Diamond Lake Area
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota
Diamond Lake News
Thirty-third Year
Labor Day Edition 2016

From the President's Chair
by Harlan Meintz

Just a few thoughts in passing as we get ready to close up for the winter and head to Texas:

1. Well it looks like the Hubbard Lake Chain project will begin this fall and work is to be completed next year and the drawdown to begin then.  After many years of waiting, cannot wait to see the results.

2. DLARA has 251 memberships paid up at this time.  A big thank you to those who have joined and helped funded the effort to keep OUR LAKE as clean as WE can.  $25 is a small price to pay for the work the board does on behalf of all lake residents.

3. I was concerned by the large number of boats on the lake over the weekend of August 13th not obeying the NO WAKE ZONE RULES set up by the county.  A lot of damage can be done by the waves created by these waves on the properties with low shoreline and no rocks, only sand beaches. At least one dock was known to have been washed away.  The board has discussed how to inform residents of the NO WAKE RULE. The county posts signs at the lake accesses, posts in newspapers, broadcast over the radio and informs the county parks on the lakes of the rules. We don’t know what else can be done.  County Sheriff’s boats were on the county lakes that weekend and issued over 200 warning to crafts to slow down.  The boat was on Diamond both Saturday and Sunday.  Word of mouth among residents is the best solution the board could come up with.  IDEAS??????

4. Was happy also to see the effect that some of the projects DLARA has helped install on the lake in helping control and slow down the flow of the 8 inches of rain.  But also saw the dirt and trash coming off of farmers’ fields that will end up in the lake.  We on the lake are trying to keep our lake clean, but it has to be an effort from everyone in the watershed that empties into Diamond Lake.

5. Note to all please check your homeowners insurance to see if you are covered in case of fire.  Atwater charges a minimum of $500 I believe to come to the lake.

6. We are in need of people to serve on the board of DLARA.  If  interested, please contact a board member listed on the back of this newsletter.

7. Dues letter will be mailed out for 2017 in late Dec. or early Jan.

8. With the sewer, fish barrier and Hubbard Chain project about complete the board is looking for new projects to improve the quality of life on and in Diamond Lake.  Have an idea, contact a board member or join the board.

Have a great fall and be happy that at this time we have no invasive species we know about, except for curly leaf pondweed.  See you in the spring!!

Grinder/Pump Station Annual Cleaning & Inspection Routine
By Colleen Thompson, GLSSWD Superintendent

Below are listed simple annual cleaning & inspection steps regarding sewer grinder/pump stations. It is suggested that these procedures take place especially before any long periods of station none use to insure proper operation when not being monitored more regularly.

1. Remove basin cover.

2. Open control panel, find auto, off, hand pump control operation switch, its one switch with three positions. Turn pump control switch to hand operation and pump station wastewater level down until about one half of the pump is visible, when completed place switch in off position. When turning the pump control switch to hand the alarm light should activate and the audible alarm should sound. If either fails, repair is needed. To silence the audible alarm hold your hand under the speaker underneath the panel. The alarm light will clear when the pump control switch is returned to the auto position.

3. Pull up the pump control floats and clean them, return the second and third floats from the top to their normal basin position. These are the pump start and stop floats. Now test the high water level alarm. First, hold the top most float, the high level alarm float, in a downward position, second, return pump control switch to auto position, third, tip float vertically upward, alarm light and horn should activate, if not, repair is needed. Return the top float to normal basin position.

4. Now utilizing a garden hose and nozzle, spray down station breaking up all material in basin. Be sure to also break up any sludge layer on the bottom of the basin. You will need to cycle the pump on and off during this procedure, not letting the pump run dry, if allowed to run dry it may air lock, meaning the pump will no longer pump water without additional action such as burping the air out of the pump. Note, if the basin contents are not typical of normal sewer usage, meaning the basin contains rags, feminine hygiene products, sanitary wipes, diapers, cloth material, etc. you may want to consider having the basin commercially pumped out. This would eliminate the chance of plugging the pump with material not suitable for normal operation.

5. Continue cleaning and pumping until the basin appears relatively clean.

6. Now turn pump control switch back to original auto position.

7. While cleaning and after shut down, check for any possible pump pipe leakage, meaning water spraying while pumping or water filling back into station after shut down.

8. Now start filling the station with water until the pump starts. This should happen when the second float from the top tips up, discontinue filling and allow pump to pump down normally to the bottom float and stop.

9. If everything worked properly, reinstall basin cover.

10. Now inspect control panel and general installation. Look for moisture problems & any corrosion, make sure alarm light installation is water tight not allowing water to enter panel, caulk around light base if needed. Look for burnt wires, check door gasket, check panel post position, perform general overall visual inspection of the control panel. Check landscaping, basin cover needs to be above sod and soil sloped away from basin so water sheds away.

When performing this procedure and if difficulties arise, feel free to call the GLSSWD at 320-796-4523.

Missile Lane

Found, Sunday, July 10: elastic prosthesis sleeve (boot) for a knee; call Kandiyohi County Sheriff at 320 214-6700 to claim it.

Add one more name to the list of paid up dues members: Bruce & Linda Johnson. Thank you to all 250 2016 members! While it really is too late for anyone else to join in the 2106 fun, it is not too early to enroll in the 2017 list. However, you will be receiving a formal due appeal in January. Not too early to be thinking about January, winter lovers. 

Hoping this issue gets out to you in time, there is a valuable free webinar, “Cabin Trust” on Sept. 7, 2016 @ 1 PM, produced by MN Lakes & Rivers Advocates. This is the state-wide lobbying group to which we belong. They are hard-working and trustworthy. The webinar will inform you how to put your cabin or lake home in a trust for your family. Access may be obtained at https://anymeeting.com/AccountManager/RegEv.aspx?PIID=EC56D682874C3C. They will try to archive the webinar if you cannot make the live presentation, but no promises. This (the webinar, not the “no promises”) is another benefit provided by your lake association.

Another freebie: Atwater Area Help for Seniors Health Fair will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 20 from 9am to 12 pm at the Atwater Community Center. Flu shot clinic from 10am to 11am (bring insurance info), fasting labs available (cholesterol, glucose, etc. for small fee), blood pressure checks, over 30 exhibits with area health providers, refreshments, door prizes. There will also be a free medication drug disposal container, so check your cabinets and bring unused, expired pills, patches, and liquid medications for disposal. Open to all ages, free of charge.

Fall will soon be approaching and many of you will be looking to close your cabins/homes for the winter. Don’t forget to clean and inspect your grinder station before leaving. The 5-year warranty on the grinder pump, basin and controls is covered until Nov. 1, 2016 so giving your station a once over would be beneficial. Any problems call B&J Electric, the warranty contractor, at 320 796-6070.