Diamond Lake Area
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota
Board of Director's Meeting
8:30 AM Saturday October 8, 2005
Harlan Meints Residence, Atwater
Board Members Present:  Chris Black, Jon Hanson, Joan Schultz, Vicki Behm, Russell Johnson, Harlan Meints, Bob Meyerson,  Lowell Skoglund

Board Members Absent:  Gordon Bloomquist, Bob Carruthers, Judy Christensen, Larry Redepenning, Dave Solbrack


Chris Black opened the Board of Directors meeting.

Minutes read and approved.

Treasurers report read and approved.

Jon Hanson Update
1)Septic pumping update – 70 so far. 
2)Paid members this year are 236 compared to 232 in 2005.

Jon made a motion for DLARA to donate $100.00 to the Atwater Sunfish Gazette.  Motion seconded and approved.

Bob Meyerson passed out letter he drafted regarding the sewer to be sent to Harlan Madsen, Gary Danielson and Wayne Thompson.  Discussion followed.  Vicki wants more information sent out to property owners over the winter.  A question was brought forth “Could there be an informal hearing in Spring 2006 to present information, then a public hearing in August at the annual meeting and decide by Spring 2007?”.,  Chris re-read the 7 steps that need to be taken before the final step for the sewer project.  Several feel a public hearing would start the final process and several did not think so.  Motion made and seconded to send letter but omit the second sentence of the second paragraph and insert public before informational in 1st sentence.  Vote take – tie – not passed.  More discussion ensued.  Motion made and seconded to accept letter as written except insert public before informational in first sentence.  This passed; Bob will take care of sending the letter.

Discussion ensued on what information is needed for a fall newsletter?  Some questions and answers to sewer, and process and cons, etc.

Because Bob Carruthers wasn’t there the board couldn’t look at the Lake Flordia proposal.  The board will have him bring that copy and get one from Green Lake and send copies to all directors to study before the next meeting.  Vicki will work on the questions (and get answers) that were read at the August 6th meeting.  She will ask Bob C for help on this.  Bob Meyerson to tell Bob C about this.

It was felt another meeting was needed to pull all the information together to present to property owners.

Next meeting December 10th – 8:30am either at Meyersons or Meints.

Respectfully submitted,

Joan Schultz