Diamond Lake Area
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota
Board of Director's Special Meeting
9:00 AM Saturday June 1, 2013
DLARA  Board of Directors Special Meeting.
01June 2013—900am


This is a Special Meeting designed to address the issue of Chemical Treatment and/or Cutting of Curly Pond Weed.

A quorum being present, President Meints called the meeting to order at 900am.

President Meints advised the group that the DNR had awarded us a $10000 grant to treat Curly Pond Weed.  The manner in which this money can be used is as follows:  The grantee will be reimbursed $100 per acre to chemically treat any of the pointed areas or $1500, whichever is greater up to $10000.  This is a little misleading.  If we treat 1-15 acres, we receive $1500, anything more than that 16 to 1000 acres we receive $100 per acre.  Greater than 1000 acres = no reimbursement.

There is also a pricing grid from the treating companies.  0-1 acre=$1500 per acre, 1-5 acres=$1000 acres, 5-10 acres=$770 per acre, 10-20acres=$515 per acre, 20+ acres=$385 per acre.  If we should choose to do all the designated areas, DLARA would need to put in over $28000.

This must be done very soon, before the turions form and break away, therefore a decision needs to be made immediately.  The different areas were pointed out on the map and different options were suggested.  A MOTION was made by Diane, 2ND by Gordy B, to treat the small area of 6.6 acres in the north bay.  Discussion ensued.  It was mentioned that this can be done with an investment by DLARA of ~$3628.99/DNR funds  $1500.  This is an opportunity for a small investment to see if this treatment will work.  It was reported that the DNR must be here during application and that they will provide reports as to the success of the application.  Questions were asked as to how close to the shore the application could be made either with or without homeowner permission—Meints will check with DNR.  There were questions about cutting and reaping.  Meints has an email into Nick of DNR with several questions about area, reimbursement, and allowed dates for cutting.  He will report this information as soon as he hears.  A call was made for a vote on the motion.  MOTION passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,
Colleen O’Leary