Diamond Lake Area
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota
Board of Director's Meeting
9:00 AM Saturday September 25, 2004
Kandiyohi County Park #3, Atwater
Board Members Present:  Judy Christensen, Bob Meyerson, Jon Hanson,
Joan Schultz, Gordon Bloomquist, Kathy Flaata, Larry Redepenning,
Bob Carruthers, Harv Meintz, Lowell Skoglund,

Board Members Absent:  Vicki Behm, Russel Johnson, Dave Solbrack


Judy Christensen opened the Board of Directors meeting.

Minutes from previous meeting read and approved.

Treasures report read and approved.

Bills presented- reviewed and approved to pay:
Peterson Hardware (63 bags of phosphorus-free fertilizer)     $540.48  
Kids Against Hungar (donation to charity)                             $100.00
Joan Schultz (secretary fee)                                                    $250.00
Joan Schultz (postage & supplies)                                            $25.75

Watershed District - Kathy Flaata
Kathy F, Paul and Roxanne Benson attended the Kandiyohi County Commissioners meeting  9-7-04. A presentation was made by The Middle Fork Crow River Lakes Partnership informing the Commissioners of their plans to work with local townships and lake associations on projects to clean up water quality for Green Lake and surrounding lakes. The Partnership is organized by Green Lake Property Owners.  This is not the same as the proposed Watershed District proposed by the Lehman's from Green Lake. The Kandiyohi County has already given $12,000 to the Partnership group and also purchased a street sweeper to be used by Green Lake and any other township or lakes in the county.They are asking $250.00 from the lake associations that are interested in joining the Partnership. This group is calling the proposal a partnership not a watershed district, because they want to work together with all towns and lakes, which is different from the watershed district interests.

Fall Phosphorus-free Fertilizer Program - Judy Christensen
As of 10-25-04 , 63 bags of fertilizer have been picked up. The end date for pickup is 10-16-04.

Water Testing - Kathy Flaata
Water testing. due to limited interest in fall water testing we will offer this again in the spring. We will request a minimum of 25 requests. Watch for details in the spring.


Water Quality Improvement Meeting - All
Update from  8-27-04  water quality improvement meeting  attended by Judy C, Bob M,Gordy B, Kathy F and Joan S. The experts told the board that what we are doing is in the right direction but the results do not happen over night. See notes fro  8-27-04

Proposal for New Grant (319) - Judy Christensen

Grant proposal # 319. The application for a new grant (319) for 2005 needs to be in by 10-08-04. Judy  accepted the challenge to work on the grant. Jon, Kathy and Joan offered to help her get some of the information needed for the grant. Judy will submit a request for $30,000 + to MPCA based on program elements in the grant proposal. Kathy  will ask Harrison Township Board to sponsor DLA for this grant and offer some funds for the grant.

Core Aeration - Judy Christensen
Core aeration should be done in the fall, but most seasonal residents have left the lake for the this season. Larry R will check on the cost of a walk behind aerator, due to the high rental rate,  A motion was made and 2nd to approve up to $1000.00 for such a purchase. Larry will contact 2 other board members with information on the cost and purchase.  Harv Meintz will check on the price of a pull behind aeration John Deere equipment.

Septic Systems - All
.There was discussion to present a proposal for DLA to pay for a portion of septic maintenance for association members next spring.  If property owners use a approved certified septic pumper this may be arranged in the spring. The association also will discuss septic issues with Harrison Township and Kandiyohi Zoning. We propose setting up a data base to keep records of this septic activity to be done every 2 - 3 years. So everyone should keep the receipts they have from previous septic maintenance for your own records.
Future information will be in DLARA meeting minutes and newsletter. We will also request grant monies to assist with this effort. 

Bob Carruthers and Kathy Flaata will attend a future Harrison Township meeting to discuss septic proposals with the township. We will also discuss a partnership between DLARA and Harrison Township for future projects requested in our 319 grant request.

Ag BMP's - Bob Meyerson
DLARA board plan to use the remaining 2004 grant monies toward purchase of fencing of cattle areas.  We are currently working with Rick Reimer and the farmers around the Hubbard Lake Chain.

New Directors - Bob Meyerson
DLARA board plan to use the remaining 2004 grant monies toward purchase of fencing of cattle areas.  We are currently working with Rick Reimer and the farmers around the Hubbard Lake Chain.

Hubbard Lakes Chain Reverse Aeration - Judy Christensen
Judy will check with Bruce Gilbertson to make sure if conditions are right that the reverse aeration gets done the winter as planned

Misc - All

In-kind hours per board member were turned in to Judy for  2004 activity.

Next meeting is April or May 2005. Meeting adjourned.  Have a Great Winter Season and see you next spring.

Respectfully submitted,

Joan Schultz