Diamond Lake Area
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota
Diamond Lake News
Twenty-fifth Year
Memorial Day Edition 2008
Septic inspections 2008
by Harlan Meints, President DLARA 

At the meeting in Spicer last fall we were asked to study the septic problem around Diamond Lake and come up with options to meet county requirements.

A wastewater committee was organized and after much discussion it was decided that, to solve the problems, we would need to know what we were dealing with.  For the committee and the owners to make an informed decision we decided that the septic systems would need to be inspected.  If the county went ahead with the loop around the lake properties would need to be inspected at the owners own expense. 

The committee met with the Middle Fork Crow River Watershed District and Kandiyohi County officials and together wrote a Clean Water Legacy grant application.  This application had to be submitted by December of 2007.  In January we were informed that a grant of $61,800 had been awarded for inspections.  The county then drafted an amendment for the inspection all property rated R1 around the lake.  An open meeting of the Planning & Zoning Commission was held at the county office April 7th to approve this amendment.  About 50 people from the lake were in attendance.  There was very little discussion about the amendment by those present.  Two areas that were address were: 1.  Why not inspect all property in the county.  2.  Is this going to improve the water quality of the lake? Most problems are caused by run off.  There were no objections to the amendment.  After a few minutes the panel approval the motion to accept the amendment.  The monies from the grant will be used to pay for the inspection at each site.  Properties with a recent filed inspection will not be inspected again.

The County Commissioners will vote on April 15th to finalize the amendment.  After this the county will advertise for people to do the inspections.  Bids will be let and results are due by July 31st.   Each owner will receive the results of the inspection.  The result will either be compliant or noncompliant.  If compliant, no work is necessary at this time.  If noncompliant you will have about 2 years to correct the problem. 

Inspectors will be checking for 3 feet of separation in the leach field and the condition of holding tanks.  There should be very little disruption of your property. 

The wastewater Committee will go over the results and help determine the best and most cost effective solution for the lake and each owner.

    by Joyce Wittman

1. Peter Miller has been chosen by the county to conduct all of the inspections on the lake.  The county reviewed the proposals for the wastewater study and his will gives a great deal of information on the advisability of both individual and loop systems.  He will also willalso price out the options.

2.  Residents have heard a lot about the 1996 standards and the three foot separation required under the 1996 standard that used to be two feet.  It should be noted that shoreland zoning districts or land within 1,000 feet of a lake have always required a three foot separation.  Therefore, you may have a pre-1996 septic that will pass.  It will depend on whether it was done correctly.

3.  The county is updating the cost for the county loop system as of 2008.  It is not planned before 2010, so costs may vary by then.

4.  The overall goal of the study is to find a solution that wll address all waste water at the lowest possible cost to homeowners.

5.  We will present all of findings at a meeting open to all residents on Aug. 23 at the Atwater Community Center.

6.  The study group is also going to hold small informal meeting at a variety of sites and times in June so anyone that wishes to ask questions or find out more about the on-going study will have a chance to do so.

7.  A letter will go our to all residents with the dates and locations of informal meetings as well as the final meeting in August.


The Annual Meeting of the Diamond Lake Area Recreational Association has been moved up to Saturday, June 21 @ 9 AM at the usual spot, the Community Park Shelter. There are several reasons for this. First, by holding the meeting in early summer we hope to inspire Association members to volunteer for activities. Maybe some will even suggest projects. The typical late August meeting comes at a time when many people are thinking of packing up and leaving. By the way, this meeting is only for Association members and would-be members.

Second, we want to put enough distance between the Annual Meeting and the Wastewater Project Meeting to be held August 23 at the Atwater Community Center and open to everyone, whether Association member or not. That meeting will be devoted entirely to wastewater options. Since the committee’s report will not ready for our annual meeting, we will not discuss it at that time. The report will not recommend a solution, only present facts and options.  

Repeat notice: if you want to see some real time reporting regarding water discharge just to the north of Diamond Lake at the Spicer station, go to http://waterdate.usgs.gov/mn/nwis/uv? 0527800 (which I think is the station identification number). There is quite a lot of historical data here too. If anyone can make sense of the numbers, please write us with your findings.

We may just be at the heart of the West Central Minnesota entertainment industry this June, what with Kandi Is Dandy Days (June 14) and Atwater Festival Days (June 17-21) – see the articles elsewhere in this issue. I hear there are also festivals in neighboring towns, but their names escape me.  

Atwater Area Historical Society’s Festival Days Garage Sale (AAHSFDGS) is happening Fri. and Sat., June 20 & 21, starting at 8 AM at 314 Atlantic Ave. W in Atwater (right next to the Atwater Hotel). However, those who want the best choice are invited to the Preview Sale, Thurs. June 19 4-7 PM. By the way, you can get a tax deduction for donated “treasures” (but they must be in good condition and working order!). For further information about the AAHSFDGS call Sue Meyerson (974-3609) – but not after 9 PM.

P.S. Did anyone notice this is a 25th Anniversary issue? In 25 years there has not been a single speling, grammartickle or useage errore. Congratlatons to myslef.


We would like to acknowledge these 20 additional Association members whose dues came in after we went to publication last Labor Day. This brings the total paid up membership to 259, which is close to being a record. By my reckoning that brings our membership to over 70% (maybe 75%) of the property owners around the lake. That is fantastic! Thanks to one and all. Thanks also to Darrell Modica (no longer on the lake) who suggested years ago that we go from door knocking to newsletter inserts to run our appeal -- it has much enhanced our effectiveness. 

BakkenJames & Maren
BishopDouglas & Denise Stabile
EvansBarry & Sandra
HalversonSteven & Pamela
JoppTim & Kathy
LudoweseJoe & Kim
PolifkaCory & Jody
ReichWayne & Janet
RosenauDennis & Deb
SteinkeRoger & Sue
StradtmannMark & Kris
TholkesAlan & Monaliga
VolkDean & Andrea
WheelerPatrick & Elizabeth


Carp were introduced into our waters during the nineteenth century in the hope that they would be harvested commercially. Over the years they proliferated far beyond the culinary preferences of Americans. We now know them as a major nuisance that eat the fry of game fish, crowd out other fish for habitat and release nutrients into the lake’s water column thru their rooting activities on lake bottoms.

The Minnesota DNR has decided to take the carp by the horns(?) by proposing a control structure near the bridge at the south end of #137 on the east side of Diamond Lake. This will impede carp efforts to spawn in the chain of lakes to the east of Diamond. The Association has agreed to participate in the cost (provided the DNR receives approval) to the tune of, perhaps, $10,000.

This is where you come in. By paying your annual dues you help support this activity, as well as the $10,000 budgeted to assist with erosion controls and residential rain gardens, in addition to the $750 marked for a weed cutting permit for the north side. These efforts would not take place without the Association’s financial support. We thank you in advance for doing your part. As in past years, we will publish the names of all dues payers in our Labor Day issue.

O’Brien and Dahill to give Traditional Irish Music concert at
Kandi is Dandy Days
by Ella Meyerson

Irish musicians Paddy O’Brien and Tom Dahill are fun, up-tempo and authentic.  Paddy is a master button accordionist:  he knows some 3,000 jigs, reels, hornpipes, airs and marches.  Tom knows some of the same and will sing and play guitar.

Paddy hails from County Offaly Ireland and has lived in the U.S. for most of his adult life.  He currently resides in St Paul, Minnesota.  His accolades include being named Oireachtas Champion four times, 1975 All-Ireland senior Accordion Champion, and he is a past recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts grant to record 500 reels and jigs for the Paddy O’Brien Tune Collection.

Tom Dahill has performed with Paddy and many others.  He learned his craft from Irish immigrants who came to St. Paul in the 1920s.  Tom is currently a full time musician who divides his time between his homes in Gallway (Ireland) and St. Paul.  He has appeared in major folk festivals in the U.S. and Canada, and has 14 albums to his name including one with his former band the Dahills.

O’Brien and Dahill will be performing at Kandi is Dandy Days on Saturday, June 14th from 5-8pm (during the business supper/on the lawn just west of the Kandiyohi Civic Center, under a tent so held rain or shine!).  Paddy will also be doing a button accordion workshop at the Kandiyohi Civic Center that same Saturday from 2-3pm.  The workshop, like the concert, is free and open to the public.  These events are brought to you by the Kandiyohi Bank Office/Atwater State Bank.


For the past umpteen years Atwater has been celebrating its appreciation day festival in mid-June. Here are this year's scheduled events:

    Tues:  Family Fun Night at the Fire Dept.
    Wed: Medallion hunt begins ~ get clues at the city office.
    Thurs:  Fun Run ~ contact Janice @ 320-295-2134
           Picnic in the park ~ sponsored by the Sno Drifters
    Fri:    Garage Sales begin
             Kids pedal pull
             Kiddie Parade
             Food in the park
             Fire works
    Sat:  Garage Sales
            Turtle Races
            Soft Ball Tournament
            Entertainment Sponsored by Atwater State Bank
            Food in the park
            Grand Day Parade 3pm
            Community Dinner 5-7pm  Fire Hall
            Street Dance 
    Sun: Golf Scramble  ~ Island Pine
            Softball Tournament cont.