Diamond Lake Area
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota
Board of Director's Meeting
9:00 AM Saturday May 24, 2008
Home of Harlan Meints, Atwater
Members Present: Jon Hanson, Harlan Meints, Jim Teschendorf, Lowell Skoglund, Wencel Kojetin, Dale Owen, Tim Groshens, Becky Rickelfs, and Richard Phillips.  Joan and Bill Schultz were also in attendance.

Harlan called the meeting to order at 9:00 A. M.

Dale motioned and Wencel seconded to approve the minutes of the last meeting as read.  Motion passed.

Jon Hanson presented the treasurer’s report.  The checking account balance is $13027.79, with savings account balance of $26,098.23 and CDs totaling $13379.77, giving a total of $52,540.79.  Jon has paid $133.00 for the weed cutting permit and $193.00 to Harlan for mileage this month.  Jim motioned and Richard seconded to approve the treasurer’s report.  Motion passed.

The amount of dues was omitted from the letter that was sent out for lake association membership.  Also, Vicki Behm’s name needs to be removed from the bulletin and be replaced by Richard Phillips.

Jon reported that Peter Miller will be at the August meeting concerning wastewater treatment around the lake.  He has been hired by the county to do the inspections of the existing septic systems.  The wastewater committee is interested in hiring Mr. Miller as a consultant to issue a final report to homeowners.  He quoted a cost of $22,000 for the final report.  Harlan and Joyce Wittman are still negotiating with him on the cost.  They believe they have the cost down to $16,000 with the lake association taking on some of the responsibilities instead of Mr. Miller.  These would include going to the county and downloading records of septic systems and talking to farmers who are involved.  We currently have $9000 in the treasury to pay the consultant fee.  The committee wants Miller to identify areas where clusters are appropriate and facilitate talks with homeowners about who would sell land for the cluster.  Inspections are to begin on Tuesday or Wednesday at Gordie Behm’s residence and proceed eastward.  Harlan is going to pursue grant money from the Clean Water Legacy Grant from BOWSR.  This  
grant money would allow inspections of systems that are not being inspected by the county because they are in compliance or because they are failing.  This would save us the cost of having Mr. Miller do those at our expense.  Harlan reported that he has been talking with Gary Geer and Harlan Madsen about the August deadline.  They said not to worry if we don’t meet the deadline as they know we are working on the issue.  Jon reported on money from the treasury that is committed to other projects--$3500 to the wastewater committee, $10,000 for rain gardens, etc., $10,000 for the fish trap.  That leaves $32,000.  Jon proposed that we could spend $10,000 toward the fee to hire Miller if it doesn’t violate our bylaws.  Richard motioned and Jon seconded to spend an additional $10,000 to hire Peter Miller as a consultant.  It was also noted that tanks will be pumped when the system is inspected, if the drain field is okay.

Harlan reported that Bob Meyerson talked to the Atwater fire chief about installing a dry fire hydrant on the east side of the lake.  He was told that it is too shallow to install there.  The fire chief will continue to investigate the issue with the DNR.  Harlan will follow up on this.

Two loon nests were put out last Tuesday.  Both were put on the north side because the Dog Fish Bay area for the nests was wiped out by the ice.  Jeff Warszyoski, the Boy Scout leader, was in charge of the project.

The DNR and the Watershed District are discussing replacing the fish trap in the fall of 2009, with the DNR, Watershed District, and Lake Association sharing 1/3 of the cost each.  Jim will take charge of writing a grant to the Watershed District for funds, with help from Bill Schultz.  Bruce Gilbertsen will also help to show that the trap will improve water quality.  Chad Anderson will also help with the grant.  If the new trap is installed, the old traps will be removed.  Harlan did not renew the fish trap permit as we are not currently trapping any fish.

Harlan described how homeowners will be able to apply for 10% of their rain garden, shore restoration, etc projects.  The homeowner will submit their bill to the Watershed District.  The Association will pay 10% of what the Watershed District pays.  O’Leary’s have completed a rain garden and one is planned for Ricklefs.  Also a shoreline restoration project is being done on June 28 as a workshop at a house next door to Harlan.

Concerning paying the secretary and treasurer up to $250, Jon suggested we leave it in the bylaws and they can opt not to take the pay.

The annual meeting will be June 21 at 9:00 A. M. at the County Park.  Board members will go early to set up and get coffee and doughnuts ready.

Bill and Joan Schultz are in charge of the weed cutting project.  They will start next week.  We have the permit to cut 50 acres.  It is good until June 15.  We will pay $20 to people who donate boats and pontoons to help with the cutting.  We are to notify the DNR the day we are cutting.  Discussion was held on the need to cut in front of Dog Fish Bay by the buoys and east of Gordie Bloomquist.  This will be discussed at the annual meeting.  It was also decided to put information about the need for cutting weeds in the newsletter so people on the lake know the background for why we do it.

Harlan told us to let him know if any association members want to go to workshops, etc. and the association will help pay for it.  Chad will tell us of workshops coming up at the annual meeting.

Suggestions for what should be presented at the annual meeting includ a change in the bylaws to accommodate the change in the meeting date.  Also we should go over what was accomplished this year.  Chad Anderson will discuss the TMDL study and workshops on rain gardens, etc.  Mike Brower of I & M Nursery will present on rain gardens.  Rick Reimers of the Soil and Water Conservation District will present on shoreline restoration.  Information on fish traps from the DNR will be presented also.  We also need to hold an election for the board of directors.  The July 4 boat parade will be discussed.  A notice will be put out on e-mail for a volunteer to organize it.

Richard is going to contact the county about tornado sirens being put on the lake.  O’Learys needs to be added to the list of members.  Richard motioned and Lowell seconded to close the post office box for the association as we no longer need it.  The list of board members needs to be updated and submitted to Minnesota Waters and Green Lake Breeze.

Harlan discussed the speeders on Breezy Point Road and Diamond Shores Road.  He has been having discussions with Richard Thompson and Sheriff Hartog.  They are township roads.  It was decided Harlan should pursue this issue as an individual at this point, not as an association.

Small group meetings on the septic inspections will be held on the 7, 11, 14, 18, and 20 of June.

Next meeting is July 12 at 9:00 A. M. at Harlan’s house.

Lowell motioned and Tim seconded that we adjourn.  Motion passed.

Submitted by Becky Ricklefs, secretary of DLARA