Diamond Lake Area
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota
Diamond Lake News
Thirty-second Year
July 4th Edition 2015
2015 Annual Meeting

    At our annual meeting held on June 13 at Community Park Margaret Johnson of the Middle Crow River Watershed District (MFCRWD) gave a colorful presentation on the condition of the lake (available at www.mfcrow.org). In particular she noted the very high level of phosphorous, the root cause of weed growth and algae blooms. The plan to address this problem has 7 points. 2 have been completed – connecting homeowners to the Green Lake Regional Watershed Treatment System and constructing a Fish Barrier on #137 to control rough fish entering Diamond Lake.

    Ongoing projects include Lakeshore BMPs (Best Management Practices), something the Association has sponsored over the years; Agricultural Conservation BMPs (again, supported financially by the Association in conjunction with State agencies) and efforts to encourage the reduction of phosphorous usage by lakeshore owners (another Association encouraged practice).

    The last 2 points are in-process. Curly Leaf Pondweed control has begun by treating certain areas with herbicide. DLARA (yours truly, the Diamond Lake Area Lake Association) gathered enough signatures for an MFCRWD Capital Improvement Project which will disburse the costs of curly-leaf management to all beneficiaries around the lake beginning in the spring/summer, 2016. There will be additional treatments in the years to come. This year the project cost was borne entirely by DLARA.

    Last is an Upstream Lake Management process, which will mean the drawdown of the Hubbard-Schultz-Wheeler chain of lakes, accounting for some 75-85% of the phosphorous load typically entering Diamond Lake. This project will begin in the fall of 2016 by Ducks Unlimited using Lessard-Sam Outdoor Heritage Counsel monies. DLARA and the MFCRWD will work closely with DU and the DNR to manage this chain of shallow lakes towards a clean water condition. The management of the chain of lakes will entail the drawdown of the Hubbard-Schultz-Wheeler lakes in order to kill off the rough fish, primarily carp, which root up the native and beneficial underwater vegetation thus reintroducing the settled nutrients back into the water column.

    So, we have a plan. We will have to see how well it works.

Weeds, Weeds & More Weeds!

Just a quick update on a couple of items:

The latest update of paid membership of Diamond Lake Area Recreational Association (DLARA) is now at 259 strong.  This may be an all-time high.  Thank you all for helping make our lake a better place to live.  This is one place where $25 goes a long way. Thanks again.

Weeds were sprayed on the point this spring and have seemed to do a very good job of containing the curly leaf pondweed.   Half the cost was paid by the county AIS group.  People have been calling about the amount of weeds on the lake as the summer progresses.  Nick Brown from the DNR stated that this is a problem on many area lakes this year, not just on Diamond Lake.  Not all “WEEDS” that grow in the lake are bad weeds.  DLARA can only spray an area that is approved by the DNR.  This spraying also needs to be done before water temperature reaches 60 degrees F.  After this temperature is reached, in early spring, spraying cannot be done.  The only weeds we are allowed to spray are curly leaf pondweed and Eurasian water milfoil. There is also a limit to the amount of areas we can treat per year.  I believe on our lake it is about 90 acres. 

If you are have trouble with weeds around your dock or swimming area you can remove weeds from an area of 2500 square feet, or can use herbicides with a permit.  Check with the DNR, Scott Mackenthun   scott.mackenthun@state.mn.us  (507) 362-4223 x 6 about what to do and what permits are needed.

Hope this clears up some of the questions concerning weed control.  If not call Scott Mackenthun or Harlan Meints  507-220-5195

Thanks!  Harlan Meints 

    New Faces

(editor’s note: we are lucky to have a new resident on the lake who is very knowledgeable on certain planning matters. Ladies & Gentlemen, let’s give a warm Diamond Lake welcome to Mel Odens….)                               


    I hope everyone had a good winter and is getting ready to enjoy the lake!  I’d like to introduce myself and Nathan Reed as we are in new positions within the Kandiyohi County Public Works Department. I am the new Public Works Director/County Engineer replacing Gary Danielson who retired in November, 2014.  Gary had worked for the department for over 32 years.  I am a native of South Dakota and a graduate of South Dakota State University returning to the area after working for MnDOT for 4 years as the State Aid Engineer/Assistant District Engineer.  I was hired by the county in September, 2015.   Previous employment also included  the SD DOT and  14 years as the Public Works Director/City Engineer for the City of Willmar.  I look forward to the opportunity to serve the county in this capacity.

    Nathan Reed, GLSSWD Superintendent, has replaced Ron Hagemeier who retired in January, 2015.  Ron had worked for the district since 2000.  Nathan, a southern Minnesota native, received his Associates in Arts Degree from Ridgewater College in Willmar and an Associates of Applied Science Degree from St. Cloud Technical College in the Water Environmental Technologies Program.  He has been employed by Green Lake Sanitary Sewer and Water District since August of 2000 and promoted to superintendent in December, 2014. 

Mel Odens                                                                                                          Nathan Emmerson Reed

Public Works Director/Co. Engineer                                           GLSSWD Superintendent
1801 East Highway 12                                                               14403 138th Ave NE
Willmar, Mn 56201                                                                     Spicer, MN 56288

Mel.odens@co.kandiyohi.mn.us                                                glswd@co.kandiyohi.mn.us
Office 320-235-3266 ext. 4105                                                    Office-320-796-4523

The Police Blotter

Greetings to All Diamond Lake Residents!

I hope the spring and summer are going well for all of you. 
Well, I think most of you are aware of the Aquatic Invasive Species Task Force that has been put in place in Kandiyohi County to help educate users of the waters in Kandiyohi County about the invasive species that have invaded our lakes.
Kandiyohi County has hired two part time deputies to assist with the enforcement of the AIS laws and those deputies have been rained as level one inspectors.  Level one inspectors have been trained to go over watercrafts that are leaving or entering the lakes to look for zebra mussels, Eurasian milfoil, curly leaf letc.  The Sheriff’s Office will be working with the other inspectors that are at the boat landings.  Some of the violations we have seen over the years are individuals not removing the drain plugs before leaving the lake, emptying live well water and removal of weeds from the trailers.  Let’s all work together to keep the spread of aquatic invasive species at a minimum!

Another item I would like to touch on is temporary structures and buoys that are placed in the lake.  If you place swim buoys, rafts, etc. in the lake you need to get a permit from the Sheriff’s Office.  The permits are free.  The permit application can be picked up at the Sheriff’s Office or found on our website:  http://www.co.kandiyohi.mn.us/departments/sheriff/boat_and_watery_safety.php
If your permit is approved it has to be displayed on the item in the water.  The permits have to be renewed every two years.

Thanks and have a safe summer!

Sheriff Dan Hartog

Missile Lane

You may not know it, but we are located within the MFCRWD (Middle Fork Crow River Watershed District). The District is a taxing authority for the purpose and “protection and preservation of water quality” in the 271 square miles it covers, from Belgrade in the northwest to Atwater in the southeast. It tries to achieve this purpose thru projects and education. You can learn more about the district on its website, www.mfcrow.org.

    You can also download a copy of their 2014 Annual Report at the site, as well as that of the comprehensive Diamond Lake Vegetation Management Plan (Wenck Associates, presented at the May 16 public meeting in Atwater) that will affect all landowners around the lake. The Annual Report has a page devoted to the Diamond Lake TMDL project. We are fortunate to have Diamond Lake resident Gordy Behm on the District Board of Directors.

The JULY 4 BOAT PARADE will not be held for the 3rd straight year, at least not under the auspices of the Lake Association. Due to an unfortunate incident a few years back the semi-officially sponsored parade was cancelled. You can, however, enjoy a virtual parade if you sit at the end of your dock and imagine what you might otherwise be seeing. The best virtual parade stories will be published in the next issue of the News. My own entry will be that of a vision of Thor Heyerdahl sailing the good ship Wood-Tiki, constructed out of leftover cocktail glass ice cubes lashed together with the detritus from the curly leaf pondweed treatment, sailing under the banner of Kingdom Carp and weeping as he hums Helsa Dem Dar Hemma, the purpose of the expedition being to eavesdrop on shoreline conversations.

Atwater Help for Seniors (formerly known as the Atwater Area Living at Home Block Nurse Program) is holding its annual Golf Tournament on Saturday, July 18 at Atwater’s Island Pine Golf Course, 9 am registration, 10 am start. $60 will get you 18-holes, a cart and a meal. For those who aren’t familiar with this fine program it provides in-home services for mostly seniors who could use a hand with chores, transportation, professional assistance and exercise groups, free will offering. The LAHBNP is also looking for volunteers – call Sharyl or Karen for further details (974-8737).
ANNUAL DUES for 2015 are still being accepted. We will publish a list of additional paid up members in the last (Labor Day) issue of this fine newsletter so you still have a chance to be recognized as the team playing citizen you know yourself to be. Your $25 dollar dues can be sent to Diane Rivard @ 14529 Breezy Point Road, Atwater 56209. Thank you.

Coming Attraction: County Engineer Mel Odens tells us that he will be providing a report on the County 4 By-Pass on the south side of Diamond Lake. But don’t panic just yet as it is part of a tentative 5-year plan, maybe.