Diamond Lake Area 
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota

 Diamond Lake News
Thirty-ninth Year
July 4th Edition 2022
President's Report
Tim Groshens, President, DLARA

Well if our printing schedule works out, you will be reading this a few days before the 4th of July. Have fun with your celebrations and KEEP SAFE.  

Let me begin this report by thanking our long-time editor, Bob Meyerson. Past issues of the newsletter are available on the website. The website has issues going back twenty years, but I am certain Bob has even older versions. Bob has also convinced Harvest Bank to pay for printing of the newsletter. Consistent support from members like Bob is what makes the Association successful.

I am writing this before the Annual meeting which will be held Saturday, June 18. I hope you were able to attend. We had a full agenda with topics on fishing, sewer maintenance, AIS, and many others. It has been a very busy year for the Association. I have received telephone calls, emails, texts, and in person visits from members asking the Association to become involved in many issues.

• Algae 
• Chiggers
• Weeds
• No walking path on the East side of the lake
• Zebra Mussels
• No fish other than carp of which there are too many
• Carp
• Need more social and music events
• Various sewer problems
• Upkeep of the docks at the boat landings
• Erosion
• Wake boats 
• Fear of new invasive species
• Garbage left on the lake from ice houses
• The way homeowners are assessed for weed control
• The condition of the dam 

If you brought one of these issues to my attention, I hope you feel that I listened. However, it is not possible to investigate each of these concerns much less solve the problem. In many cases, I have referred you to one of our partners such as the DNR, County or Watershed District.  

The Association is undertaking a planning process which will help us better focus our limited resources. The process started with a Board discussion of priorities. It continued at the annual meeting with Scott Henderson of the Watershed District helping the members identify priorities. The Board will take the results of this discussion and develop a plan for the Association. If you were not able to attend the annual meeting or did not express your thoughts there, send me an email (timgroshens@gmail.com) and let me know where you think we should place our resources and attention. Thanks.

Tim Groshens, President, DLARA

Missile Lane

The July 4th Boat Parade will be held on Saturday, July 2 led by Commodore Brenda Negen in a fishing boat decorated with Minnesota Vikings gear in loving memory of Roger Gunderson who passed away last year. The Parade will start @ 1pm just south of Community Park. No need to decorate but you are welcome to do so, on shore or on sea. There are, of course, rules: no throwing stuff overboard; keep your distance from the other participants, stay in line the whole way around the lake until the Parade is over. Oh, and have fun. Any questions or comments please contact Brenda @ 320 295-6060.

First or Last Resort
Did you know there are 3 resorts on the lake? 
Bob Schimerowski’s Diamond Lake Resort (formerly North Breeze Resort) has cabins for rent (www.DiamondLakeResort.com or 320 444-5440). They also have ice cream, Diamond Lake wear and usually leaches, crawlers and waxies (someday I’ll tell you all about my “illustrious” relative, Waxey Gordon.

Then there is Wheeler’s Campground. They have camping sites for rent (jlgliaison@gmail.com or 608 370-3934), daily or by the season. Kayaks, paddleboards, paddle boats and canoes free for renters only.

Finally, Kandiyohi County Park #3 (320 974-8520) on the west side of Diamond has a
wide variety of lake wear and live bait, lures, snacks, ice and foods: hot dogs, slushys, Schwan’s ice cream, canned goods, cold drinks, milk, candy, eggs, pizza, sandwiches, Wick’s meats and more. Also cooking oil and utensils. Great if you run out of something and need it fast. 

Advanced Notice of Proposed Regulation, banker talk for coming events in case we don’t get the Labor Day Issue (yes, Labor Day) out in time – the post office does not guarantee or estimate delivery time anymore (well, it never did) due to staffing and machine shortages:

Muddy Paw Ceramics/Heather Meyer will be having its Labor Day Weekend Showing at the home of Kathy Meyer, 6462 159th Street NE, Atwater...just off county road 137 on east side of Diamond Lake.Labor Day weekend: Friday evening, 4-7 and Saturday & Sunday, 8-5. All work is hand thrown. 

Crime Alert
It has been reported that 2 jet skis were stolen from the south side of the lake. The thieves came in from the lake. Do not leave your key in the jet ski hat compartment. That probably goes for pontoons as well.Maybe there are better solutions. Let me know.  

Seen on the bike trail, a snapping turtle, just west of 49th Ave. He was snapping to the music of the spheres. Snappers have a very long neck. Better keep a tight grip on your dog Dukie if you appen to cross the snapper’s trail.

There is still time to pay the Annual Dues, still just $25 (it should be twice that). We are the only organization dedicated to the lake as a whole. You can send your payment via Venmo(select Diamond Lake Area Assn., then Pay). It will ask for your name, payment method, card number and payment amount. There is a section for notes. Please add your lake address (and mailing address if different), phone number (optional) and a “Speak Up/Sound Off” section so we know your concerns. You can also mail a check with the same information to DLARA, PO Box 307, Atwater 56209. We will publish a list of paid up members in the July 4th issue. We have 250 paid-up members to date. There are 365+ cabins around the lake. Don’t be left out. Thanking you in advance....

Sewer Sides

by Corey Smith, GLSSWD
Notes From Underground
What can you do?
If you haven't already, go to www.kpcoop.com and sign up for SmartHub.  With SmartHub you can monitor the electric usage of your grinder station and your home.  By monitoring this inofmration, you will be able to see if there is a potential problem with your grinder.  A couple of examples that lead to excessive usage are a hard check valve or leads from cracked pipes, leaking toilets and dripping sinks.

Did you know?
Most insurance companies offer sewer backup coerage, usually it is a separate coverage.  This is usually a minimal cost for a piece of mind.  For example, if your grinder's check valve would happen to fail and the grinder did not turn on.  Sewage could potentially backup into your house.

Grinder Lift Station Ownership
The Grinder Life station and the force main (discharge line) from the grinder to the District's low pressure system is private.

Statement of ownership
The property owner owns, maintains and pays for all costs required to keep this private system in operation.

*  Control panel and electric equipment
*  Wet-Well, Floats, Check valves and Pump
*  Force main - located from the grinder to the District's curb box valve that is located in road right of way.
*  Gravity sewer is located between the house and the grinder.

Notes to Remember
1.  When the light and alarm is on, it is alarming due to high water level in your wet-well.  Never turn off the alarm and simply walk away and leave the system.  There is a problem and it needs to be addressed and fixed NOW.  The system will not fix itself.
2.  When the alarm light is on and/or alarm is sounding the water level is very high in the wet-well.  Water could continue to fill the wet-well, which may be due to a check valve problem, infiltration, or some other issue that needs to be resolved.
3.  Always check the system to see what is wrong by removing the cover on the grinder to see where the water level is.  If you can't make repairs call you plumber to assist you.
4.  If you need additional information, please call GLSSWD.  On Call Phone 1.320.796.5565  Office 1.320.796.4523.

A Letter to the Diamond Lake News

We have had a cabin on the lake for over 50 years and have so many good memories of catching walleyes with our Dad, brothers, and other relatives. This past opener we had 8 family members fishing over 2 days and caught 1 bass.

My two brother and I attended the Diamond Lake Association Annual Meeting. My brother Dan spoke about the lack of walleyes in Diamond Lake and the majority of attendees agreed the walleye fishing on Diamond has gone down dramatically over the past 5-8 years.

Everyone had different idea for the decline: Pelican and Cormorants eating fish, no bull heads any longer, Zebra Mussels making lake clearer, fish going over the dam, GPS from fishermen, Ice houses looking like RV’s, and one guy said he thinks guides are working Diamond Lake.

The DNR is doing a lot every year but the fishermen are not catching any small walleyes.

The only fish I hear about are big walleyes, over 18 inches long. I hope the DNR can build a rearing pond we can have the fry or fingerlings get larger before they are stocked in the Lake. I also think we can repair the outtake dam to prevent fish from going over when the water is very high.

My family loves Diamond Lake. I would love to build more memories with my kids about catching walleye again on Diamond Lake.

Steve Smith & Dave Smith