Diamond Lake Area 
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota

 Board of Director's Meeting
Saturday August 6, 2022
Members absent: Roger Steinke , Sandra Bacsa and Bob Myerson.

Treasurer’s report: Savings $23,732.05 1 CD total $3,789.58 Checking $41,545.72 
Discussion followed on placement of funds for availability. Motion carried to move checking funds to a Money Market account leaving $5000 in the checking account. Motion carried to move savings balance to a Money Market account leaving $1000 in the savings account. 75% of dues have been collected. A reminder letter will be sent to outstanding previous year dues members. Treasurers report was approved as presented.  

Roger Steinke has resigned as treasurer but will remain on the board of directors.
Election of officers for the coming year was held. Tim Groschens was elected president, Pat Ryan secretary and Anita Hagen treasurer. Brian Weist will work on developing a succession plan for the presidency.

Eric Hohman reported on the Aquatic Invasive Species status. Herbicide treatment was completed and cost was $55244. A point intercept survey needs to be done every 5 years, however it has been 6 ½ years since we have done the survey. This survey is done in two parts, half during peak curlyleaf pondweed growth time (June) and the other half during peak everything else time. Motion carried to pay our share of $3448 with the Water Shed District covering the other half of the cost. A meandering survey also was scheduled but the water was already too green to be able to do this effectively so it was dropped for this year saving the proposed cost of $2616.00. An intensive search for Eurasian watermilfoil at the boat landings will be done in August-September. Motion carried to pay this cost of $4,756.24

General discussion followed on ideas submitted with dues payments, sewer usage and upkeep, lake clarity, shoreline development, and newsletter articles.

August 19th is the deadline for articles for the Labor Day newsletter.
Respectfully submitted, 
Pat Ryan, Secretary