Diamond Lake Area
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota
Board of Director's Meeting
9:00 AM Saturday April 19, 2008
North Breeze Resort, Atwater
Members Present: Bob Meyerson, Gordon Bloomquist, Harlan Meints, Lowell Skoglund, Wencel Kojetin, Dale Owen, Tim Groshens, Becky Ricklefs

Harlan called the meeting to order at 9:00 A.M.

Dale made a motion, seconded by Lowell to accept the resignation of Vicki Behm from the board.  Motion carried.

Tim made a motion, seconded by Lowell that Becky Ricklefs become the secretary to replace Vicki.  Motion carried.

Gordon made a motion, seconded by Dale to accept the minutes of the last board meeting as they appeared on the website.  Motion carried.

The treasurer’s report was given by Harlan in the absence of Jon Hanson.  The ending balance as of March 30, 2008 was $13,328.79.  With savings and CD balances, the balance as of the meeting date was $52,437.43.  Bills outstanding include $3500 to the Wastewater Committee and other bills totaling $3712.00.  Lowell made a motion, seconded by Wencel to accept the treasurer’s report.  Motion carried.

A discussion was held on whether to continue to pay the secretary and treasurer.  No action was taken on this matter.

Tim moved, seconded by Dale, to pay mileage to Harlan for meetings, workshops, etc that he has attended on behalf of the association.  Motion carried.

Tim moved, seconded by Bob to authorize the president to approve the payment of mileage and fees for members of the board and people working on behalf of the board up to $500 per year.  Motion carried.

Tim moved, seconded by Dale, to replace Vicki Behm by Richard Phillips on the board.  Motion carried.

Joyce Wittman of the Wastewater Committee gave a presentation on the progress they are making.  She reported that the letters had been sent to property owners about sewer inspections and there had not been much negative response.  There will be three proposals for how to upgrade the sewer systems.  One is the county loop proposal.  A second alternative is the step system in which grinders are not needed.  The third is an onsite system such as mound, cluster of systems, holding tanks, etc.  The committee would like to present to property owners in August and will be putting information in the newsletter that comes out around Memorial Day.  Joyce also suggested having small group informational meetings with property owners, led by the Wastewater Committee, during the summer.  The committee is waiting for a cost analysis on the different types of systems from the public works department of the county.  The environmental impacts of each system are also being researched.  The loss of groundwater and the concentration of pollutants in what is left of an off-site system are being studied.  The change in demographics of the lake is also being discussed.  The committee is also looking at the possibility of hiring an engineer who does not work for the county to help get grant money and to set up a monitoring system for on-site systems.  The cost for such a person would be around $6000.

The vote on the wastewater system to be adopted will be handled by the Watershed District and the Wastewater Committee.

The fish trap was closed this spring as soon as the fish started moving through.  The DNR killed carp at Wheeler, Hubbard, and Schultz Lakes by reverse aeration during the winter.  One fish trap is broken.  Bruce Gilbertsen of the DNR said they might poison fish in the Chain of Lakes this summer.  They also propose putting a rip/rap fish trap the width of the stream with rocks and culverts.  It would stop all fish movement.  The DNR is applying for funds to do this.  The cost would be approximately $25,000 to $30,000, with the Watershed District, the DNR, and the Lake Association each paying 1/3 of the cost.  That trap may replace one or both of the current fish traps.  That trap would also help stop nutrients from coming into the lake.

Gordon made a motion, seconded by Dale, to do a feasibility study and write a grant for joint funding of the new fish trap between the DNR, Watershed District, and the Lake Association.  Motion carried.

Bob motioned, seconded by Lowell, to pay $50 to a group of property owners who put in docks to also clean brush and debris from the fish traps.  Motion carried.

Dale agreed to get the loon nest to Jeff Warxynski so the Boy Scouts can place it for us.

Tim motioned, seconded by Lowell to, in cooperation with MFCRWSD, to provide funds to help pay for the installation of rain gardens, shoreline restorations, grass waterways, and buffer strips to property owners around the lake.  MFCRWSD will pay up to 75% of approved projects, with DLARA paying 10% up to $1,000.  The maximum DLARA will spend this year is $10,000.  To qualify for the additional 10%, you need to be a member of the Lake Association.  Farmers that live away from the lake but whose water drains directly into the lake will not be required to be association members.  The money will be retroactive to projects that have been approved but did not start until after January 1, 2008.  Motion carried.

The weed cutting permit was discussed.  No one is sure where it is and if we need to reapply for this year.  Bob motioned, seconded by Dale, to have Harlan fill out and pay the fee for the permit subject to finding someone to be in charge of the work.

Installing a dry fire hydrant on the east side of the lake at the boat landing was discussed.  We need the approval of the Atwater Fire Department.  No cost is involved in the installation.  Bob Meyerson is going to contact the fire department.

Our fish trap permit is good until June, 2008.  We need to apply to renew it.  Harlan will talk to the crew who is cleaning the trap and see if they can fix the broken trap. 

The Watershed District has a $161,000 grant to do water testing on Diamond Lake.  They are already starting to test to see where the pollutants are coming from.  They will make a recommendation to the state, who will then apply money to fix it.

The tentative date for the annual meeting is June 21 at 9:00 A.M. at the County Park. 

The next meeting of the board will be May 24 at 9:00 A.M. at the home of Harlan Meints.

Lowell motioned, Tim seconded to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried.

Submitted by Becky Ricklefs, secretary of DLARA