Diamond Lake Area
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota
Board of Director's Meeting
May 12, 2012
Home of Harlan Meints, Atwater
May 12, 2012 MINUTES

The Board of Directors met in the home of Harlan Meints at 9:00 AM, May 12, 2012.
Harlan called the meeting to order.  Those present were Harlan Meints, Bob Meyerson, Jerry Eversviller, Elaine Sietsema, Tim Groshens, Richard Phillips, Lisa Piotrowski, Gordy Behm, and Becky Ricklefs.

There were no minutes of the previous meeting to read.

Lisa presented the treasurer’s report as of April 30, 2012


Harlan presented a bill for mileage of $135.  Dues were received from Buboltz family.  It was approved to automatically pay the website bill of $99 without board approval each year.  We have $8000 in committed funds to the Ducks Unlimited project.  Bob motioned, Richard seconded to approve the treasurer’s report.  Gordy moved and Lisa seconded to approve the bills presented.

Harlan reported that the DNR has changed the design of the fish trap.  They are now considering to make it part of the Ducks Unlimited project.  Ducks Unlimited and DLARA have each given $10000 for the project.  The DNR hasn’t paid their part.  The cost has more than doubled—they are now using aluminum instead of plastic.  So the project is on hold.

The DNR vegetative study has advised not to cut weeds this year and to treat weeds in the early spring.  It may already be too late this year to do so.  The recommendation is to treat with chemicals and not cut.  There are new laws on invasive species that will be published in the newsletter and on the website.

There is a letter from Dean Helstrom that will be published in the newsletter and on the website giving directions for seasonal residents and follow-up by Bolton & Menk on the sewer project.  They will be installing padlocks on the control panel this summer.

Ducks Unlimited is done with the feasibility study on draining the lakes feeding into Diamond.  The project is feasible.  Permission from landowners will be needed.  There will be pumps and dams between each of the lakes, with direct boring of pipes into drainage ditches.  They can be drawn down every two years.  The average height of the water will be 2 feet.  The cost is estimated at $1 million, to be paid with grant money.  This project is a high priority on the grant list, with a start date of 2014 as the goal.  Representatives of the board will meet with Ducks Unlimited, the Watershed District, the DNR, Bureau of Fisheries,  Soil & Water representative the end of May or first of June and we will see the feasibility study then.

We didn’t have any dumpsters on the lake this winter.  Jeff Bradburg from the county has money for the dumpsters.  Elaine will check the cost of 2 metal dumpsters with West Central and Miller Sanitation.

Richard moved and Jerry seconded not to join the Kandiyohi County Lakes Association.

Richard is going to retire from the board.  Harlan and Elaine are willing to run for another term.  Jim and Ken’s terms are also up this year.  Richard volunteered to keep doing the list of properties on the lake.

The annual meeting will be June 16 at 9:30 at the county park.  Dean will be there to talk about the sewer project and Josh Cavanaugh from Ducks Unlimited will be there to discuss their project.  Pamphlets on zebra mussels, DNR boat decals “What You Should Know about Your Boat” will be available. 

Jerry moved and Lisa seconded to pay $844 for liability insurance for the board.  The policy is with U.S. Liability Insurance Co, with Steve Shea as agent.

Richard moved and Bob seconded to pay $185 for water testing by the Watershed.  We also owe $160 from last year.

We will not be involved with publishing information about a boat parade this year.  No one is willing to organize the parade at this time.

It was decided to table paying $5 voluntary dues to MSRPO, an invasive species organization.

Tim volunteered to contact nonmembers about joining DLARA.

Next board meeting is July 14 at 9:00 at Harlan’s house.

Judy will be asked to update the website with the DNR letter about fines and regulations.

Jerry motioned and Richard seconded to adjourn.

Richard will remind Waste Management of the need for trash containers at the access points.  The bill will be sent directly to Jon.  Motion is previous meeting to pay this bill.

Jim reported that he spoke with Joe Eisterhold of the New Ulm DNR regarding the timetable for requesting a Control of Invasive species grant.  He reported that Joe said the PI survey on Diamond Lake is scheduled for early spring 2011.  Jim is checking to see that since we are scheduled for this survey, if we are qualified as eligible to apply for the grant.  He will keep updated through the winter.

No loon nests were put out this year.  Lisa will talk to the Boy Scouts about helping to get them out and about building 2 additional ones.  The Boy Scouts are currently storing them; however, there is space to store them in the shed at the park.

Tim reported that there are no state forms to be filed at this time.  He will continue to monitor this.

Harlan gave a sewer project update.  The trunk line is expected to be completed and tested this fall.  Also expected to be complete, are the laterals.  The company is about 3 weeks behind, partially because of the wet weather and partially because they need more crews.  Ellington was told to get busy—the force main is still not complete.  The grinders will be installed next year; homeowners will receive a letter ~ one week prior to grinder installation.  There will be an option to have the line form the electric box to the grinder done by direct bore at a cost to the homeowner of $12 per foot!  Perhaps a 3rd party will be less.  If it is trenched, there is no cost.

New Business:

TMDL –Harlan attended the meeting and the final outcome will be reported as above.

Homeowner Sewer Assessments—The meeting will take place at the end of the October.  The rate of interest to be announced will be 4.68%  for 20 years including the handling fee by the county.

The minutes should be updated on the website.  Judy has not been heard from for about 2 to 3 months. In addition to not being current, some of the links do not work well.  Jim will email her and follow up on the importance of keeping the website current.

The President will contact all board members by email in the spring to schedule the next meeting.  There is a request that it not be the third Saturday of the month.

Moved by Richard, 2nd by Jerry to Adjourn.  Motion passed.

Respectfully submitted<