Diamond Lake Area
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota
Diamond Lake News
Thirty-first Year
Labor Day Edition 2014
Update on Weed Control Project on Diamond Lake
by Harlan Meints, President DLARA

Because of the large areas of lake that are being effect by curly leaf pond weed the DLARA board conducted a survey to see if the owners wanted the Board to proceed with a program to help control the spread of the weed.  The results of the survey were about 92% in favor, even if it involved spending money.

DLARA has sprayed small patch of weeds the past 2 years with good result.  The cost to spray a 6 acre area was around $6,000.  This money came out of the DLARA funds, so only the members of the association were paying for this. We received $1,000 in state funding from the DNR each year to help pay part of the cost.  The Board felt that since this a problem concerning the whole lake all owners should help pay for the treatment.

Members of the DLARA Board circulated a petition to property owners asking the MFCRWD (Watershed District) to become the government entity overseeing the project. Through MS 103D.705 the District has the power to assess property owners for the treatment.  This cost will be added to the property tax bill.  After getting 125 signatures we presented the petition to the MFCRWD.  At the August 5th Watershed meeting their Board accepted our petition and assigned project # 2014-02.  Our project is similar to the one in effect on Nest Lake the past few years.

Because this project involves the government, we have to follow certain steps to implement the project (similar to the sewer project).  An engineer has to be hired to determine the feasibility of the project. ($11,000)  Next an appraiser is hired to determine the extent each property will benefit from the project.  Then there will be 2 open meetings to hear pros and cons about the project. At the final meeting, the MFCRWD will vote to go on with the project or not.  The cost of these 2 services will be spread over 10 years and will be around $14 per unit per year.  We are still projecting a cost of less than $100 per year per property for all costs.  A group made of the Watershed, DLARA and DNR will determine the amount of treatment allowed per year.  If not needed, some years will see no treatment.  A budget will be set each fall for the following year.  Monies not spent one year will carry over to the next year.  The project and assessments will last 15 years.

DARLA is looking into grants to help defray the startup costs and also the yearly treatment fees.

Meetings will be held sometime next year.

Any questions contact Harlan Meints

2014 DLARA Lake Directories

For those wishing to obtain a copy of the 2014 lake directory there are 2 ways to do this:
1  E-Mail me (hmeints61@hotmail.com) your e-mail address and I will forward you a copy in Microsoft Excel format.  I can send it either arrange by address or by last name or both.
2. You can also down load a copy from the DARLA website.  Web address is   http://diamondlakeassociation.homestead.com/.

Please check out this web site. It is being up dated by Judy Christianson and Jim Teschendorf.  The site contain the minutes of past board meetings, upcoming events and many other features.

Missle Lane

Checking out the hunting rules I see that there are really few restrictions specific to waterfowl hunting, other than bag and time limits. Firearms generally may not be discharged within 500 yards of a building occupied by humans or livestock, unless it is from the water, where the restriction does not apply. Trespass laws always apply. There are restrictions on time of day permitted – ½ hour before sunrise to 4 pm, Sept. 21 to Oct. 4 (to sunset after Oct. 4). Good sense should prevail. Most hunters know the rules and follow them.

You will note that we have one lifetime Association member and several who paid more than the $25 annual dues. If you would like to become a lifetime member please send $250 to Diane Rivard, Treasurer (address on the Director list).

Our ever vigilant zebra mussel vigilante, Bonnie Nelson of George Lake, keeps sending us news articles on the spread of this invasive. If you would like to be on the recipient list please send her an email (bonniemnelson@hotmail.com). As you may have already heard a zebra mussel was found on Green Lake and the DNR has been searching for others. Some have suggested this is a hoax while others say there is never just one zebra mussel.

Kandiyohi County and Minnesota DNR are advising residents to be vigilant about inspecting for invasives, especially zebra mussels, when removing docks and boats for the season.  If you find any please leave in place or bag if you must and report to Nick Brown (320-234-2550  ext 238).

Answers to Questions Submitted with Returned Dues
by Harlan Meints, President DLARA

Enforcement of speed limits around the lake is a problem that the board has no control over.  We have informed authorities of the problem and asked for help.  On my area of the lake the main offenders are local owners and delivery vehicles.  Don’t know what further we can do.

Help concerning the low walleye population in the lake.  The Walleye population on our lake is not low.  Our population was so high that the DNR used our lake to net female walleyes to remove eggs for stocking other lakes.  These females were returned to lake and the lake will receive a percentage of the fingerlings (10%) after they hatch.  There is so much bait fish in the lake most game fish are not biting this year.

DLARA is funding a dumpster at each access on the lake year around.  It would be too costly to go to a bigger container.

There was a concern about loud parties on the lake and what to do about it.  The board doesn’t control this. You need to call the authorities if it is that bad.

Hopefully everyone using the lake will always clean up after themselves.  We can do little about the outsiders using our lake, just hope that they keep their trash picked up.

DLARA is working to help control the weed problem on the lake.  DNR and the county do not have the funds to control this and other problems in all the lakes in the state.  We do get a small grant to help control the weeds from the DNR.  Weed control is discussed in another article in this newsletter.

Thanks from the board for those of you who sent in thank you notes to the board for our hard work. Also thanks to all of you who sent in your dues, 244 paid out of 365.  Our treasury balance went from $50,000 to $33,000 this past year with payments to projects that affect our lake.  Your money ($25) is put to good use.

DLARA has no control over when and where roads are built.  This is up the property owners and the state or county.

Question about changing dues amount was on 2 comment forms.  We will discuss this at the annual meeting next year.

DLARA checked on the bass and walleye tournaments and we were not able to get a set schedule for these events. 

If planning to do rain garden or shore line projects see the Middle Fork Crow River Watershed District for funding (75%).  Also, DLARA helps with funding also (10%)

For lake directories see newsletter.

If you have a change in address or mailing address please contact a lake director.

Role Of Honor

This year we managed to enroll 244 Association members! This is a record number, possibly due to the fact that we eliminated some confusion by sending out membership reminders in early January so it is clear which dues year is in play. It is important to keep up the effort as we have a number of expensive projects planned, as described in this edition of the News. Thanks to all who have made 2014 such a success!

             Lifetime Membership
BladGuste & Adell

            paid more than $25 membership dues
DybevikHerm & Cheryl
RadtkeRollie & Kim
SchneiderDean & Lori

       $25. Membership
AalfsHarley & Evelyn
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