Diamond Lake Area
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota
Board of Director's Meeting
Saturday August 24, 2019
The meeting was called to order at 6:05 pm with all members present except Eric Hohman, Ben Anderson and Becky Ricklefs.

The minutes of the previous meeting were not read as Secretary Becky Ricklefs was not present. Diane Dalton-Rivard gave the Treasurer’s Report: savings $12,426.65, checking $19,172.18, CDs $14,427.96 for a grand total of $46,126.79. $175 in dues had come in and $5,717.24 had been paid out, both included in the above totals. We have 265 paid up members, about 10 more than last year. Pat Ryan moved approval, Bob Schimerowski second, MC. Only 1 bill to pay $157 for Harv’s travel to Monticello for a DNR meeting. Diane moved approval, Lee Mammen second, MC.

A call for the election of officers was made. Jeff Gertgen moved that Harv serve as president, Diane as treasurer and Becky Ricklefs as secretary, with Bob S as vice president. Lee second, MC.

Ryan Project. The new road on the south side of Diamond eroded the side of the creek. The Watershed District agreed to pay 70% of the project to rehabilitate the creek walls. The County declined to pay anything! Pat Ryan asked if the Association would assist. Given that we have done so on other remediation matters in the past where the water quality of the lake was adversely impacted Jeff moved that we contribute $2,000, Lee second, MC. Pat, as a director, did not vote. Gordy Behm noted that if anyone has a program with the road they should call the County Engineer.

Don McEwen of Limnopro joined the meeting to discuss the results of the Aquatic Plant Survey commissioned by the Association. This year they found that 44% of the littoral zone had curlyleaf pondweed scattered on the southside. There had been no chemical treatment this year. He recommended that future treatment be made where the infestation is problematic for those using the lake. We are in maintenance mode as we will never get rid of it. From a longer term perspective the question is how overall water quality of the lake is affected. He did not seem to be aware of the massive Chain of Lakes drawdown project designed to address that issue. Lee Mammen felt very strongly that his property on the southeast side was impacted in a major way by invasive plants. He was informed that individual property owners can apply for a permit to allow for lake access but that coontail, a major contributor to the problem, was not considered an invasive in the same manner as curlyleaf pondweed. The Association itself can only apply for treatment of up to 15% of the littoral zone, with the possible of more if you can make the case for a variance. He recommended treating the same area 2-3 years running to measure the results. He offered that we ought to come up with a nutrient budget to identify what the various players are doing, pinpoint where the nutrient loading is coming from, monitor the oxygen levels and then apply for grants. For the most part this is already being done. Lee and Jeff moved to chemically treat the lake for areas 4,5,6,7,8,10 on the map (was the motion approved?). Dan will price each spot and get back by next week.

Gordy Behm noted that he is installing 6 blind intakes @ $1,000 each next year for which the Watershed District is paying 75%. There had been a project at Leither’s in 2006 for which the Watershed District had contributed $1,800.

The next annual meeting was set for the 3rd Saturday in June. It was suggested that we pay speakers $50 for attending. Tim Groshens so moved, Bob S second, MC. Bob Meyerson and Harv disagreed over whether this applied to politician speakers, the matter remaining unresolved.

Should dues letters go to property owners around the lake or watershed addressees from the mailing list? Tim moved, Lee second, that they go to newsletter recipients. MC.

Jeff asked that the newsletter note that when you buy boat lifts from infected lakes (because they are going cheap) be sure to have them decontaminated so invasives don’t spread to Diamond. It was noted that you should be aware of phosphorous in lawn treatments, both when you apply your own fertilizer and when you hire lawn care companies.  

Harv raised the matter of the Association paying for benches, tables and a floating dock at Community Park for a total of about $4,500. Bob M saw no reason to do so as no park summer residents pay dues and asked what the benefit to the lake was. Harv said it was appearance. There was no motion to do so, but there may be a campaign to raise donations for benches with memorial plaques. Pat thought we should wait until next year. Tim will mention it in an annual dues letter insert.

What to do when we need a No Wake Zone as we did this year. Answer: call the sheriff with a request. Harv reported on his DNR Monticello meeting which he thought a total bust, doubting that anything positive will come out of it. FYI – with the road project completed in part there will be no more cutting through the park to short cut the distance around. Harv will have signs at the access replaced to reflect our correct name.
It was recommended we have larger dumpsters at the lake accesses. Harv will check on the price for the months of Dec – February. Diane moved, Bob S second, MC. Jeff asked about widening the outlet given all the rain we had this year. Nothing was done to address the matter. Bob M moved to adjourn at 8:00 pm, Jeff second, MC.