after Labor Day, with a free will contribution and a food offering for those present. However, Marc was not aware of the construction project on 49 th . As of this writing we don’t know where things stand but I’m guessing Marc will make every effort to carry on the tradition. 

Anybody spy Red Fescue jogging down the bike path in his beautiful new heavy [Baby, Prussian, Cornflower, Sky, Navy, Cerulean?) Blue “Diamond Lake” emblazoned hooded sweat shirt that he wears when breaking into fish houses? Todd Anderson sells them at the Community Park Store while supply lasts.

Muddy Paw Ceramics is again holding its Labor Day Sale at the home of Kathy Meyer, 6462 159th St., just off County Road 137 on the east side of Diamond Lake. Saturday, Sept. 2 8:00-5:00, Sunday, Sept, 3, 8:00-5:00.​