Diamond Lake Area 
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota

 Board of Director's Meeting
Saturday April 29, 2023
The April 29 meeting was held at the Watershed District office.

The December 3, 2022 minutes were approved as presented. 
Treasurer report showed checking balance of $9,611.77, Savings $1,024.99 and Money Market $64.644.53. 244 have paid 2023 dues. Dues reminder will be in the Memorial Day newsletter with a reminder letter to unpaid members.

Maleceks and Groshens have volunteered to build the loon nests. Nests are to be 30 feet from shore. m/s/c/ to allocate $300 per nest for materials.

Discussion was held considering hiring someone to share information regarding concerns, ideas, etc.

Weed harvesting was discussed. Big Kandi received a grant for $10,000 for harvesting. Directors will contact Big Kandi to check the grant process and harvester equipment and also Nest Lake for info.

Limnopro weed spraying- m/s/c to prepay the chemical cost of $55,00 for year 2023. The 2024 weed treatment will be discussed at the next board meeting. Thanks to Eric for his work on weed treatment.

The Diamond Lake board will organize a social event, Weedfest, on July 22 from 2-7 pm. There will be music, information booths, vendors, food truck, and refreshments. m/s/c/ to spend up to $3000 to promote this event.

The No Wake Zone procedure was discussed with Tim to contact the Deputy as to the process.

The annual meeting will be Saturday, June 17, at the County Park shelter. Numerous speakers with election of officers.

The next board meeting will be Friday, June 2 at 5:30 pm with site to be determined.

Respectfully submitted .
Pat Ryan Secretary