Diamond Lake Area
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota
Diamond Lake News
Twenty-eigth Year
Memorial Day Edition 2011
From the President's Chair
by Harlan Meints

Well, after everyone had given up and thought that winter was going to last all year, the sun has finally broken thru and temperatures are about at the norm.  Because of an early snowfall and heavy snow that followed, making for thin ice on the lake, the number of ice houses on the lake this season was limited.  DLARA and the county again paid for the placement of dumpsters at the two accesses during the hard water fishing season.

There are a lot of activities scheduled to occur on the lake this year.  Most of these activities will be discussed and explained at the annual meeting of members of the Diamond Lake Area Recreational Association.  The meeting will  be held on June 18th at 9:30 am at the shelter house at County Park 3.  Dues are still at the bargain rate of $25 per year.

Some of the projects that DLARA is working on at this time are:

1.  Working to keep everyone up to date on the sewer installation around the lake.  Dean Helstrom, supervisor for project will be at the annual meeting to discuss progress and answer questions.

2.  DLARA, the watershed district and Ducks Umlimited are working on a study to return the Hubbard Lake Chain to a wetland area to help control the runoff into Diamond and held control carp population by winter kill in the shallow water.  Someone will be at the annual mmeeting to explain and answer questions.

3.  The TMDL study, on the status of the lake, is completed.  There will be another open house soon to go over the results and the next steps.  Chad Anderson from the Watershed will be at the meeting to tell us about the time and location.

4.  The DNR is going to conduct a vegetative study of the plant life present in Diamond Lake.  Someone will explain the project and results if the study is done by them.  Because of the vegetative study going on this spring there will be no weed cutting this year.

5.  With the high water level this spring, work on the fist barrier has been delayed but we will receive and update at the meeting.

6.   DLARA will help fund water testing by the watershed district again this year.

DLARA will have election of directors at the annual meeting.  Four positions are open.  Anyone wishing to run for a director's position can contact me or place your name in nomination at the annual meeting.

If yo have an questions or concerns contact any board member or bring them up at the annual meeting.

Harlan Meints, President DLARA  507-220-5195  14249 Breezy Point Road

Zebra Mussel Attack Plan

Here is one list of suggestions fro saving Diamond Lake from the Zebra Mussel infestation.  Tell us what you think about it.

1.  Realize that vessels of all types and sizes and equipment are potential carriers - veligers (very yound and are not visible to the eye) are transported in water in bait pails, live wells, ballast tanks, etc.  Adults seek out hull and motor vrevasses to attach to.

2.  Recognize that all users - fishermen, pleasure boaters, water skiers, wake boarders, ket skis, dock and lift movers and even kayakers - must be attentive to the risks of hitchhiking ZMs.

3.  Understand that the best and most effective means of prevention is to avoid boating or fishing in contaminated waters, then transporting elsewhere; once infested, it's impossible to eradicate them.

4.  Know which waters are infected with ZMs and avoid launching there.  Included are Gull, Prior, Minneonka and lakes downstream, Mille Lacs, Le Homme Dieu Chain, Pelican Chain, Ottertail Chain, Mississippe and St Croix Rivers and others.

5.  Reconsider your boating habits to identify ways to eliminate the risks of transporting between infected and uninfected waters; practive "One Boat, One Lake" by selecting a single lake for the season.

6.  Consider leaving your boat on Diamond for the summer rather than occassionally transporting it elsewhere; if you trailer your vessel or carry it atop your car, likewise restirct its use to uninfected waters.

7.  If you travel to infected waters, consider renting or borrowing a boat there rather than transporting your own, or deploy different vessels for different waters as sone boaters do.  Or select a "home lake" and restrict you enjoyment to that water body rather than "day tripping".

8.  If you are a tournament fisherman, conside3r only participating in events scheduled in "clean waters" (alternatively, only launch in infected waters and avoid Diamond Lake).

9.  After weight the risks, if infected waters are not to be avoided, ensure that your vessel and equipment are thoroughly decomtaminated before entering another lake.  Power wash with temperatures high enough (scalding) to effectively kill the mussels (see 100thmeridian.org for effective temperature). Or use the safer method by drying everything for up to 29 days .  Adult ZMs can live out of water for up to 30 days.

10.  All boat owners and other users need to understand and comply with guidelines and techniques to be effective for decontaminating vessels to avoid ZM spreas - this is essential.

Roll of Honor

Thanks again to all who paid their 2010 annual dues.  These additions bring the total dues payers to 222 of 250 property owners around the lake, about 63.5%.  More poeple than preperty owners enjoy the lake so we would welcome contributions from them as well.  Of course no sooner do we close out 2010 than we are off on the 2011 campaign.

Missile Lane

We will have at least one open seat (incumbent not running), plus 3 more, for the DLARA Board of Directors.  Interested partieis should contact Harlan Meints.

For information about the county wide lakes association and zebra mussels in particular go to www.kandiyohilakes.com

Some viewers at last year's boat parade were very much surprised when someone from one of the pontoon participants "hurled a water balloon at our group striking me in the stomach causing shock and drenching me in water".  The victim, an 82 year old 40 year resident of a cottage on Diamond Lake, had to leave the party to cahnge clothes.  Someone's idea of fun ruined someone else's day.  Such behavior is prohibited.  This year's parade will start at 3pm on July 4th at the Community Park.  Commodore Stan Lange commanding and, if necessary commandeering with the assistance of Somali, Barbary and Pittsburgh Pirates.  Maybe iron pyrites too.  Be careful he doesn't try to sell you his fraudulent apple pie rights.

Late lasy year Board member Lisa Piotrowski reported that the Association, along with the local Boy Scout troop build and maintained loon nests on the lake at two different locations.  Dale Owen, who retired from the Board last year, worked to put out the nests and a new volunteer came forward.  Thanks to all who make this and other projects happen.

Back by popular demand:  Cigarette butt litter is not as big a problem as the Mississippi flood, but every litter bit hurts.  It takes 15 years for a cig to break down into tiny particles which may not biodegrade.  The particles deliver nicotime, heavy metals, benzene and other carcinogens into the water.  SmokersL ingest if you wish, but please do not throw your butts in or near the water.

Sewer Project Update
Dear Diamond Lake Property Owner,

Spring has finally arrived this week.  Ellingson Drainage and subcontractors continue work throughout the project area.  Below are items that we will be notifying you:

Meter Socket Replacement:  the meter socket is where we obtain power for the grinder pump station.  We will be notifying you prior to this work being done.  If we cannot obtain power from your existing meter socket, the electrician will be required to replace the meter socket.  In order to replace the meter socket, Kandiyohi Power Cooperative will need to shut down power to your residence.  After the work is compelted power will be restored.  Length of downtime is dependent upon Kandiyohi Power Coopoerative schedule.

Grinder Basin Installation:  the Ellingson Drainage will install the grinder pump basin at the location shown on the drawing and as staked on your porperty.  We will notify you prior to this work being done.  After the installation of the grinder basis, the following items need to be completed prior to or as part of the final hook-up: Ellingson Drainage will be coordinating bring power to the grinder pump control panel, install the control panel, installing the grinder pump, starting up the grinder pump station, pumping out your existing septic tank, abandoning your septic tank, connect to your existing swer service line and run the new gravity sewer line to the grinder pump station and turf restoration of your property.  At the time of the final hook-up you will be withou sewer service for 4 to 6 hours.

Water Meter Installaion - Kragenbring Plumbing and Heating will be installing the water meter that will be used to monitor your sewer usage.  Kern Kgragenbring has been directed to install the water meter in a location that will monitor the water that generates sewer usage.  However, if you plumbing situation does not allow for this and additional plumbing is required to eliminate monitoring of outside faucets Kern will quote you teh estimated cost.  If you approve the additional work we can add it yo your individual assessment if you choose.  Kern Kragenbring will contact you to schedule an appointment to install the water meter.

Sewer Bill: you will receive your sewer bill from Kandiyohi Power COopoerative.  You will receive your first bill after you have gone through a full one month cycle (1st to last day of the month).  Your bill will include the base fee - $20.40 per month, billing fee - $2.22 per month and usage fee of $.00437 per gallon.  The usage fee will start to accumulate from that date on which the grinder pump station went into operation.

If you have questions or concerns at any time, please contact Project Engineer Dean Helstrom at 320-905+1311 or Project Manager Brad DeWolf 320-212-5002. If you have questions regarding your porperty you may contact the on-site project representative, Del Vulcan, at 320-894-3696.

Project updates are available online at www.bolton-menk.com, click on client zone, click on Kandiyohi County, click on construction update.  The Kandiyohi County also has a website at http://www.co.kandiyohi.mn.us/, click on Sanitary Swere Project Update.

Middle Fork Crow River Watershed District (MFCRWD)

The MFCRWD is a special purpose unit of government that was established in April, 2005, ror the purposes of protection and preservation of water quality in the 275 square mile area that comprises the Middle Fork Crow River Watershed.  The District is governedby a Board of Managers that includes residents of Stearns, Kandiyohi and Meeker conties; three staff members operate the District's day-to-day activities.

Soke key areas of emphasis for carrying out our mission include intensive monitoring, best management practive (BMP) implementation, and education (adult and youth) programs.  One program that involves all three areas of emphasis (monitoring, BMP implementation and education) is the Diamond Lake Total Maxiumum Daily (TMDL) study.  The nearly completed TMDL study has been carried out to determine the total amount of phosphorus that Diamond Lake can receive and still meet water quality standards (the lake does not currently meet state phosphorus standards).  The key feature of the TMDL study is an implementation plan that acts as a road map for reducing phosphorus loads so that the lake will eventually meet state standards again.  One common theme throughout the implementation plan is that of the need for more BMP implementation.

The District offers cost-share and technical assistance to landowners both on the lake and in the upper reaches of the watershed.  Projects can include shoreland stabilization and restorations, raingardens, and many other types of projects designed to improve water quality.  If you are interested in learning more about BMP;s, or other ways in which you can help improve your lake's water quality, pleace contact the Watershed District.

S Jacobson & C Anderson