Diamond Lake Area
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota
Board of Director's Meeting
Saturday August 16, 2014
Call to order by president Meints

Present: Harlan, Gordie B., Becky R., Gordon B., Bob M., Tim G., Jim T., Ken G., and Diane R. came at 3:15

Minutes of last meeting approved.  Gordie moved seconded by Ken all in favor

Treasurer’s report: $33,245.81  Ken moved and Jim seconded  passed

Bills to pay Harlan $51.00 for ink and mileage.  Moved by Bob seconded by Gordie  motion passed.

1.  Electron of board officers   moved by ken and seconded by Gordon to keep officers as is at at present  motion passed

2.  Discussed weed spraying this year and noted that we received $1,000 from the DNR  total bill was over $6,000

3.  The weed project was discussed :
a.   The Watershed district has agreed to be the overseeing government for this project.  Project number 2014-02

b.  The board voted to go forward with the project and authorized the watershed district to hire an engineer and viewers to go forward with the project.  Engineer fees were $11,251.

c.  This fee and the viewer’s fee will be added to the project cost and spread over a 10 year period and charged to all lake property owners.

d. Money’s are being sought to help defray these startup costs.

e.  Additional information on the project will be in the Labor Day newsletter.

4.  The Hubbard Lake Chain Project is moving along with work hoping to be started late summer of 2015.

5.  Jim T. asked about help Judy C. update the website for the lake.  After discussion,  moved by Harlan and seconded by Gordie  and motion  passed have Jim help.

6.  Discussed an increase in lake dues but matter was tabled until annual meeting next year.

7.  President asked to be allowed to get materials to send out dues letter this winter.  Motion made by Tim and seconded by Gordon  motion passed

8.  Date of the next board meeting will be determined at a later date.

9.  Noted that officers will be identified in the directory at the back of newsletter.

10. Motion to adjourn by Diane and seconded by Ken  motion passed

Submitted by Harlan Meints