Diamond Lake Area
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota
Board of Director's Meeting
July 18, 2009
Home of Harlan Meints, Atwater
Members present:  Jon Hanson, Bob Meyerson, Harlan Meints, Jim Teschendorf, Dale Owen, Jerry Ebersviller, Elaine Sietsema, Becky Ricklefs, Richard Phillips, Lisa Piotrowski

Harlan called the meeting to order at 9:01.  Board members introduced themselves.

The minutes of the June 14 board meeting were read.  The word “tentative” was added to the timeline for the sewer project.  Bob motioned and Richard seconded to approve the adjusted minutes.  Motion passed.

Jon presented the treasurer’s report.  As of Wednesday, July 15, we had 209 paid members.  He also reported he had paid $99.99 to Judy Christensen for website maintenance.  He also reported that the checking account balance is $7052.72, the savings account balance is $26445.01, CDs totaling $13444.12, and a cash balance of $35.00, giving a grand total of $46976.85.  Jim motioned and Dale seconded to approve the treasurer’s report.  Motion passed.

Bills presented were $78.00 to Harv for mileage, $291.23 to Ramsey Printing for the newsletter.  Jerry motioned and Lisa seconded to approve the bills.  Motion passed.

Election of officers resulted in the current officers being re-elected.  Harv Meints, president, Jim Teschendorf, vice president, Becky Ricklefs, secretary, and Jon Hanson, treasurer.  Richard motioned and Dale seconded this slate of candidates.  Motion passed.

Colleen O’Leary spoke to the board about the speed limit on County Road 4 from 49th Street to the County Park.  The speed limit is currently 55 mph.  She said many accidents have occurred on that stretch of road because vehicles cannot maneuver the curves at that speed.  She is asking for the board’s endorsement as she approaches the county about lowering the speed limit to 45 mph since it is a residential area.  It was stated that the county tried to do that in the past, but because state and federal funds are used for that road, the state overruled the county.  Ron Peterson suggested that we contact Dave Fritz and request a new study on County Road 4.  Richard motioned and Jerry seconded to have Colleen write an endorsement and get it to us and we will sign it.  We will also cover this item in the newsletter.  Motion passed.

Old Business:

Jon has a list of who has picked up the address book.  He suggested that we wait until Labor Day to get the rest distributed, giving more people time to pick them up.  This will also be mentioned in the newsletter.

The tree cutting on the inlet is not done yet.  He is going to leave two smaller trees alone that we were formerly planning to cut, so the fee will be lowered to $1000.

There is no new information on the fish trap.  Jim is hoping that Bruce Gilbertsen or Leroy Dahlke will return his calls next week. 

The money loaned to the sewer committee has been returned.  We loaned them $10,000 twice.  $6668.30 of unused funds has been deposited in our account.

Becky and Sherrie Meints will write a thank you to Stanley Lange for his leadership in the boat parade.  It will also be included in the newsletter.  More than 50 boats participated in the parade.

Jon reported that we have permission to get speed limit signs for Breezy Point Road from Dave Fritz.  No speed bumps can be installed because they cause problems for the snowplow.  The township board is considering putting “No Parking” signs on one side of the road.  This is especially needed during holidays.  Ron Peterson still has not given us the rules for what can and cannot be done in the road right of way.  Jon reported that Mr. Peterson says it is getting complicated as he writes it and that other town board members have cautioned him to be careful what he writes.  Jon will continue to try to get these rules from Mr. Peterson.

Tim, Harv, and Lisa have been working with Chad Anderson on a possible $30,000 grant from the MPCA.  It is a matching grant.  Chad has said the Watershed would contribute $8000.  The grant application concentrates on the fish barrier.  Chad is not sure if that project is eligible for this grant, but that there will be stimulus money this fall for which it might qualify.  In a separate part of the grant application, Chad is applying for phosphorus core testing on the bottom of the lake.  He is applying for that for several lakes.  We should hear if we qualify for the grant by August 4, with the final budget due August 25.

There are 31 bags of fertilizer at Peterson Hardware that have not yet been picked up.  An item will be in the newsletter reminding people who have the coupon to pick these up.

Harv, Jon, and Dale have been listed at the Atwater Bank as people who can sign checks for the association.

New Business:

We will publish in the newsletter and on the website the fact that there is an ordinance stating that RVs, trailers, etc. can only be parked on a residential property for 30 days per year unless it is the only dwelling on that property.  Also a permit is required to hook up to the sewer system.  They can be stored on the property if no one is using them and they are not hooked to the sewer.  Someone has to complain before the county will enforce the ordinance.

Lisa will update the membership list and get it to Richard and Jon. 

We have a new timeline from the county on the exploration of installation of the loop around the lake.  We will get the names, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of members of the policy committee out to the membership via the newsletter and the website.

We will try to get an article from Ethan Jenzen on when you need a permit to do work on your shoreline.

We will set up chairs and provide cookies and/or donuts and coffee for the public informational meetings on the loop on August 21 and 22.  We will check with the county to see if this is agreeable to them.  Elaine motioned and Jerry seconded to provide these services.  Motion passed.

Jon suggested we apply for grant or stimulus money to get sirens on Diamond Lake.  It was suggested we contact Jerry Schwartz at the Atwater Fire Department and Don Ericson of Emergency Management to explore the possibility.

Tim suggested that we get more copies of the 1995 Clean Water Partnership study of Diamond Lake.  Elaine offered to run 15 copies at no cost.

The next meeting will be August 15 at 9:00 AM at Harlan Meints’ home. 

Meeting adjourned at 10:36.

Submitted by Becky Ricklefs, secretary DLARA.