Diamond Lake Area
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota
Board of Director's Meeting
July 23, 2010
Home of Harlan Meints, Atwater
Present were: Jon Hanson, Gordon Bloomquist, Harlan Meints, Jim Teschendorf, Gordy Behm, Jerry Ebersviller, Elaine Sietsema, Tim Groshens, Ken Gutzwiller, Richard Phillips, Lisa Piotrowski, Colleen O’Leary.  Also present were Joe Eisterhold-DNR, Dean Holstrum-Bolton Menk, and Tommy Swenson.

The meeting was called to order by President Meints at his home at 9:03am.
The first order of business was the election of the 2010-2011 slate of officers.  Nominations were made, seconded, and closed for the following slate:
Harlan Meints – President
Jim Teschendorf – Vice President
Jon Hanson – Treasurer
Colleen O’Leary – Secretary
M/S/P to accept this slate of officers.

Jim introduced Joe Eisterhold of the New Ulm DNR office.  Joe gave a presentation on the invasive species program and grant program for curly leaf eradication.  The new cropping of weeds on the lake was discussed.  Joe spoke to the issue of plant cycles, climate changes, man made and cyclical impacts.  The volume of the weeds seem to be increasing.  He said it is part of living on the lake and that for most of these weeds there is nothing that can be done except to rake in and remove the detached weeds.  Regarding the curly leaf species, he indicated that we must first have a Point Intercept Survey for weed count and that is scheduled for next year.  The next point in the process is to apply for the grant, and this is to be followed by applying for the proper permits through the fisheries department for either cutting or herbicide.  Treatment of curly leaf weed with herbicide is normally at a cost of $200-$300 per acre and the grant program could provide cost sharing up to 50%.

Dean Holstrum of Bolton Menk gave an update on the sewer project.  Dean said that the contractors are on site and having a good week with the trenchless boring.  Next week there will be plowing in the ditches along Co Rd 4.  All interested can check the DLARA web site which is continually updated with color maps on the progress of the project.  August 4th is the scheduled date for the Kandiyohi site test and beginning of pumping.  Some questions were asked on the electrical component of the project.  Dean indicated that there will be no additional electric meter but the grinder will use a 20 or 30 amp line off the main power source.  There was  also a question on what options were available for tank reduction.  Dean said that the project was bid to include “crush and fill” the existing tanks.  If an individual wishes to do something different such as “remove” or “fill with sand”, they will get credit for the “crush and fill” amount and will be responsible for the difference.

Tommy Swenson appeared to give progress on brush pile by the inlet.  He cut some trees earlier and because of health issues was unable to complete the clean up at that time.  He will continue to clean up and burn the balance of the brush.

The meeting returned to the scheduled agenda:
Minutes of the Annual Meeting in June were presented. M/S/P to accept.

The Treasurer’s reported that 189 persons had paid dues to this point and that they would be listed in the Diamond Lake News. He also read some comments that were received at the annual meeting.  All will be discussed and addressed.  The ending balance, as of today of the checking account was $8110.12, the savings account $26777.04, CD’s $13672.49, cash on hand $35.00, for a total of $48594.65.
M/S/P to accept the Treasurers report.
Bills were presented as follows:
Stamps and mailings$78.49
Judy Christensen      99.99 website update
Ramsey Print425.63 DLN print and mail
Gordy Behm176.00 stamps for sewer update mailing July
Middlefork Crow R  24.00 copies and labels for sewer update mailing July
Harlan Meints  37.50 mileage water quality meetings.
M Richard/S Elaine/P to accept and pay the above bills.

Old Business:

The changing of the terms of the board members to realign for better rotation was discussed.  M-Gordy/S-Gordon/P to accept the following:
Up for reelection 2011—Jon Hanson, Bob Meyerson, Gordon Bloomquist, Tim Groshens
Up for reelection 2012—Harlan Meints, Jim Teschendorf, Elaine Sietsema, Ken Gutzwiller, Richard Phillips.
Up for reelection 2013—Colleen O’Leary, Gordy Behm, Jerry Ebersviller, Lisa Piotrowski

It was reported that Bruce Gilbertson of the Fisheries indicated that the last time Diamond Lake was stocked was 2004.  The last check netting was in 2008, and the next time it is on the schedule for a check netting is 2013.

KLCA update—Ken attended the meeting and reported Al Jaunke spoke on invasive species, how to monitor.  The “Pull and Plug” law goes into effect on August 1, however, the fines are not big enough to be a deterrent.  Legislative lobbing continues.

Jim reported on the fish barrier.  The permit application has been submitted for approval at the September 1 meeting, and the grant has been approved and is ready to go.  However, DNR Leroy Dahlke reported that DNR engineers had to many projects this year and are unable to give it final approval, he is currently looking for a private engineer.  Jim will be going in for a 2nd round for funding of the west end fish trap.

Newsletter articles—Harlan will check for article from the watershed.  Jim will write about the fish barrier and weed updates.  Jon will publish a list of paid members.

Loon nests—Lisa will check with Dale (Boy Scouts)

Tim will continue to send in state forms.

New Business:

The Diamond Lake website will be updated with current progress on the sewer project.

Richard will put the dumpster on the lake again.

Harlan will attend the TMDL Study Meeting on the 29Jul.

The next meeting of the Board of Directors is scheduled on 25 September 2010 at 900am at the home of President Meints.

M-Jon/S-Lisa/P to Adjourn.

Respectfully submitted,