Diamond Lake Area 
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota

 Board of Director's Meeting
Saturday December 3, 2022
Members absent: Roger Steinke, Jeff Gertgen, Tom Hayden, Mark Kragenbring, and Bob Meyerson. 

Meeting was held via Zoom.

CD due 1/7/23 in amount of $3794.66. Motion carried to move CD to money market account. The Kandi County Grant money will also be moved to money market account as will all deposits A maximum of $5000 will be kept in operating account.

The dues billing process will begin in February. Tom Hayden has storage room above his business for Association files, etc..

Discussion centered around lake chemical application and weed harvesting. Will check into cost of a weed harvester, general process, etc. 2023 chemical use was discussed. There is no immediate fix on weed control. Committee to pursue cost of a weed cutter, contact DNR, Watershed District and Nest Lake for other ideas. Committee to keep the board informed as to any information gathered.

Next board meeting will be April 29th.

The annual meeting will be June 17, 2023 at the County Park..

Respectfully submitted .
Pat Ryan Secretary