Diamond Lake Area
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota
Board of Director's Meeting
8:30 AM Saturday June 18, 2005
Kandiyohi County Park #3, Atwater
Board Members Present:  Judy Christensen, Chris Black, Jon Hanson, Joan Schultz, , Gordon Bloomquist, Bob Carruthers, Russell Johnson, Harlan Meints, Bob Meyerson, Larry Redepenning, Lowell Skoglund, Dave Solbrack

Board Members Absent:  Vicki Behm

Guests: Jim & Joanne Teschendorf, Bill Schultz, Ardyce Skoglund


Judy Christensen opened the Board of Directors meeting.

Treasurers report read and approved.

Bills presented- reviewed and approved to pay:
U of M Extension for septic system owners guides                       $1323.50
Joan Schultz - po box, stamps, supplies                                       $  121.79
Diamond Lake Newsletter                                                           $   398.98
Judy Christensen - supplies, weed cutter blade protectors            $     72.26
Bob Carruthers - plastic bags for septic packets                          $     10.50
Harlan Meintz - assembly & delivery of septic packets                 $   200.00

Septic Program - Bob Carruthers & Harlan Meints
Harlan reported septic packets were assembled and delivered to property owners from Diamond Shore Road to south end of Co Rd 137.  Next phase is the resort area.  Motion to accept receipts from people who used pumpers from outside Kandiyohi County as long as they are licensed and for Jon Hanson to send out the $50 as received.  This was seconded and approved. 

Bob C made extra copies of the feasibility study so all board members would be able to study them and discuss this issue at our next meeting July 16th.  Bob will also contact Harlan Madsen, Gary Danielsen, Loren Engelbee and possibly Paul Rasmussen inviting them to discuss sewer proposal feasibility at the annual meeting August 6th.  Chris Black will arrange for a pa system for the annual meeting.  Motion made, seconded and approved.  Bob C will be the moderator for the sewer proposal discussion.  The regular meeting will be at 8:30 am, the sewer discussion from 9am – 11am.

Weed Cutting Update - Joan Schultz
Joan reported weeds were cut June 4 and 11th.  Permit was done on June 15th.  Thanks to all those who helped and supplied pontoons.  Cut lots of weed especially on the east side of the bay. New blade protectors were bought and installed on the cutters.

Carp Trap - Bill Schultz
Bill Schultz and Seaman are checking on the carp trap.  The gate on Hubbard side closed.  He will be back on June 20th to assess amount of carp in trap.  Bill will set up meeting with Bruce Gilbertson, Lowell Skoglund and Jim Teshendorf to discuss use and maintenance of the trap.  Motion made, seconded and approved.

Slot Length - Chris Black
Chris spoke to Bruce Gilbertson again, he recommended “tool box” length, 17” and a 3 – 4 bag limit.  Discussion ensued, with questions as to the length – 15” – 20” and 1 keeper over 27”.  Proposed slot limit 14” – 20: with 1 over and staying with state limit of 6.  Not passed.  Usually takes a proposal 2 years to pass, but takes just as long to remove.  Chris will check with Bruce to find out their recommendations. Also last time the lake was restocked was in 2004 with 20,000 fingerlings.  DNR stocks every 6 years.  Chris will check to see what DNR recommends for stocking in between.  Motion made, seconded and approved. 

Cormorants- Chris Black
WCB has permit granted in 7 year study, anyone who wants to help may do so.  Chris will get back to Bruce and report for July meeting. 

Fencing - Judy Christensen
Bernard Gratz has not returned call to Judy for estimate.  Judy will follow-up with him.

Annual Meeting - Joan Schultz

2005 Annual Meeting will be 8:30am at Kandiyohi County Park #3.


Check from Kandiyohi County Lakes Association - Judy Christensen
Kandiyohi County Lakes Association  sent DLARA a $200 check as Diamond Lakes’ share of grant money to be used for lake water quality improvement projects.  Joan will send a thank you note.

Watershed District - Bob Meyerson
The new Watershed District is looking for people to help – Harlan Meints volunteered. 

Solar Bee Technology- Jim Teschendorf
.Jim Teschendorf spoke about Solar Bee pond circulators as a way to help improve the water quality of Diamond Lake.  He contacted the company and obtained a video which the board watched.  These circulators have been installed in Stubbs Bay on Lake Minnetonka.  They are intended to prevent formation of bluegreen algae.   DNR restrictions would have to be followed.  One unit can handle a 50 acre area.  Jim will do follow up to see if any grant money would be available from the new watershed district and will contact Roger Ramthun to get his input. Motion made, seconded and approved.

Next meeting is Saturday July 16th at 8:30am at Kandiyohi County Park #3.

Respectfully submitted,

Joan Schultz