Diamond Lake Area 
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota

 Board of Director's Meeting
Saturday March 6, 2021
Members present: Tim Groshens, Mark Streed, Roger Steinke, Bob Myerson, Pat Ryan, Eric Hohnan, Tom Hayden. Zoom meeting called to order at 9:00 am. 

 Harv Meints is resigning from the board. A big thank you to Harv (and Sheri) for the many years of dedicated representation on the board.

The December 12, 2020 meeting minutes were approved as presented.  

Treasurer’s report: Balances remain the same as from previous meeting. Tim has a bill for zoom fees and paper. Membership dues billing will be mailed in March.  

The board passed a motion to add a board position of assistant secretary/treasurer to assist with the tracking of members. It was suggested to have the resort owner, campground owner and county park operator be listed as advisory members due to the difficulty of meeting attendance requirements.

Lake ice cleanup will be on Sunday, March 7 at noon. Notice will be on the Diamond Lake facebook website. 

 Pat Bubolz informed the board that there is some interest in planting trees by the benches on County Road 4.

Eric Hohman reported the AIS survey will be done when the ice is out. Results will be forwarded to Tim Groshens after which the chemical will be applied once temp is over 55 degrees. 

 The deadline for the DNR grant was missed, however we have never gotten any funds from this grant. Application for the County funds was submitted in October. $10,000 was allocated which will be distributed in September.  

Duane Anderson, the new county commissioner is very supportive of county lakes.  

Future board meeting dates were discussed with the next board meeting on May 8. The board is hoping to have an annual meeting on Saturday, June 19 at the county park shelter. The fall meeting will be on August 28. 

Respectfully submitted, 
Pat Ryan, Secretary