Diamond Lake Area
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota
Board of Director's Meeting
May 2, 2009
North Breeze Resort  Atwater
Members present: Harlan Meints, Jon Hanson, Bob Meyerson, Tim Groshens, Wencel Kojetin, Ken Gurzwiller, Richard Phillips, Jim Teschendorf, Dale Owen, Lisa Piotrowski, Gordon Bloomquist, Jerry Ebersviller.  Guest were Bill Schultz, Harlan Madsen, Gordon Behm, Steve Bergo, and Sherrie Meints. 

Harlan called the meeting to order at 9:00 A.M.

Ken motioned and Jerry seconded to approve the minutes of the Sept. meeting.  Motion passed

Jon presented the treasurer’s report.  The checking balance is $4512.16 with saving account of $26,445.01, CD,s  totaling $13,444.12 and cash balance of  $35.00, for a total of $44,436.29.   Jim motioned and Dale seconded to approve the treasurer’s report.  Motion passed.

Jon presented a bill for mileage to Harlan Meints for $78.50.  Gordy made a motion to accept said bill, seconded by Ken.  Motion passed. 

Bob Meyerson is trying to obtain a history of the sewer from 2007 so he can get the DLARA newsletter out.  It was suggested that he get in touch with Tim, Richard and Joyce. 

Harlan reported that he had heard nothing but praise for the dumpster at the two accesses during ice fishing and the county would continue to pay for ½ of the billing.  A motion was made by Richard and seconded by Tim to continue this service each winter. 

Harlan Madsen arrived at 9:10.   He updated the board about the septic systems on diamond lake.  

Dale and Harlan volunteered to go over the audit with Jon.  This is done on a 3 yr. rotation.

Tim discussed the tax filing for DLARA.  He reported that Fed. Tax is exempt for organizations whose income is less that $5,000.  DLARA has an employee I.D. which is used by both the state and federal government. 

Dale handed out information about recycling around the lake.  Cost would be $2 per month/ per/individual.  Information will be mailed out thru the Newsletter.

Jon reported that DLARA has 235 paid members. It was decided to update the member list. Richard will contact Sandy George about helping with this.

Sherrie Meints agreed to contact Stanley Lang and the Emerald Bay group about the 4th of July boat parade.  

The unspent money for the septic group is $6,879.29.  It was decided to table the request for return of this money until next month.

Bill gave a brief talk on the annual cutting of the curlyleaf weeds on the N.E. side of the lake. Jerry made a motion and seconded by Richard to pay the $133 for this permit.  Jerry made a motion and Lisa seconded to pay $30 for gas per/boat-per/trip.  Both motions passed.  Discussion was also held about other areas of the lake with weed problems. Each area has to have a sponsor to ask neighbors for permission to cut.  Need someone to ask to cut in theses areas.  Will bring up at annual meeting.

Harlan reported he had talked to Chad Andersen of Little Crow River Watershed and he said at this time no one had applied for a permit to do any BMP or rain gardens projects.

Annual meeting speakers were discussed.  Ideas were; weed cutting, Update on TDML study, and DNR about the fish population. 

Jerry made a motion seconded by Dale that Harlan will be paid $40 for the use of his pontoon to do the TMDL study this summer.

Gordon Behm introduced Steve Bergo of the Lake County Wind Energy.  He discussed aspects of wind energy and projects around diamond lake.

Jim has talked to the MRCRWSD, and DNR about funding of the new fish barrier for the lake inlet.  The watershed would pay 1/3 (up to $6,500).  The DNR has not received this years budget.  If funding is not available we would ask the DNR about the possibly contributing in-kind hours for the building of the trap.

Harlan obtained permission from the DNR and the Kandiyohi zoning dept. to cut the dead tree on the inlet level and removal of the small saplings on the north side of the level as beavers are building a dam there.   Jon made a motion to remove said trees, seconded by Lisa.  Motion passed

Harlan is to check with Todd Anderson about using the county park shelter for the annual meeting on June 20th @ 9:00.  Second choice would be June 27th.

The 3 year election terms of Jim Teschendorf, Dale Owen, and Wencel Kojetin will expire this year.  Dale and Jim would run again and Wencel will if no replacement is found.

Date of the next meeting is @ Harlan’s place @ 9:00.

At 12:00m, Jerry motioned, Wencel seconded to adjourn.  Motion passed

Submitted by Sherrie Meints, (sub for Becky Ricklefs)