Diamond Lake Area 
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota

 Diamond Lake News
Thirty-seventh Year
Labor Day Edition 2020

Tim Groshens, DLARA President

I hope you and your family have been able to enjoy the summer at the lake. By the time you read this, the first signs of Fall will be appearing. It has been an odd year. Most people I know go from feelings of fear and isolation to completely forgetting about the dangers of Covid 19, or as my young granddaughter says, “The Sickness.” I have no doubt we will look back on this year with awe.  

Annual Meeting - The Board canceled the annual meeting for this year. While the annual meeting is a great time to gather everyone and give updates on what is happening around the lake, the Board agreed that the benefits of the annual meeting just were not worth the risks.  

Facebook Page - After some twenty years of living part-time at the lake, I recently learned that Diamond Lake has a Facebook page. I know many people would rather sell their soul than join Facebook, but I believe the benefits found in Facebook communications out weight the risks. 
Diamond Lake of Atwater, MN is a moderated page with over 350 members. You need to send a request to one of the moderators to join. Here are example of recent postings on the site:
• Information on how to get your recycling bin if you don’t have one;
• An exchange of information on the current water conditions, green or not;
• A great historical piece by someone whose family first built a cabin on the lake in 1949. The 
comments generated by this post are outstanding and include information on a left-handed 
pitcher who played for the Redwood Falls Double A team;
• People selling an electric fireplace and other goods; and,
• Pictures of the tornado activity.
In short, there is a lot of great information available on this site and it’s a great way to stay current on Diamond Lake happenings. To join just go to Facebook; type in “Diamond Lake of Atwater, MN” and send a request to join.

New Events - Among other problems, the virus doubles the amount of time it takes to communicate. As a result, the next paragraph are my thoughts only. I have not yet shared it with other DLARA board members. DLARA’s mission is to improve the quality of the lake and life for those living around the lake. We have an outstanding committee of the Board led by Eric Hohman, working on water quality issues. While water quality will continue to be DLARA’s mission one, I would like to increase DLARA’s involvement in activities around the lake. I already know of a couple of music get togethers around the lake. There is the boat parade, and there may be other activities that I am not aware of. I would like to see DLARA support 
these existing events and create a few others. DARLA is in great shape. We have financial resources and we have a dedicated board that is willing to work. Now here is where I need you. Let me know if you think Diamond Lake would benefit from additional events centered on the lake and community. What specific ideas for events do you have? And to what extent are you willing to pitch in to make these events happen? Send me an email: timgroshens@gmail.com
or post on the Facebook page!

Sincerely, Tim Groshens, DLARA President

Lawn Mowing Advisory

Lawn clippings that drift onto the road can be slippery and hazardous to motorcycles. While there haven’t been and spin out or serious accidents on Diamond Lake roads (yet), there have been some around Green Lake. Please mow in such a way that the discharged clippings are directed away from the road. This appears to be more of a problem on the north side of Diamond than elsewhere, though on the south side it poses a problem on the bike path.

  If you are mowing and do not have an attachment to catch the clippings consider this great new invention, the broom. And while we are talking about being considerate, motorcycles for their part should try to keep the roar down when passing close to lake cabins and homes and bicyclists should consider bells or ”on your left” when coming up behind walkers and runners.

Missile Lane

No, No, Nono Nanono Nono Nanono No!
1.The south side Boat Access on 49th Avenue when it turns to gravel, going out to the point, is private property. Please respect the No Trespassing sign.
2.Motorized vehicles are prohibited from traveling on the bike/walking trail on the south side of the lake. Nothing is said about horses, but that could be even worse, unless followed by sad clowns with shovels. 
3.By order of the State Grammarian you are not to pronounce the letter “t” in the perfectly Anglo Saxon pronunciation of the word “often.” It should be pronounced “off-in.” Violators will be referred to the Office of the Pronouncer in the basement of the Third Precinct for further rendering.  

Doozie: added to the list of dues payers are the following Diamond Lake Heroes: Joel & Cheryl Ruter; Aaron Guggisberg and Rich Guggisberg (for both 2019 & 2020!). Thank you, all.

Brenda Negen reports that the July 4th Boat Parade was, once again, a success, with 37 participants and lots of patriotic colors. However there was some drowning out of parade revelers from the people who had their own pontoon band playing while the patriots passed by. Probably British soldiers. Maybe next year they can hold off while the patriots motor by. Word has it that Uncle Sam was watching, as was Auntie Mame, Grandpa Jones, Pop Feebs, Daddy Warbucks, Ma Barker, Daddy Longlegs, Sister Sledge, Sonny Tufts and Junior Wells.

Recycling Bins are being distributed to Kandiyohi County residents in lieu providing drop off at Willmar Recycling Center in Willmar. Items should be washed before placing in the bin at left at the end of the driveway. Permissible recyclable items are shown on the top of the bin lid. It is not necessary to sort. Pickup information will is forthcoming by mail from West Central Sanitation. For winter bin placement, just do your best. You can still dispose of household hazardous waste at the Household Hazardous Waste Facility near where the old Willmar Recycling Center used to be. For further information contact Jay Baker at Jay.Baker@kcmn.us. Cardboard flattened out, as well as tin cans, can still be recycled behind Casey’s in Atwater. For those not recycling I am told that the ditch is not an option.

It is with great sadness that we note the passing of retired farmer and new full time Diamond Lake resident and recently appointed DLARA Board Member Mike Rieke, who died on Aug. 6 from injuries sustained in an auto accident in Willmar. Our sympathies go out to the family. 

By Pat Buboltz

The Diamond Lake Memorial Bench program has enough donors to buy benches for each of the locations proposed by the county public works department. Three benches will be installed within the county park and five benches along the new bike/walking path, with the locations marked using stakes and pink flags. The concrete pads and metal benches coated with Plastisol are expected to be installed this fall. The Board of Commissioners of Kandiyohi County accepted the donations of about $7500 at their August 4th board meeting. This is not a DLARA sponsored project but organized by a committee of individual property owners. The donors are paying for the bench, shipping, taxes, if applicable, and their personalized memorial plaque. The county is bearing the cost of materials and manpower to build the concrete slabs, assemble, install and maintain the benches and also receive and disburse the funds.

The families donating benches are Balistreri, Pauly, Prescott, Johnson Family Farm, Schimschock, Meyerson/Danielson/Harvest Bank, Dobihal and Warren Johnson. A plaque installation ceremony at each bench is being planned once the benches are in place.
If you are interested in being a part of another project to honor your loved ones, keep watching this newsletter for future plans.