Diamond Lake Area
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota
Diamond Lake News
Twenty-sixth Year
Memorial Day Edition 2009
Greetings Diamond Lake Property Owners!

This letter is to inform and ensure that you have the proper information for putting in, marking, and maintaining your personal swim area and rafts for the 2009 water season.

The following information is taken directly from the Minnesota boating guide put out by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR).  It discusses information reference the private party swim areas and personal swim rafts.

Minnesota Rule 6110.1600 “The owner or lessee of shoreline property may mark off up to 2,500 square feet, but not more then 50 feet along the lake frontage, for a swimming area directly in front of his or her property.  Markers to designate a private swimming area must be white with an orange diamond and cross on each side.  The markers must extend out of the water at least six inches but not more then 14 and should be spaced no more then 15 feet apart.  (Note: a white gallon plastic bleach bottle with the orange markings painted on each side fulfills this requirement.)”  See the Minnesota boating guide book for further information about buoys, rafts, and any other water related activity, also permit number should be included on the top of each buoy, see attachment.

During the 2008 season, the Sheriff’s Office allowed people that had already purchased large regulatory buoys to use them in conjunction with the proper buoys to mark swim areas.  This year regulatory buoys will not be allowed for the marking of personal swim areas. If you have regulatory buoys (good shape), the Sheriff’s Office will exchange them at a 1 for 2 rate; this will provide you with the correct buoys to be used for marking personal swim areas. 

Also, it is still legal to use gallon white bottles with orange painted swimming diamonds on them, see attachment.  This year the Sheriff’s Office is having the inmates in the jail manufacture swimming buoys that meet the regulations for use on personal swim areas.  These buoys are available for sale, $35/each.  The money for the buoys goes back into the inmate fund that is providing the funding for the construction of the buoys.  The inmate fund is also used to fund items needed by the inmates on a daily basis, as well as covering the security of the jail.  If you would like to purchase these buoys, please contact Gene Borka at 320-214-6700, ext. 3663. 

The above information gives you the requirements, regulations, and information necessary for properly marking your private swim area.

The permits that are required for your buoys can be obtained at the Kandiyohi County Sheriff’s Office.  This number must be put on each buoy.  The permits are good for two years.  Come into the Sheriff’s Office to fill out the proper paperwork, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM.

Swim rafts are also another area we see that are not being properly marked and permitted.  Structures such as swimming rafts, buoys, volleyball nets, slalom courses, ski jumps, and water trampolines, etc, which do not extend from shore, cannot be placed in the water between sunset and sunrise without first obtaining a permit from the County Sheriff.  All structures placed under a permit must have the permit number painted on them.  In addition, the structure or buoy must either have a light visible in all directions or be reflective so as to reflect light from all directions.

Again, we thank you for your cooperation and assistance with properly marking your swim areas according to the laws and regulations.  This is done so everyone can enjoy the waters that our County has to offer you and do it in a safe and fun manner.

If you have any questions reference this letter, please feel free to contact Deputy Tony Pirrotta at 320-214-6700, ext. 3351; or Deputy Dave Holmquist at 320-214-6700, ext. 3340.  If you are unable to reach either of them, you can try asking for a water safety deputy via Dispatch at 320-235-1260.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Sheriff Dan Hartog
      Kandiyohi County Sheriff’s Office

by Joyce Wittman

How to deal with wastewater on Diamond Lake has been debated for years. The
county presented a plan to the residents several years ago that would expand the
Green Lake Sanitary Sewer District to include Diamond Lake and connect us to
the Green Lake sewer system. It involved a loop system around the lake and a hook
up to a trunk line on CR4. The debate began in earnest over lake quality, standard
individual systems, an offsite sewer system and of course costs. The Lake Association
had done a study earlier that identified septic systems as a minor contributor to water
quality problems. The County ultimately agreed with this finding and said that a sewer
system will not improve water quality very much, but argued that state regulation requires proper sewage disposal. They proposed a plan for a sewer system that would bring all systems up to current code. Many currently installed septic systems do not meet the three foot separation requirement. This is not actually news for many of us. That has been code for all residents within 1,000 feet of a lake for over thirty years. Unfortunately not all installers have lived by that code and therefore, many systems have failed for thatreason. Lake residents wanted to know all possible solutions and not be limited to only a sewer system. The Lake Association invited Vallerie Prax from the Uof M to help figure this out. She presented the plus’ and minus’ of both septic and sewer systems and how they work. Grants were available from the Watershed, County, and Lake Association that would allow us to go forward with a study to find a solution. A Wastewater Committee was formed to identify all possibilities, inform homeowners of their system status, communicate the findings and share with the County the preferences of the community, 70% of whom preferred to stay with individual systems. Those results have been shared with the County, which has the final say.

The County Commissioners responded by requiring a time line to put a plan into action.
The Wastewater Committee also recommended joining the Green Lake Sanitary Sewer District for the EXPRESS PURPOSE OF INSTALLING AN ONSITE SYSTEM. However, in the interim the City of Kandiyohi received a grant that would allow them to hook up to the Green Lake sewer. by means of a trunk line along CR4. That trunk line was part of the County’s original plan for Diamond Lake and Diamond Lake would have had to pay for 50% of the cost. The City of Kandiyohi will now share costs with Diamond Lake residents. That would lower costs for Diamond Lake resident if the County decides it wants to go forward with a sewer around the lake rather than allowing residents to install onsite systems. At the last County Board meeting the Commissioners would not take action on the motion we put before them regarding
onsite systems. We also withdrew oour motion to explore the  possibility of Harrison Township involvement. At the same meeting the County passed a motion to have the engineering firm of Bolton & Menk preparea a preliminary report to evaluate the need to expand the district to provide wastewater treatement services for Diamond Lake. We expect that a date will be set for public hearing at the next County Board meeting. The wastewater committee will continue to present the onsite plan at those hearings. It is important that all residents use these hearings to present their views. The committee will be sending out a communique shortly to all residents as to where we stand.

(*editor's note: many of the systems that failed last year's inspection had been approved by the County even after the 3-foot separation rule was in effect)

Clint Hoover & “Papa” John Kolstad to play at Kandi is Dandy Days

Legendary Minnesota folk-blues singer, guitar player, and entertainer “Papa” John Kolstad will be performing with master of the chromatic and diatonic harmonica, Clint Hoover, on Saturday, June 13th from 5-7:30 pm at Kandi Is Dandy Days.

Papa John and Clint will play Old Time Blues, Rags, and some Jug Band music outside, during and after the business appreciation supper/on the lawn just west of the Kandiyohi Civic Center (there will be a tent so held rain or shine!) in Kandiyohi.  Bring a chair and stay after the supper or just come to visit with friends, this will be a fabulous summertime sound to enjoy!  There will also be a street dance/dj later in the evening (starting at 8:30pm) at the Whittier School ball field (also in Kandiyohi).   

Graduates of the top schools of music for their respective instruments and styles (Clint from the Parsons/New School of Jazz in NYC; Papa John from Berklee school of Music in Boston), Papa John and Clint are truly scholars of jazz, folk, and blues.  Now, Clint has over 20 years of experience teaching harmonica lessons and workshops, and “Papa” John has been working in the recording and distribution end of music in the last 20 years, as well as making numerous appearances throughout North America.  Both have made their homes in Minnesota. 

This toe-tapping, original, fun to hear duo will be a great addition to your summer plans.   Come join the Kandiyohi area community for a great late afternoon and evening.   This concert is brought to you in part by Kandiyohi Bank Office.


The annual meeting of the Diamond Lake Area Recreational Association is planned for Saturday, June 20, 9 AM at the Community Park Shelter. All members are encouraged to attend. We will be reviewing what the Association has been doing and electing 3 officers: Ken Gutzwiller, Wenzel Kojetin and Dale Owen’s terms are all up. All have agreed to serve again but other interested parties are welcome to step forward. A representative from the DNR will be on hand to talk about regulations pertaining to shoreline, weeds  and plantings. Some lake dwellers have fallen afoul of  requirements so it is important to know what the rules are. Coffee and baked goods will be provided. As an incentive to attend, paid up dues members will receive a coupon for a free bag of phosphorous-free fertilizer redeemable at Peterson’s Hardware in Atwater.    

                                                                                                                                     MISSILE LANE

The Captain Richard Phillips, hero of the Maersk Alabama was, alas, a different Richard Phillips from our Board member by the same name. Nevertheless, our Richard Phillips deserves much credit, as do the other members of the Wastewater Committee, for taking on the task of trying to find out the truth respecting septic systems and the sewer proposal. The ultimate disposition of that issue is not their responsibility but rather that of the Kandiyohi County Commissioners.

The ANNUAL MEETING will be held on SATURDAY, JUNE 20 @ 9 AM at the Community Park Shelter. We may have a few things to discuss. 3 Board seats are up for election. If anyone is interested please contact Harlan Meints.

The Association owns a lawn aerator. It is kept in the shed at Community Park. If you are an Association member and would like to use it please contact Harlan Meints or Todd Anderson (at the Park) as they have keys.

Will the Fourth of  July boat parade will be held on July 4? Yes, it will be on July 4. Stan and Carol Lange have agreed to take charge.

The golden goose has been killed. With the retirement of a certain raft on the south side of the lake. Over the past few years fishermen enjoyed dropping their lines under the raft for pan fish. Unfortunately some fell into the habit of parking by the raft all weekend long, making use of the dock and raft undesirable for the property owners who, by law, could not chase these “guests” away, but felt awkward trying to enjoy the lake from their property themselves. Are rafts now an endangered species due to the rudeness of some?

We’ve didn’t get any takers on our invitation to guess the “ice off” date, despite the promise of a cockleburr bouquet for the winner. Anyone know the ice off date (definition must accompany the date). If so please notify the editor at robm@frontiernet.net. We will publish the worst definition in this column.

One lakeshore dweller forwarded an email claiming that Listerine sprayed on the desk keeps mosquitoes away (but don’t spray on doors!) I’m not sure if this suggestion was started by the Listerine company, so buyer beware.

Remember: Association minutes and lots more can be viewed at our website, thanks to Judy Christensen, www.diamondlakemn.com.


West Central Sanitation is considering a bi-weekly recycling pickup around Diamond Lake. Included are corrugated cardboard, aluminum & tin cans, glass, plastic, newspaper, magazine and catalogs, paperboard boxes – just about everything except hazardous waste. However, to put this into effect they must have a sufficient number of subscribers. Interested parties should call them at 800 246-7630. They will also do non-contract pick up provided you have purchased special bags and tags in advance. This is really an opportunity for weekenders and other occasional dwellers. And remember: the dumpster at Community Park is not to be used by anyone except those camping at Community Park!

Another garbage pick up service is also available. Corey & Amy Miller, owner/operator of Miller Sanitation, Atwater Liquor and Atwater Car Wash says he will meet or beat all others on carts, dumpsters and rolloffs, with recycling available on request. He can be reached at 320 974-3050.  


Dues payments often, in fact always, come in after we publish our last issue for the year, so we would like to thank the following dues paying members in addition to everyone else who paid:
         Jess & Susan Baune                       Alton & Sandra Kubesh
         Wesley & Ethel Carlson                 Joe & Kim Ludowese
         Sue Entsminger                              Duane & Linda Majeres
         Dennis & Jan Harman                    Donna Miller
         William & Jean Hogan                   Douglas & Marilyn Reitsma
         Brian & Gloria Knoke                    Steve & Vicki Sandven
         Donald & Lillian Kock                   Jeff & Mary Warszynski
         Alton & Sandra Kubesh                 Mary Weinandt

This brings the total to 235 out of about 250 homes around the lake. It 2006 we had a high of 268. Thank you for supporting the Association, whenever you choose to do so. As Volodya Putin likes to say (but in Cyrillic), Lucha Posna Chyem Nicagda.


Hey, it’s not always easy coming up with a way to get your attention, but I do my worst. You know what this is about. Money!. Your money. We want it. We need it. We love it. But only for the purpose of  promoting the Diamond Lake Area Recreational Association which
     *brings you this newsletter and our website             
     *worked very hard to conduct 2 honest surveys of opinion regarding the sewer
     *promotes shoreland restoration & good fertilizing practices
     *has worked with watershed farmers where possible to control runoff
     *cooperates with the Middle Fork Crow River Watershed District on the TMDL study
     *encourages many other projects (winter fishing dumpsters, loon nests, notices, etc)

The Association is the only organization that focuses solely on Diamond Lake. Would you prefer to have all efforts run past the DNR? Town Board? County Commissioners?  U.S. Congress? They are all, no doubt, fine organizations, but their focus is elsewhere. Without your support we would all be howling at the moon. So, please, step up and do your part. We thank you in advance and, in appreciation, will note your $25 contribution in our Labor Day issue as we have in years past. Envelope to Jon Hanson, Treasurer enclosed.


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