Diamond Lake Area
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota
Board of Director's Meeting
7:00 PM Thursday May 6, 2004
Covell Building, Atwater
Board Members Present:  Bob Meyerson, Jon Hanson, Kathy Flaata, Joan Schultz, Russell Johnson, Larry Redepenning and Dave Solbrack

Board Members Absent:  Judy Christensen, Tom Deadrick and Tom Sykora

Guests: Jennifer and Harlan Davenport, Renee McMonigal, Bill Lathum and Andy Quin


Meeting called to order, reading of minutes waived.

Treasurer's report read and approved.

Bills to be paid:

Orlan Flaata & Tom Deadrick (loon bed materials)             $173.00
Bob Meyerson (subscription to MN Lakes Association)      $  25.00
Russ Johnson (gas to haul storage shed)               $ 50.00

All bills approved and paid.

Loon Nests - Kathy Flaata
Two loon nesting beds were made by Orland Flaata and Tom Deadrick.  One was placed on the southeast side of the North Bay in the weeds and one in the southeast end of Dog Fish bay.  Loons have been seen at several locations around the lake.  Now lets watch for baby loons to arrive!  Thanks to Carol Simondet for the picture of the loons, you can see it on our web site.

Weed Cutting -  Kathy Flaata
Kathy Flaata reported we did receive the permit to cut curlyleafy weeds in the Bay area north end of the lake.  The permit expires on June 15, 2004, therefore we will plan to cut weeds on Saturday morning June 5.  We need volunteers on the north and west side of the bay to cut by their property.  Please call Kathy Flaata at 320-974-8535 to offer your assistance.  Joan Schultz to write up article with permit regulations for the newsletter.

Bylaws - Kathy Flaata
The committee consists of Judy Christensen, Kathy Flaata and Joan Schultz.  They will write bylaws for our Lake Association.  The draft will be presented at the DLA meeting in June.  Revisions will be made and the final version ready for the July meeting.  The bylaws will be reviewed, voted and implemented before our annual meeting in August.

Educational Program Update - Joan Schultz
The spring field trip for ACGC Advanced Biology class will be May 12 from 9am to 11:30am.  The students along with teacher, Sue Aagesen will meet at the Schultz's.  The instructors for the session will be Roger Ramthun from the MPCA, Rick Reimer from SWCD, Bruce Gilbertson from DNR Fisheries and Skip Wright the DNR Hydrologist..

Auditing of Books - Jon Hanson
Jon reported the auditing of the books by Russ Johnson and Larry Redepenning was completed at the annual meeting in 2003.  Another audit will occur in 2004.

Central Storage Space for Association Space - Russ Johnson
Russ Johnson bought and hauled a used wooden shed to the cement slab at Kandiyohi County Park #3.  He plans to build shelves for storage.  Russ will submit the bills for shelves at a future meeting.


Proposed New Watershed District - Bill Lathum
Bill Lathum from Green Lake presented the format on the proposed Green Lake watershed.  The Board decided to gather more information before committing to anything.

Ethanol Plant- Andy Quin
Andy Quin, President of the Board of Bushmill Ethanol Plant was present to speak to his and our potential concerns.  The taxation of the plant would be high.  He also explained how waster materials from ethanol process would be handled, all under MPCA regulations.  Operation planned for January 2005.  Board thanked him for coming to the meeting.

Water Testing - Nitrate and Bacteria - Kathy Flaata
Rick Reimer has asked the DLARA to assist with the nitrate water testing again this year.  The date is set for June 3.  Kathy Flaata and Joan Schultz will assist him. 

We will also schedule another drinking water test for bacteria.  This will be scheduled for the handout of the sterile collection bottles at our annual meeting and sample to be returned the next day.  This year we need to know how many property owners are interested in testing their drinking water for bacteria so we can request the correct number of sterile containers.  We will ask people to contact before August 1, 2004 if they want to participate.

County Road 4 - Larry Redepenning
Larry reported the possibility that County Road #4 may have some work done.  If this occurs perhaps the width could be increased enough for a shoulder walking path.  Motion made, 2nd and approved to write a letter of recommendation to the County Highway Department to include a walking path if improvements are made.  Joan Schultz will write the letter.

Bill Schultz - Joan Schultz
Bill Schultz resigned from the board.  Motion made, 2nd and approved to thank Bill..

A reminder was given to track 2004 in kind hours.

Pat Wheeler inquired if there were any monies available for stock fencing.  He will be told to send a proposal.

Bill Schultz spoke to the DNR who advised against lowering carp traps unless we get 3+ inches of rain as the water is  flowing back toward Hubbard chain at this time.

Joan Schultz asked for up to $90 be approved for rental of aeration machine per Roger Ramthun request for the spring field trip to show students lawn care.  Montion made, 2nd and approved.

Joan Schultz will schedule the annual picnic by contacting Todd Anderson to gain permission to use the shelter.  Date to be requested is August 14th.  Motion made, 2nd and approved.  Follow-up - Joan contacted Todd - the shelter was not available that day.  Joan did book August 21, 2004 at 9:30am as that slot was open.

Next Board Meeting  will be schedule for June 3, 2004.

Respectfully submitted,

Joan Schultz