Diamond Lake Area
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota
Board of Director's Meeting
9:00 AM Saturday May 21, 2005
Kandiyohi County Park #3, Atwater
Board Members Present:  Judy Christensen, Jon Hanson, Joan Schultz, Vicki Behm, Gordon Bloomquist, Bob Carruthers, Harlan Meintz, Lowell Skoglund, Dave Solbrack

Board Members Absent:  Bob Meyerson, Larry Redepenning, Russel Johnson

Guests: Gary Danielson, Dean Holmstrand, Chris Black, Brad DeWolf


Judy Christensen opened the Board of Directors meeting.

Treasurers report read and approved.

Bills presented- reviewed and approved to pay:
Judy Christensen (printing & mailing materials)                       $140.40

Board Changes - Judy Christensen & Joan Schultz
Kathy Flaata resigned her position as Director as she is moving to Hutchinson.  Bob Meyers resigned as Vice-President, though will remain as a Director.  Chris Black was elected to board to fill Flaata's position and as accepted the position of Vice-President.  Motion made, 2nd & approved on all Director changes.

Grant Update - Judy Christensen
Judy reported the Phase II Continuation Grant ended April 2005 and we spent all but $29.00 of the $25,000 grant money with in-kind of over $26,000.  The final report was filed and accepted by Jeff Bredberg and Roger Ramthun.

Judy reported she did fill out the 319 Grant Proposal last fall and submitted it, but it was not approved do to limited funds.  People with whom we work with such as Roger Ramthun and Jeff Bredberg will keep us in mind for future grant requests.

Carp Trap - Joan Schultz
Joan reported the arms on the carp trap are not down as DNR is to let Tom Deadrick know when to put them down.  Tom and Bill Schultz will take care of trap this year, but need to find someone else for next year.  Bruce Gilbertson wants re-assessment of trap and how it is run.  Joan will ask Tom and Bill to contact Bruce to do an assessment of the trap. Motion made, 2nd and approved for Tom and Bill to move forward on this..

Weed Cutting - Joan Schultz
Joan reported the weed cutting permit is in hand, she noted the permit expires 6/15/05.  Weed cutting can occur between now and then.  Joan will call the usual volunteers to arrange the June 4th weed cutting event.

Water Testing- Judy Christensen
Judy informed the group that Roger Ramthun from the MPCA contacted her to let her know Diamond Lake is on the Expanded Citizen Lake Monitoring program for one year.  This means interns will come out and take water samples, get them tested and file the reports - there will not be a need for Bill Schultz to take water samples during 2005.

Lake Directories- Judy Christensen
Judy informed the group that she made up new lake directories over the winter including phone numbers.  The Board voted to distribute these to all residents in the flyer that will be distributed on the septic program (see below under new business).


Draft Engineering Feasibility Study for Diamond Lake - Gary Danielson, Brad DeWolf & Dean Homstrand
Gary, Brad and Dean informed us that over the winter a feasibility study was conducted by the County on sewer & septic systems.  They went over the report and proposed project explaining 1) existing waste water treatment facilities, 2) design considerations & parameters, 3) waste water collection system and alternatives, 4) cost estimate and 5) recommendations and implementation plans.  They asked the board to go over the study, ask questions and make people aware of the study and the need to update septic systems.  From the study, 72% of existing septic systems around Diamond Lake do not conform to the existing standards and 4% are failed, so a total of 76% of septics could be contaminating the ground water and lake.  The board agreed to go over the draft and discuss at the next meeting.  In addition, Bob Carruthers will represent the Board and continue discussions with Gary Danielson about the proposal.

Septic Program Proposal - Bob Carruthers

Bob C reported he contacted the U of M Extension service and got Septic System Owner's Guide on septic care.  He also suggested the Association fund some percent of members bill to have existing septic systems pumped. 
A motion was made, 2nd and approved to put together a program with a flyer that will be distributed to all lake residents containing the following: 1) Cover Letter explaining the Septic Program, which is to reimburse association members $50 towards pumping of their septic systems (average cost is $80 - $100) with a list of licensed septic pumpers 2) Septic System Owner's Guides (at a cost of $3.25 per booklet) and 3) Lake Directories.  This flyer will be assembled and distributed by Harlan Meintz's grandchildren - the board approved paying them $200 to do this (as this is much cheaper than mailing).  The septic program guidelines that were approved are documented below. 

Septic Program Guidelines
1) The intent of this program is to educate residents on how to take care or their septic systems and to encourage residents to have their septic systems pumped on a regular basis.  This will be accomplished by distributing materials on septic care to lake residents and by assisting Association members monetarily who get their septic tanks pumped this year.  

2) Deliver to all lake residents a booklet explaining proper septic system care that we will procure from the County in an effort to better educate our residents on proper septic system care.

3) Explain to residents via cover letter that pumping your septic system on a regular basis is extremely important, so if you are an Association member, we will reimburse you $50 towards having your septic system pumped (average cost of having a septic system pumped is $80 - $100).  To participate in this program you must use one of the licensed septic tank cleaning businesses that we will include in a a list.

4) It is your responsibility of the Association member to pay them in full for the septic pumping at the time of service.  Remember to get a receipt for the service.  Then, send a copy of your dated receipt from the pumper along with a self-addressed envelope to Jon Hanson (our treasurer). Within approximately 30 days you will receive a check back for $50, courtesy of the Diamond Lake Area Recreational Association.

5) This offer is only good to Association members and you can only be reimbursed once (so if you have a holding tank and have it pumped more frequently - this is good for one time). 

6) This program expires October 31, 2005 and all requests for payment must be received by November 30, 2005.

7) If you are not a member you can participate in this program by joining the Association for $25.  When sending in your receipt simply include a check made out to the Diamond Lake Area Recreation Association for $25 with a note stating you would like to join.  We always welcome new members! 

Slot Length - Chris Black
Chris presented information from meeting with Bruce Gilbertson about limits and slotting for walleyes.  The intent is to improve walleye fishing in Diamond Lake by implementing one or both of these rules.  Chris will check into alternatives with Bruce as well as the number of walleyes stocked this year and if the Association could fund additional fingerlings.  In addition, Board members will speak to other fishermen about limits and slotting to get their input.  If we do decide to implement either limits and/or slotting for walleye Chris stated there is a long process we must go through to get it finalized.  The process includes sending a letter of support to Bruce who will then post it.  After that a public meeting is held - the earliest this would be implemented is for the 2007 fishing opener.  Finally, Chris is checking into getting a permit to get rid of the cormorants on the lake.  A motion was made, 2nd and approved for Chris to continue moving forward with limits, slotting and the cormorants permit.

Non-Profit Organization Renewal- Judy Christensen
.Judy reported she renewed the Associations non-profit standing with the state on MN over the winter.  The documentation was given to Joan Schultz to file.

Ag BMP's - Judy Christensen
Judy suggested continuing the Ag BMP program without the incentive monies that was created under the grant program.  The program would encourage land owners to install Ag BMP's where appropriate an no cost to the land owner as the Association will pick up the portion not covered by CRP programs.  The Ag BMP program was very successful under the grant program where 93.5 acres of land had BMP's established.  A motion was made to pay the portion not covered by CRP programs with no additional incentive.  This will be administered via the SWCD.  The motion was 2nd and approved.  Judy will contact Rick Remier to make him aware of the continuation of this program with the modification of no additional incentive monies.

Core Aerator - Judy Christensen
Judy reported the core aerator is not being stored in the Association's shed at County Park #3.  Todd Anderson has a key, association members who want to use the core aerator can take it out by simply by getting the key from Todd (at the Park).  We would like to encourage all members to promptly return it so others can use it..

Fencing - Judy Christensen
Judy reported that last fall we had agreed to assist Bernard Gratz with fencing to keep livestock away from the waters.  This did not occur as Bernard did not have the time to get fencing estimates and we ended up using all our grant monies.  Judy would like to continue to work with Bernard to see if the Association can assist with his installing fencing by working with the SWCD.  The Board made a motion, 2nd and approved to continue working with Bernard and to allocate up to $1000 towards fencing.  Judy will contact both Bernard and Rick Remier to let them know of our decision.

Misc - Harlan Meintz

Harlan questioned what we can do about eye sores around the lake (old cars, old tires, etc.).  It was suggested he contact the County Zoning Department to see how they can assist, which he agreed to do..

Next meeting is Saturday June 18th at 9am at Kandiyohi County Park #3.

Respectfully submitted,

Joan Schultz