Diamond Lake Area
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota
Diamond Lake News
Thirty-sixth Year
Memorial Day Edition 2019

Colossus of Roads

As you may have noticed, Central Specialties has resumed construction work along CR 4 and in the County Park.  Attached to this email is a map showing areas described below:

1.       A lot of the road slopes and ditches are still too wet to work but they are doing what they can to get going.  They will begin to shape the roadway in this section by placing the remaining gravel so they can pour curb and gutter in the required areas.  Driveways will be shaped during this time as well to get them ready for pavement.  A majority of the slopes and ditch bottoms, especially along the lake, have yet to be final shaped and seeded.  As weather allows, CSI and their seeding contractor will be putting final touches on them too.

The County Park is nearing completion and will be paved in May.  As the park gets busier, the road that has been used all winter through the park will be closed to through traffic.  Park traffic only.

2.       The contractor has already dug this area up so that the road grade can dry out and be put back together.  This area will remain closed to traffic.

3.       CSI will begin milling the pavement off of this section in the near future.  When this happens this segment will be open to local traffic only.

Also attached to this email is a map indicating anticipated completion dates.  These rough timelines reflect contract dates, but weather will continue to be a huge factor in finishing this project up.

If anyone needs further clarification on access, whether it be coming or going from your property, please contact Troy Leeseberg with CSI at 320-760-2933.  Troy will be able to give you current access routes as he is the 24 hour contact and knows the construction operations the best.  You may also contact Tim Underland with Kandiyohi County at 320-212-1053 as he is the construction inspector.

Hubbard-Wheeler-Schultz Project Summary (May 2019)

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MnDNR) initiated drawdown on the Hubbard, Wheeler, Schultz Lake Chain on September 14, 2018. Water levels were low in the area and provided favorable drawdown conditions last winter.

Through the months of October and November water was evacuated from the system without any substantial issues. The goal was to remove as much water as possible via active drawdown to create a “winterkill” condition. Drawdown is used to improve overall water quality and lake habitat conditions by simulating drought and resetting ecological functions normally found in a healthy lake environment.  Drawdown is also a tool used to help control invasive species such as carp and curly-leaf pondweed.

The MnDNR placed “thin-ice” signs around the control sites and continued removing water through December. On December 26th, full drawdown was achieved.

On March 22nd fish screens were installed at the structure sites between Schultz and North Wheeler, and between South Wheeler and North Wheeler. Testing this winter revealed ice forming to the bottom at most locations, the water that did remain contained very little dissolved oxygen. There was evidence of fish kill this spring (dead carp).

Due to snowmelt and rain this spring, the basins refilled immediately, with water levels back to “normal” or even high conditions.  This is despite having nearly 2500 acre/feet of storage in the basins and a conservative estimated refill time of 1.5 years. We were all dealing with a lot of water this spring!

We will continue to monitor water quality and habitat conditions in the area including lake habitat assessments on Hubbard, Wheeler, and Schultz Lakes this summer.  The comprehensive management plan will be used to help guide future management efforts and project partners will continue to meet and discuss outcomes, goals, and objectives of the project. We do not anticipate having to pursue additional drawdowns for several years.

For more information please contact DNR Wildlife Lake Specialist Josh Kavanagh at 320-354-0207, joshua.kavanagh@state.mn.us or Middle Fork Crow River Watershed District Administrator Margaret Johnson 320-796-0888, margaret@mfcrow.org.

Infrastructural Information

During the last couple of months the Green Lake Sanitary Sewer and Water District (District) has noticed an increase in flow from the Diamond Lake Service area:
January 2019502,000 gallons
February 2019409,000 gallons
March 20191,246,000 gallons
April 20191,046,000 gallons

The added flow (infiltration and inflow) is being pumped to the system by way of individual sewer grinder/pump stations.  The District is asking property owners to take note of any additional pumping that might be occurring at their grinder stations.  Below are a couple of ways to monitor for this:

1.Monitor pump run hours.  The meter is found inside the control panel.
2.Listen/watch for excess running of grinder pump.
3.Watch your KPC electric bill.  If kwh appear higher than normal the grinder pump could be running more as a results of the excess water entering the system.
4.Remove the grinder station cover when you are not using any water.  You should not see any water running from your service lateral (pipe from house to grinder).
5.Do not run or connect your sump pump discharge to the grinder station.

Feel free to contact the District at 320-796-4523 if you have questions.

Infiltration:  is extraneous water entering a sanitary sewer system through joints and cracks in the sewer after having traveled through soil.

Inflow:  is extraneous water entering a sanitary sewer by direct connection such as from roof drains, sump pumps, manhole covers, etc..

GLSSWD Unpolluted Water Discharge Policy states no person’s sump pump, roof drain, footing drain, surface drain or any type of prohibited unpolluted waters discharge shall be connected to the GLSSWD sanitary sewer collection system.

Missile Lane

ANNUAL MEETING, JUNE 15, 2019 @ 9:30 am, Community Park Shelter. Coffee, donuts, speakers, and your favorite Association Directors.

Kandi is Dandy Days, Friday-Saturday, June 8-9. Friday: Highlighter Supper from 5:00 at Civic Center; Saturday @ 9:00 free games for kids; Parade at 11:30; Pork Chop Appreciation Dinner from 5:00; street dance by Fire Hall at 8:00. I probably missed as few other events as well.

Atwater Festival Days, Saturday, June 15-22, “Return of the Dodecahedra,” 12 events throughout the week. See enclosed flyer. Word on the street is that anyone who beat Bob in checkers wins $5. No entry fee, only your pride on the line. Thursday:

Drive 4UR Community, Tuesday, June 4, Atwater Ford Dealership, Benefit for the Atwater Historical Society. For every person who test drives a new Ford vehicle the Atwater Historical Society receives $20 paid for by the Ford Motor Company. It costs the public nothing, just test drive a new vehicles. Hours are noon to 7 PM. Park in the Atwater Ford Dealership lot.

The list of Paid Up Due Members will be published in our July 4th newsletter, so you still have time to send your in $25 to our treasurer, Diane Dalton-Rivard (14259 Breezy Pt. Rd., Atwater, MN 56209) before your nosey neighbor scours the list to see if you paid. If you have any questions please contact Sherrie Meints at 507 220-5195.

Our lake association has received a weed roller like the one in the enclosed brochure. If you would like to see it stop by Harlan Meints’ home at 14249 Breezy Point Rd.

From the President's Chair

Welcome back to everyone!  We returned to the lake in the middle of April this year.  We spent a cool winter in southern Texas. We have one day with the temperatures in the low 30’s, otherwise it was 60’s and 70’ and warmer.  Texas also had a lot of liquid snow this past winter.  We returned to no snow and the ice gone.  I will give a short rundown of things going on around the lake and area. Don’t forget you can check the lake web site for additional news and info. Look under Diamond Lake Area Recreational Association.  

I would like to thank all of you who have sent your dues in.  A list of those who have paid is included in this newsletter. Also thank you for all of the comments that were sent in.  I will attempt to answer these in this newsletter.

Your board members are listed on the back of the newsletters.  If you have any comments or concerns about the lake, please contact one of them.  The board meets three times a year, with the annual meeting being held the third Sat. in June at 9:30 in the county park. We are looking at changing this date because of the conflict with Father’s Day.  More info to follow.

Grinders need to be checked or cleaned periodically, especially if you do not live here year around. Not a bad idea to remove cover and spray inside with hose or power washer to remove buildup crud.  An updated list of contact persons and companies to contact when having sewer problems is found on the lake website.  www.diamondlakemn.com

Hubbard Lake chain was drawn down and had a very good winter kill.  It was predicted it would take a year or two to refill the chain of lakes but with the heavy rain and runoff the chain is now full.

The process of moving the road behind the park was slowed down because of the wet weather.  We will have a speaker at the annual meeting to update us on the timeline to completion.

DLARA has hired Limnopro, a company located in St. Cloud, to do a survey of the aquatic species in the lake and their number and location.  This will occur in early June.  Because of this, we will not be spraying for curly leaf pond weed this year.

The DNR again this year set out nets to seine for walleye to remove their eggs. The adults were returned to the lake. This is a plus for our lake as more walleye fry are returned than normally would survive on their own.  

If you are having problems receiving the newsletter or problems with the names on the address please contact HARLAN MEINTS  507-220-5195.  Thanks!  hmeints61@hotmail.com

Any problems, questions and or concerns please contact me or any board member, Thanks!

Answers to Questions & Comments Sent in With Due Payments 2019

As per my best knowledge, Harlan Meints

The board does read and discuss all comments returned with the dues form.  We act or check on these to best of our ability.  Not all things are under our control or cannot be changed by DLARA.

Thanks you to all those who replied with: Job well done!   Keep up the good work!  The board works without pay and these words are our only reward.  Thanks

QUESTION Regarding the newsletter publishing dates.  The newsletters are published three times a year: Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day. If you want information included contact Bob Meyerson at least 3 week before these dates.

Questions regarding setting up lake get togethers. This is not the responsibility of DLARA. If individuals wish to do things as a lake group or area group It is up to them to organize them

Question regarding names of owners on road signs.  This is not done by DLARA. You will need to contact someone located in your area for instruction of what to do.

Questions concerning the DNR.   (1) Cedar trees were placed in Big Kandi Lake south of Diamond as an experiment to see if the tree would provide a place for perch to lay eggs.  Big Kandi has a very limited  underwater structure for egg laying.  Diamond lake has a lot of structure so DNR will not be doing it here. (2)  The DNR does not spray lakes for weeds. Lake Waconia was for a test the DNR was conducting.  I do not have all the info on this at this time.
I have asked Dave Coahran, the DNR fisheries Supervisor, to attend our annual meeting on June 15th at 9:30 at the county park on the west side of Diamond Lake.

Question regarding fishing and ice houses on the lake. Diamond Lake does not belong to the home owners around the lake it belongs to the state of MN and is controlled by the DNR.  DLARA cannot regulate fishing tournaments or the number of ice houses on the lake. DLARA also Has no control over garbage left on the lake during the winter.  DLARA does pay to have dumpsters at both accesses year around.

Question regarding erosion control along the new road. DLARA is working with the county and watershed district to ensure that the lake is protected from runoff.  Some of this will be done as the project winds down.

Question regarding updates to web page. I Will check on this to get this updated.

Question regarding upkeep of properties. DLARA does not control and does not want to control this. If you feel that this is a severe problem contact the township or county offices to complain.

Question regarding farm runoff.  Again DLARA has no control over this. We do work with the watershed district to help fund projects to control runoff

Question regarding weed control. As the water clarity on the lake has improved, weeds will grow faster and in deeper water because of the increased sunlight allowing for more photosynthesis.  Not all weeds can be sprayed, only those the DNR approves.  Individual owners can clear certain areas around their dock for recreational usage.  Check with the DNR in Spicer for Rules and if a permit is needed.

Hope this answers you questions to some extent.  If you would like to discuss further, contact a board member and or attend a board meeting.