Diamond Lake Area
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota
Diamond Lake News
Thirtieth Year
Memorial Day Edition 2013
From the President's Chair
by Harlan Meints, President DLARA

Finally spring has arrived.  Opening day of fishing on May 12th only saw a couple of boats on the lake.  They didn’t stay long with the low temps and 35 MPH winds. We did however break the old recorded record for ice out.  Record was May 5th and the ice finally left May 9th.

Last year DLARA and the DNR conducted a plant survey of the lake.  It was found that curley leaf  pondweed (an invasive species) is spreading to other places besides the north east corner. Nest Lake residents are trying to control this species on their lake.  Their association has purchased a cutter and is going to employ 2 workers for 2 months to cut, collect and haul the weeds.  The cost of this is to be assessed to all properties owners on Nest lake, depending on their property value.

DLARA is trying to control curly pond leaf before we reach this stage. The late ice-out and snow cover slowed the growth of the plant and the late spring has set back the treatment of the weed,.  DLARA will be meeting with DNR to determine when, where and if to treat this year.  We have obtained a $10,000 grant to pay for 90 acres of cutting and 10 acres of chemical treatment in the bay by the inlet.  We know that this is going to cause some additional work for people on the lake but if we don’t do something the weed will take over.

Be sure to check out the new fish barrier at the inlet.  After 3 years of work it was finally installed last fall.

We are also moving ahead with Ducks Unlimited to convert the Hubbard chain of lakes back into shallow lakes to regulate movement of phosphorus into the lake and to help control carp in the lake.

The annual meeting is June 15th at the county park at 9:30.  Come to the meeting to learn more and comment.  DLARA will try to get someone from the county to answer any questions about septic systems at the annual meeting.

We are in need of 2 or 3 person to run for board of directors positions.  Election will be at the annual meeting. You need to be a member to run and also to vote.

If anyone has any questions, problems or projects please contact a board member.  Reminder to pay dues, still only $25.  Your best use of $25 to keep your lake clean and enjoyable for all.  Have a great summer.

Missle Lane

I repeat: the Lake Association provides dumpsters at both lake accesses. These are for visitors or other non-residents who might otherwise toss their garbage in the lake. We could probably hold our breath until we bust to get people to exercise common decency and dispose of their garbage in a responsible way – this is one way to do it with minimal inconvenience. We hope they will use the dumpsters and not the ditches, of the lake itself.  Lake residents who need only occasional disposal service should call either Miller Sanitation (974-3050) or West Central Sanitation (235-7630).
9:00 AM, SATURDAY, JUNE 15, COMMUNITY PARK (west end of Diamond Lake).

It being summer (sort of) and town festivals the order of the day, KANDI IS DANDY DAYS will be held the weekend of June 7. Festivities include a Civic Center Highlighter supper @ 7 pm on Friday; Saturday breakfast at Tripolis Lutheran Church, 7-10; games at Church of Christ 9-11; Grand Parade at 11:30; Kandi Karnival at Ebenezer Lutheran Church from 1-4; Appreciation Supper from 5 pm with the Pot Luck Band and button drawings; Street Dance at about 8 pm.

Not to be left out ATWATER FESTIVALS DAY(S) is the following weekend. Thursday, 6:30 Pet Show at the downtown park; 5-7 Centennial Park 5k Dash/Walk; Friday, 6:00 Kiddie Parade (followed by Kiddie Tractor Pull), 7:00 Karting Speedway; Saturday, 9:00 Turtle Races, 11-2 Show and Shine Care Show, 3:20 Grand Day Parade, 4:30 Community Program, 5-7 Community Dinner, 8:00 Street Dance; Sunday, Minirods at 1:00.

Thanks to the following members whose 2012 dues were received after we went to press last Labor Day: Donald & Arlein Anderson, Susan & Alan Bakken, Joe & Linda Carlson, Chad & Sally Hoehne, Diane & Steve Rivard, Ronald Schnobrich, Elaine Sietsema, Del Vulcan, Scott & Lisa Windschitl.

Authorization Forms for
Transport of Prohibited Invasive Species and Aquatic Plants

The DNR has several authorization forms to allow boat owners and shoreland owners to transport prohibited invasive species, such as zebra mussels, and aquatic plants in these situations:

Transport of boat lifts, docks, swim rafts and related equipment with prohibited invasive species attached to a repair or storage location and removal of the prohibited invasive species.
Authorization form - equipment PDF document.

Transport of watercraft with prohibited invasive species attached to a repair or storage location and removal of the prohibited invasive species.
Authorization form - watercraft PDF document.

Transport of aquatic plants or aquatic plants with prohibited invasive species attached to a disposal location.
Authorization form - aquatic plants PDF document.

Authorization forms are not permits and it is not necessary to apply to the DNR to use them.

To use forms, you must:
Download the appropriate form above
Print the form
Fill in the required information and sign the form
Carry it during transport

These forms are a one-way pass to allow either the transport of prohibited species attached to boats or water-related equipment to a location where the prohibited invasive species must be removed, or to transport aquatic plants to a disposal location. Boats and equipment must have visible prohibited species removed before any subsequent transport to another location or back to the water body where the watercraft or equipment originated.

Sinkhole De Mayim
(meaning approximately “Ice Off” in pidgin English with apologies to speakers of Spanish, Hebrew and English) By Homer Pidgin

    The late T.C. Danielson recorded the ice off date from 1928 to 1955. In that time period the earliest ice off was March 5 (1981) and the latest May 5 (1950), with the average and the mean both April 12. I don’t know what definition Tom used, but it is likely that whatever the definition this year’s May 7 is the latest ice off on record. If anyone has another set of records, for ice on or ice off, I’d very much appreciate seeing it.
    By the way, definitions of ice off vary, from being able to boat from one shore to the opposite side, being able to do so by both perpendiculars, or having every speck of ice gone. I prefer my definition: ice is off the lake when I don’t have to fear that my dog will jump on it at risk of being blown away from shore into oblivion. (By the way, according to regulation, dogs are not supposed to run off leash in Harrison Township, so it wasn’t my dog above that I was talking about – it was your dog).

by Craig Mackedanz

For the 2013 MSAA State Bowfish something's were different than years past, this shoot was the first time the state competition was held at night. For the tournament we had 19 teams of 2 participate in a total of 15 boats. We removed 252 rough fish from Diamond Lake in 4 hours of competition, with an estimated weight of around 1 ton. The weather was touch and go for the entire day with a rain storm moving through shortly before our scheduled start time. But Mother Nature cleared the skies for us to get the tournament started on time, with no weather related issues. The winning team came in with a Top weight of 159.4 lbs, this was the "Full Barrel" team of Keith Imholte and Tyler Roeder. The second place team made up of Matt Kargas and Jeremy Lewrenz, team "Minnesota Archery", came in with a top 5 weight of 127.8 lbs. and the Third place team "Death from above" made up of Brandon Mathews and Jordan Mallak brought in 119.lbs. for their Top 5.

The largest fish taken this evening was taken by Team Full Barrel, the top weight of a single fish was 38.2 lbs. The smallest fish taken at the event was less than a pound, a .8 lb Bullhead taken by Team "Kill'n Time" took home the hardware in this category.

We were able to have the tournament incident free and everyone had a good time, I received a lot of compliments on the tournament and since that evening have been emailed by several competitors thanking me for putting the event on. I have let everyone know that the Lake Association had a big part in making it a success and my hopes are to make it every bigger and better for next year.


We have been given the following notice by the Green Lake Sanitary Sewer Water District (GLSSWD), the entity of which our individual sewer systems are a part:

Wet wipes, baby wipes, facial wipes, in other words all types of sanitary wipes, must not be disposed of in the GLSSWD sewer system, even if the packaging claims they are flushable. Sanitary wipes do not break down in water as regular toilet paper products do. Disposal of sanitary wipes in any type of sewer system can cause pumping systems to plug and fail, REPAIR IS AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE! Wipes can also contribute to sewer line blockage problems. All sanitary wipes should be considered solid waste material and disposed of as regular household garbage.