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Diamond Lake News
Thirty-fifth Year
Memorial Day Edition 2018

County Road 4, South & West Side Around Diamond Lake Project Update

from Mel Odens, Public Works Director, Kandiyohi County

Final details are wrapping up and the project is scheduled for a June 5th Bid Opening. The project extends from US12 up to County Road 10 just east of Spicer.  Construction on this 7 mile project will begin in 2018 with a final completion by July, 2019.

There will be a detour set up, however, local residential traffic will be allowed within the project limits but there may be delays due to construction.

For project updates and progress, visit our website at http://www.co.kandiyohi.mn.us/departments/public_works/road_construction.php.

Trash Talkin' (You're Givin' Me Hives)

There are many options for disposing of your garbage (Other than in the ditch).  For trash pick-up you can contact West Central Sanitation (800-246-7630, www.scsanitation.com) where Diamond Lake seasonal resident Jeff Bertram may be of assistance (pick-up, not delivery please) for a seasonal rate.  Miller Sanitation (320-974-3050) is another option.

For recycling there are even more options.  Atwater sorts out glass (brown/green, blue, clear), newspaper, cardboard (broken down flat), plastic (no caps), metal (no lids), open 24 hours, just behind Casey’s.  In Kandiyohi, recycling bins are at the south end of 7th St (206 7th St, to be exact), the last street as you head west out of town.  I am told that they sort “everything”. In Willmar (320-235-7630) they will take the same sort as in Atwater, but are only open 8 – 4, M-F, but their hazardous waste site will take paint and almost anything else hazardous from 8:30 – 4 M-F, 9 – 2 Saturdays.  They are located at 400 Benson Ave SW. 

There is even a County Landfill (320-354-2707) where you can take your big, more cumbersome items.  They weigh you on the way in and on the way out and you pay by the pound.  While there you can view free of charge the mounds of smoking (dust? Methane?) waste we humans produce.  Spicer also has county maintained bins behind the ball fields on Hwy 23.

You should know that your lake association does its part by providing dumpsters at each access during the winter months.  But the dumpsters located at the Count Park and Wheeler’s Campground are NOT for public use. Now with all this information I don’t want to see so much as a cigarette butt anywhere in the vicinity.

County Road 4 NE Construction

Spring is here and with that comes road construction.  Diamond Lake residents will encounter extensive road construction on the south and west side of the lake this summer.

According to the Will Tribune article “Countywide sales tax to begin April 1”, sketchy details outline the project for County Road 4, reaching from US Hwy 12 north to County Road 10.  This project will move the road south, taking out the curve, move the west lake road behind the County park and campground, connecting back up with County Road 4 going north to County Road 10.

Removal of trees and shrubs has already begun.  Residents using this road will encounter detours and alternate routes for access.
The good news is the end result will be a wider road with paved shoulder and a paved walking trail, this will be a 2 year project with the paving done next summer

Answers to Questions and Comments Sent in with Dues Payments
by Harlan Meints

TThe board does read and discuss all comments returned with the dues form.  We act or check on these to the best of our ability.  Not all things are under our control or cannot be changed by DALRA.  Thank you to all those who replied with: Job well done!  Keep up the good work!  The board works without pay and these words are our only reward.  Thanks.

Q: regarding Weed Control.
A: We can only spray those areas determined by the DNR.  We cannot spray shallow areas.  You as a homeowner can contact the DNR for a permit to control Algae growth in a set area by your docks.

Q: Regarding runoff from creeks and inlets into the lake.
A: DLARA has no control over these even if the pollute the lake.  This is the DNR, county or watershed district.

Q: About East Landing.
A: The County has installed a new dock there.  DLARA talked to the county last year about making improvements to this landing, but money is in short supply.

Q: Regarding speed on roads around the lake.
A: The speed limits around the lake are set by either the state, county or the township.  DLARA has talked to these group and we have gotten no positive responses from them.

Q: Regarding fish in the lake.
A: Diamond Lake has a large number of fish in it.  This is shown by the net samplings and walleye nettings.  These figures were given in a newsletter last year.  Walleye netting is a plus for the lake as we get more walleye than would survive naturally.  The reason fishing is slow is because of the large amount of bait fish in the lake.  The lake belongs to the state of MN, we do not control the DNR.

Q: About sewer system problems.
A: As for a class action lawsuit against the county, Bolten and Mike and Ellingson from DLARA this is an action the board does not have the desire, time or money to pursue.

Q: About garage sales.
A: A lake wide garage sale is fine as long as someone wants to organize, advertise and run it.  DLARA has no desire to pursue.

Q: About carp.
A: DLARA has contacted groups about another carp tournament and also a group about seining carp on the lake.  So far no takers.

Q: About ACGC and winter get-together.
A: Question about having a get-together for winter people on the lake.  This again is not something DLARA will do.  Need someone on the lake to organize, plan it.  DALRA is in contact with ACGC Schools about projects involving water and water quality.  We work with the Middle Fork Crow River Watershed District to help funding when asked.

Hope this answers your questions to some extent.  If you would like to discuss further, contact a board member and/or attend a board meeting.

From the President's Chair, May 13th, 2018

Welcome back to everyone!  With the weather that you people have up here, Sherrie and I stayed in Texas an extra 3 weeks this year.  It was starting to get warm there when we left.  We returned to the lake April 26th to find the lake still ice covered.  We woke up Monday the 30th to watch the ice disappear.

I would like to thank all of you who have sent your dues in.  Al list of those who have paid is included in this newsletter.  Also thank you for all the comments that were sent in.  I will attempt to answer these in this newsletter.

Your board members are listed on the back of the newsletters.  If you have any comments or concerns about the lake, please contact one of them.  The board meets three times a year, with the annual meeting being held the third Sat in June at 9:30 in the county park.

Grinders need to be checked or cleaned periodically, especially if you do not live her year round.  My float was sticking after we returned.  Red light came on.  I removed the cover and sprayed the inside and floats with a hose to remove buildup crud.  This has seemed to fix the problem.

Two main projects going on this year are the drawdown of the Hubbard Lake chain and the moving of the road from east of the county park to behind it.  Further discussion of these items can be found in this newsletter or will be discussed at the annual meeting June16th.

The ice went out on the 30th and on the 1st of May the DNR was out setting nets to seine for walleye to remove eggs.  This is a plus for our lake as more walleye fry are returned than normally would survive on their own.

I have applied to the county invasive species group for funds to help offset the expense to homeowners of the weed spraying.  DLARA received a grant for $7,500.

If you are having problem receiving the newsletter or problems with the names on the address, please contact Harlan Meints,507-220-5195.  Thanks.  Hmeints61@hotmail.com

An updated list of contact persons and companies to contact when having sewer problems can be found on the lake website.  Any problems, questions and/or concerns please contact me or any board member.  Thanks!

Missile Lane

Annual Meeting.  June 16, 2018 at 9:30am.  Communicty Park Shelter.  Coffee, donuts, speakers and your favorite Association Directors.

Karla Christianson Buryska at 14783 Breezy Point Road is selling Diamond Lake Gear on her website (www.companycasuals.com/diamondlake). She has a variety of Diamond Lake logoed item available – hats, shirts, etc.  If you place your order by June 8th it will be delivered by the first week of July.  A portion of the sales will be donated to the DALRA.  Some items are also available at the Diamond Lake Resort and Wheeler’s Campground.

Heard on Diamond Lake: early morning loon call, sunrise cock crow, dog bark, pheasant cackle, goose honk, fishermen chat, grog croak, turkey trot, wood tick snort, flight of the bumblebee, silence of the lambs, walleyes crying in the rain – and the list goes on and on.

We are told that eagles can be seen swooping down on their prey about a mile south of Hey 28 on 180th Street where the road crosses the drainage ditch.