Diamond Lake Area
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota
Diamond Lake News
Twenty-fifth Year
Labor Day Edition 2008
Water – What’s The Use?

According to one area farmer, familiar with water numbers (because he irrigates some of his crop land and watches these things closely), one inch of rain produces 28,000 gallons of water per acre. Multiplied by the 1600 acres of Diamond Lake that equals 44,800,000 gallons of water.

At the Aug. 16 meeting we think we heard one of the consultants say that the average home uses 4,000 gallons of water per month, or 48,000 per year. Multiplied by 371 homes around the lake equals 17,760,000 gallons total, or less than one half an inch of rain. Since only about 1/3rd of the homes around Diamond are year round, the number is probably half that.

This calculation helps put into perspective the loss of water that would result from a sewer system constructed completely around the lake.     
He also thought that property owners ought to be aware that farm runoff is much diminished with the installation of buffer strips that farmers have introduced, with assistance from the County and the Lake Association. He suggests that the nutrients coming into the lake have their origin in the bird population: one Canadian goose lets loose about 2 pounds of offal daily. 500 geese (or a combination of geese and pelicans) produce half a ton daily – this year there seem to be more pelicans in the feeder lakes than in Diamond itself. Another source of nitrogen and potassium are the carp that live and die in the lake. Runoff from fields, according to this same source, is not in the interest of the farmer.

Any informed comments about this will be considered for future publication.

Cutting The Weeds
by Joan Shultz

Due to the late ice out and the miserable month of May, we only managed to get in 2 cuts before June 15, the last day of the permit. However, it turned out to be a very good cut.  June 2nd cutters included Harlan Meints, his grandsons, Becky Ricklefs, Larry (a friend), and Bill Schultz, all on Harlan’s pontoon. On June 7th Bob Spence and sons Mike & Jeff took their pontoon while Bill Schultz, Jim Teschendorf & Dave Denison on the Schultz boat. Each cut was 2 hours or more. A big thank you to all participants!

Background. Weed cutting in the north bay started in the mid 1990s after we received a number of complaints from property owners about weeds in the lake and on shore as well – weeds had, in some cases, piled up in drifts several feet high (we will try to post photos on the website at a later date). Steve McComas of Blue Water Science (St. Paul), hired by the Association, advised that we cut the curly leaf pondweed just before they set their seed pods in about mid June. The curly leaf problem has lessened considerably since then, whether due to the cutting or other factors.

Permit. The permit is only good for 1 season at a cost of $750! It is only issued from April 15 to June 15. No cutting is permitted within bulrush stands or native vegetation and must be at least 150 feet from shore. Permitees must contact Jacqueline Baciagalupo, DNR Region 4 Fisheries Habitat Specialist, as well as the Spicer DNR office, prior to cutting. Every three years signatures must be obtained from property owners willing to allow cutting in front of their place. This is obviously something property owners cannot take into their own hands without proper authorization.

Due to so few people doing the cutting most residents agree to clean up the cut weeds that may drift toward their shore. Weeds may reemerge in late summer and early fall, according to the DNR. Cut weeds at that time may be a result of boating and jet ski action, or to life cycle decay. The Association purchased the cutters several years ago and also pays the permit fee. Individuals interested in their own permits may inquire at the DNR Spicer officer.

Winter Fishing on Diamond
(or The Dark Side of the Ice)

Winter Fishing this past year was reportedly great, especially for crappies and sunnies. Looking out our window we saw what probably were more fish houses than we had ever seen before. However, we sometimes saw other things that surprised us, namely an occasional empty can or plastic bag.

This was noted by another visitor to the lake. John Wogen, writing in the Renville County News, reported on one fisherman’s experience on Diamond Lake that was considerably more unpleasant when he went out in early spring:

            As he drilled near a spot occupied by a large mansion fish house, he noticed
            that the snow had melted out of a hole and he saw something in it. He saw
            lots of toilet paper and human excrement down in the hole. The fishermen who
            had used this fish house had used a hole drilled in the ice nearly down to the
            water, as a toilet. These irresponsible fishermen had covered the “stuff” with
            snow, hoping no one would notice the mess they left. But the warming weather
            had melted the snow, even if the ice was not melting.

Ice fishing is an activity enjoyed by very many responsible people. Unfortunately, it only takes a few slobs to give all a bad reputation. Wogen recommends that ice fishermen bring a pail with a snug-fitting cover for hauling out waste. One option for the unhappy discoverer of such treasure is to call the State Patrol (320 255-4224) who may then dispatch the DNR to the spot.

Untreated human waste is not only disgusting, it is also a potential health hazard. Of course, it may be hard to prove who made the mess if not caught in the act. But a knock on a nearby door may remind people of the proper way to behave on the ice. We all can take a page out of the camper’s handbook and resolve to have a minimal impact of the lake by taking all waste and garbage with us when we leave.


Attention Stragglers: there is still time to pay your annual dues is be added to the ranks of those who have stepped up to the plate to do their part to support the Lake Association in its efforts to improve environmental conditions in the Diamond Lake Watershed. Please mail you check for $25.00 to Jon Hanson, Treasurer, Diamond Lake Area Recreational Assn., 15373 NE 75th Ave., Atwater, MN 56209. We will publish a supplemental list of members next spring.

We’ve reported on “Ice Off” dates, but not on “Ice On.” What’s your best guess (the winter get’s nothing)? Ice On may be tough to specify because the standard for icing is unclear: Does all the lake need to be covered? Does the ice need to be so many inches thick? Do we use the first off-share ice fisherman to judge? The first fish house? I’ll say Dec. 15 and then use whatever condition prevails then as my definition. 

Remember: Association minutes and lots more can be viewed at our website, thanks to Judy Christensen, www.diamondlakemn.com.

2008 Paid Members
Last NameFirst Name
Aalfs        Harley & Evelyn
Abrahamson   Rita
Ahl  Clinton & Louise
AndersonDonald & Arlein
AndersonJeff & Joy
AndersonLowell & Barb
Anderstrom    Gene & Mary
AngelsonGregory & Karen
Archbold Jon&Susan& Stephanie S.
Bakken    James & Maren
Bauge      Kenneth & Jean
Becker    Steve & Denise
Beekman Kevin & Joanne Schollmeier
Behm      Gordon & Betty
Behm       Myron & Myra
Behm       Vicki
Bernard   Bill & Catherine
Bertrand  Tom & Carolyn
Bishop     Douglas & Denise Stabile
Black      Chris & Lori
Black      Loren & Betty
Blad       Guste & Adell
Blomker  Bryan & Jill
Bloomquist     Gordon & Laura
Bock      Dean & Nancy
Boerner  Joan
Bonde    Tom & Catherine
Bosch     Robert & Lavone
Bourne    Roxanne
Breezee  Clayton & Donna
Brekke    Brent & Kim
BroderiusLloyd & Maxine
Buboltz   Jerry & Joyce
Burfeind  Phil
Burmeister       Jerry & Lila
Carity      Delrose
Carity      Lee & Konnie
Chancellor       Roger & Kathy
Christensen      Deborah
Christensen     Judy
Christianson   Chad & Becky
Christianson   Eldonna
Christianson   Janice
Cook     Michael & Marie
Crist       Bert & Mardelle
Cuchna  Tom & Linda
Dalton    Steve Rivard & Diane
Dean      Dale
DeRudder      Jacqueline
DeWolfeHerb & Carol
Dexter    Bruce & Ginger
Dobberstein    Meridee & Lea
Dybevik  Herm & Cheryl
Ebersviller      Gerald & Diane
Ecker     David & Debra
Eischens        Georgia Ann
Elam             Gene & Janice
Engstrom       Richard & Joyce
Evans     Kelly & Jennie
Fagerlie  Rick & Darla
Forkenbrock Beth
Fromm   Jim & Lorene
Garman          Jerry & Karen
Garner    Ron & Kathy
George    Jim & Sandra
Gilmer     Jonathan & Diane
Gisvold   Dave & Vangie
Glaeser   Warren & Cynthia
Groshens Tim & Mary
Grund      Raymond
Gustafson Darlene
Gustafson Dwane & Cheryl
Gutzwiller Ken & Jeanette
Hage       Robert & Steve
Hagen     Ron & Julie
Hammerschmidt      Reed & Kristel
Hanscom Banning & Rebecca
Hanson    Jon & Odetta
Hanzlik    Joseph & Emily
Hartog     Daniel & Michelle
Hasse     Melvin & Grace
Haugen   Reynold & Jane
Hayden   Terry & Kathleen
Hayden    Tom & Suzanne
Heining    Frank & Barb
Hoffbeck  Floyd & Joyce
Holien      Janell
HolmquistHarland & Karen
Iverson    Stephen & Peggy Ann
Janke      Arlyn & Eileen
Jensen     Daniel & Marlene
Johnson  Adeline
Johnson  Charles & Jo
Johnson   Laverne
Johnson   Russell & Sharon
Johnson  Tim & Karen
Johnson  Warren & Diane
Johnson  Wayne & Cathie
Jopp       Tim & Kathy
Kahout   Angela
Kelm      Nancy Schmidt & Barb
Kiecher   Scott & Lori
Kodet     James & Nancy
Kohout   Dennis
Kojetin   Wencel & Carol
Kulhanek Joe & Renee'
Kunkel    Bruce & Kim
Lang       Arnold & Carol
Lange     Stan & Carol
Larsen    Daniel & Randa
LinsmeierGreg & Kay
Loge       Lyle & Karen
Lohre      Ben & Joni
Loose     Marlene & Willis
LowinskeJim & Patti
Ludowese       Loretto
Lund       Robert & Susan
Mahn      Delwin
MammenVirgil & Mary
Marguth  Terry & Linda
McCoy   Eileen
McCoy   Robert & Martha
Meints    Harlan & Sherrie
Melbye   Lowell & Betty
Meyer    Steve & Mary
Meyerson       Bob & Suzanne
MichaelisRory & Deborah
Miller      Earl & Mark Gregory
Miller      Philip & June
Moe       Bruce & Theresa
Monson  Bruce
Monson  Gay & Phyllis
Montgomery   Scott & Dede
Mueller   Roger & JoAnn
Nelson    Joan
Nelson    Stanley & Corrine
Nissen    James & Jane
Nordby   John & Mary
Nordin    Scott & Rhonda
O'Brien   Patrick & Yvonne
Oie         Arnold & Agnes
O'Leary          Brian & Colleen
Olmon     John & Diane
Olson      Larry & Barb
Opheim   Mary
OstendorfErvin & Marian
Owen      Dale & Shirl
PassmoreVern & Gerry
Perkins    Richard & Mary
Peterson  Jim & Jean
Pfeffer     John & Lauri
Pfeffer     Peter
Phillips     Richard & Jerily Jean
PiotrowskiJohn & Lisa
Platt        Gene & Marlene
Prescott   Darin
Radtke     Rollie & Kim
Radtke    Willard & Gloria
Raitz       George & Lorraine
Redepenning   Larry & Mary
Reich     Wayne & Janet
Richards Bob, Sue, Jane
Ricklefs   DeWayne & Becky
Rosenau  Dennis & Deb
Rothstein Dennis & Debra
RyanJohn & Pat
Sandman Mike & Judy
SandquistAlvin & Eleanor
Scalzo     Steve & Rose
Schnobrich      Ronald
Schreiner Alfred & Ethelyn
Schultz    Shannon & Susan
Schultz    William & Joan
Schweiss Leo & Cindy
SchweissMichael & Julie
Seeboth  Dick & Sharon
Serbus     Brian & Russell
Simonsen Paul
Skogland Lowell & Ardyce
Slinden    Larry & Beverly
Smith      Clayton & Mary Ann
Soderling Mary
Solbrack  David & Ardella
Soltis       Donald & Karen
Sorensen Beverly
Spence    Robert
Steinke    Roger & Sue
Stifter      Arnold
Stockland       Veda & Linda Pearson
Stradtmann     Mark & Kris
Teschendorf    Jim & JoAnn
Tholkes   Alan & Monaliga
Tholkes   Todd & Susan
Thompson      Terry & Audrey
Trelstad   John & Carol
Tretbar   Robert & Shirley
Tuebert   John & Mary Ann
Turtle     William & Erma
Ulrich      Lester & Edith
Varhol     John & Kay
Volk       Dean & Andrea
Walsh     Mac & Diane
Weist      Inez & Darwin
Welle      Bob & Lisa
Wellman Allen & LaFaye
Wendland       Bernard
Willems   Jerry & Elaine
Winkleman     Daryl & Arlys
Wittman  Gordon & Joyce
Wright     Thomas & Beverly
Young     Cary
Zeidler    Carl & Sandy
Zuidema  Arlin & Joyce