Diamond Lake Area
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota
Board of Director's Meeting
7:00 PM Thursday June 30, 2003
Mary Lou's Restaurant, Atwater
Board Members Present:  Judy Christensen, Jon Hanson, Kathy Flaata, Bob Meyerson, Russell Johnson, Bill Schultz, Joan Schultz, Tom Sykora, Tom Deadrick, Gordon Bloomquist, Dave Solbrack

Board Members Absent:  Kevin Gruenhagen, Larry Redepenning

Guests Present:  Orlan Flaata, Jackie DeRudder, René McMonigal, Mike McMonigal, Elaine Willems, Sharon Dragt, Cory Christensen


Minutes read and approved from previous meeting.

Treasurer's Report approved.

Motion made and 2nd to pay bills as submitted -
   Mike McMonigal  use of boat and gas for weed cutting$20
   Bill Schultz  use of boat and gas for weed cutting          $20
   Cory Christensen  use of boat and gas for weed cutting$20
   Judy Christensen  use of boat and gas for weed cutting $20
   Orlan Flaata  repair of weed cutters (rope)            $25
   Peterson Hardware phosphorus-free fertilizer program$265.91 (final payment)

Audit of Books - Jon Hanson and Russ Johnson
Russ reported the audit had not yet occurred.  The goal is to complete by August.

Weed Cutting Update - Kathy Flaata
The weed cutting is done for the year per the permit.  Many weeds were cut.  Additional residents of the lake reported weeds in other areas.  With these reports of large amounts of curly leaf, we need to recruit more volunteers and possibly buy additional cutters.  Currently there are 8 weed cutters (Schultz  2, Flaata  2, Davenport  2, Carity  2). 

At the annual meeting the board will ask property owners to let us know areas that need to be included in the permit so signatures can be obtained.  We will also ask for volunteers to be team leaders and coordinate the obtaining of signatures and the cutting once the permit is obtained.

Phosphorus Free Fertilizer Program - Judy Christensen
70 people participated in the phosphorus-free fertilizer program, for a total expenditure of $489.00.  Next year, if we do the program, we will open it to all people who live on Diamond Lake.

Centralized Storage Space for Association Property - Russ Johnson
Russ measured the slab at the county park  it is 7' X 11'.  He proposed an 8' X 12' building.  Russ will contact ACGC School to see if they would like to build it in their industrial arts class.  The board approved $1000 for materials.  This will be tabled until the September meeting when school resumes.

Dog Fish Bay Reclassification - Bill Schultz
Bill read a letter from Gary Greer asking the Association to table efforts as nothing more can be done by the County at this time.  Bruce Gilbertson will address this issue at the annual meeting.  Cory Christensen suggested contacting various clubs / associations such as Duck Unlimited for some assistance in this area.  Kathy Flaata will follow up on this possibility.

Loon Update - Kathy Flaata
Kathy contacted Lucinda Berry at New Ulm DNR and Pane Perry and Brainerd DNR about the loon project.  Nesting beds should be placed right after the ice goes out.  No permit is required per Mike Roe (Kandiyohi County Water Safety Division) as long as beds aren't in open areas of lake. 

Kathy will meet with Dean Reznecheck in July regarding the loon survey.  Motion was made and approved to a lot $400 to make 2 loon beds.  Tom Deadrick, Orlan Flaata and Mike McMonigal volunteered to make the loon nesting beds over the winter.

Educational Program Update  Judy Christensen
Judy spoke with Sue Aagesen about a field trip for students at ACGC to study Lake Biology, and also about additional materials the Association could purchase for classes for further studies.  In addition, Judy talked to Roger Ramthun regarding this activity.  Roger suggested not only doing this at ACGC, but in addition at another school  (we picked Litchfield).  Roger offered to work up a program with the teachers.  Judy will coordinate a meeting with Roger, Sue, and a teacher to be named from Litchfield in the August timeframe to solidify a program that will be sustainable for future students.

Diamond Lake Directory Update - Judy Christensen
Judy passed out a draft of the Diamond Lake Directory for approval.  Gordon Bloomquist said many people ask for directions to different areas of the lake.  It was decided to include a map of the lake and county roads around it.  The Directory will be given to association members only per the Board. 

Carp Trap Update - Bill Schultz
Bill reported the permit has been extended for another year (2004).  Tom Deadrick reported no carp had been taken out of the trap at the time of the meeting.  Bill and Tom have been monitoring the trap and will pull the trap to Hubbard Lake side if the carp start to die.

Alum Testing  - Bill Shultz
Bill spoke to Steve McComas who said the alum testing is cost prohibitive.  Judy reported speaking of this to Roger Ramthun who was not in favor of introducing new chemicals to the lake.  The board has decided to not pursue this any further.

Annual Meeting - Joan Schultz
The annual meeting will be held August 16 at 9am at the County Park #3 shelter.  Mary Lou's restaurant will cater cookies, coffee will come from Northern Bean in Willmar.  Bruce Gilbertson and Jeff Bredberg will speak about Dog Fish Bay.  Myrna Halbrack (MN Pollution Control Agency) will speak about spectics and the State legislation pilot project.

Nitrate Water Testing - Kathy Flaata and Bill Schultz
Rick Reimer will do nitrate water testing on July 15th at County Park #3.  Kathy Flaata spoke with Roger Ramthun who offered additional tests for bacteria and fecal chloroform free of charge (he has monies from another fund).  He will send sterile containers for lake property owners to fill and send back.  Central locations will be set up for collection.  Judy Christensen will deliver samples to Mpls.  Motion made and approved to go ahead  Kathy will coordinate this effort.


MPCA Grant - Judy Christensen
Judy reported she talked with Roger Ramthun regarding the grant monies that would be expiring and all the programs currently underway for the Diamond Lake Rehabilitation Project.  Because of the significant progress we have made in formulating programs, and our execution of implementing these programs for the rehabilitation of Diamond Lake, Roger offered an extension of our grant monies.  Judy sent in a request to Roger explaining why we were requesting the grant extension.

MN Lakes Organization 
There is a question if we belong and who gets the mailing.  Joan Schultz will check into this further.

The question arose  does the Board of Directors have any bylaws as the Secretary (Joan) is unable to locate any.  The information Joan has goes back to 1986, and no copy of the bylaws is in the documentation she has.  Several members remember bylaws but don't know where they are.  There was discussion as to the need for bylaws.  After this discussion a motion was made and approved to attempt to locate the bylaws by members who remember seeing them (Bob Meyerson and Russ Johnson).  In the event the original bylaws cannot be located, we will create new ones.  Judy Christensen and Kathy Flaata will contact other lake associations for examples of their bylaws.

Tom Deadrick reported since he has been doing Secci disk readings the water clarity is improving over the years.

Board approved making Todd Anderson the County Park #3 Manager a honorary Association Member.

Motion made and 2nd to adjourn.

Next meeting Monday July 28, 7pm at Mary Lou's restaurant in Atwater.

Respectfully submitted,

Joan Schultz