Diamond Lake Area
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota
Board of Director's Meeting
Saturday May 3, 2014
Board meeting was called to order by Harlan Meints on May 3rd. 

Board members present were Bob Meyerson, Gordy Behm, Tim Groshens, Diane Rivard, Tammy Skovbroten, and Brian Weseman. 

Treasurer’s report was given by Diane.  Saving account is $17,258.16.  Checking $10,296.92.  And CD’s is $14,107.01 for a grand total of $41,662.09.   Gordie 1st and Brian 2nd report.

The petition for the Weed control project needs to be started up again this year.  Approximately 50 petitions were signed last year.  Board member need to see Harlan about obtaining petition forms and any needed info. 

The project is a GO from Ducks Unlimited.  Waiting final approval from the watershed district.  The DNR & Watershed District will hold the Hubbard lake project update-open house meeting on May 15th from 7:00-8:00, at the watershed office.  

Brian reported that the DNR weed grant is the same as last year ($1,000).   Approximately 7 acres will be sprayed this year. 

The state Bow fishing contest will be held again on Diamond Lake on May 17th, from sunset until 5:00 A.M.  Diane made motion and 2nd by Bob to pay up to $250 in prize money and Harv will check on Miller sanitation again this year to have a dumpster available.  

The watershed is holding a Agricultural BMP tour of the project on July 10th at the district office—rain or shine—meal provided—R.S.V.P.   Discussion was on  held on how projects are to be asked for and approved by the board before money is given.  

Harlan and Gordy reported that moving the road by Co. Park 3 is not a priority by the county and has been moved back to 2017.  

Bob Meyerson 1st and Diane 2nd  motion to pay the liability insurance of up to $1,000 again this year.  Last years insurance was $844.  Bob will check on amount for this year.

DARLA’s annual meeting will by June 21st at Co. Park at 9:30.  Harv will contact Todd about acquiring the park, and contacting, Margaret Peters, Harlan Maddson, Josh Cavennaugh, and Nick Brown about speaking at the meeting—limit of 10 minutes.  Harv is in charge of ordering donuts and he has coffee for the meeting.  Bob offered, once again, to supply the napkins and cups.

Lets’ Go Fishing had contacted Harlan about money donation of $1,000.  It was decided by the board, while this is a good program, No not at this time.

Diane reported that Membership at this time is 205.  She will resend letters to snowbirds, and get a new listing from the county on property owners.

The meeting on AIS will be in New London on May 1st, for anyone who wants to attend. Bonnie Nelson had contacted Harlan about joining a new group interested in concerning AIS concerns.  Bob made a motion that if Bonnie gets money to pay $75 towards joining.  Harv 2nd.  It was voted down at this time.

Diane 1st and Tammy 2nd  a motion to pay for inspection’s, up to $1,000 during fishing tournaments, Memorial Day, Labor Day and 4th of July, thru the watershed.   Motion carried.  Harv is to check with Maggie on this.

If anyone needs a tax exempt number, see Tim, Brian, or Harlan.

Next board meeting of directors is June 7th @ 9:00 at Harlan’s.

Meeting adjourned—1st by Diane, 2nd by Brian

Submitted by Sherrie Meints