Diamond Lake Area
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota
Board of Director's Meeting
7:00 PM Thursday September 26, 2002
Covell Building, Atwater
Board Members Present: Judy Christensen, Bob Meyerson, Joan Schultz, Bill Schultz, Dave Solbrack, Kathy Flaata, Jon Hanson, Tom Sykora,
Russell Johnson.

Guests: Steve McComas, Rick Reimer, Arlys Winkelman

Old Business

Minutes read and approved.

Treasurer's Report approved.

Bill to be paid were presented as follows:
Carp trap maintenance   $170.00
Holley Worser (shoreline inventory pictures, gas & boat usage)   $  40.00
Joan Schultz (Secretarys salary, postage & annual meeting) $387.97

There was a motion made to accept and pay all bills, 2nd and approved.

It was noted in the last newsletter many members' names that had paid their annual dues were missing.  These names will be listed in the next newsletter. 

DLA "Agricultural BMP'S Cost Sharing / Incentive Program" Update -
Rick Reimer, Judy Christensen
Rick Reimer of SWCD did an update on the "DLA Agricultural Cost Sharing and Incentive Program".  This program encourages landowners to put in filter strips with DLA paying the cost share the government does not with a one-time incentive per landowner for doing this.  This program was discussed on the FSA radio talk show in September.  In addition, a letter went out to targeted landowners in our watershed informing them of this program by DLA.  As of 9/26, 6 landowners have signed up for the program, with a total of 46.4 acres to be converted to filter strips / buffers.   NoteMM to set monetary incentive for this program as a one-time payment to each landowner  not by the number of strips done.  2nd and approved.  Judy Christensen will add information about this program to our web site in order to keep everyone up-to-date about the response to the program.

In-kind Hours - Bob Meyerson
In kind hours were turned into Bob Meyerson.  Bob will tally the total number of hours for 2002 and turn into Judy Christensen.  In addition, Bob will recap the number of hours submitted for 2001 and 2000 so we have a comparison of in kind hours from previous years (if the numbers are available).

Carp Trap Update - Bill Schultz
The rebuilt throats and gates can be placed in the inlet and now be left in place.  Bill Schultz and Tom Deadrick will install them.  The new gate for the lakeside will have to wait until next year do to the high water level.  Bill Schultz will also get permits for carp removal and curly leaf cutting for 2003.

911 Signs Update - Kathy Flaata, Bill Schultz
Kathy and Bill attended the County Commissioners meeting.  The plan is to put up 911 signs for Kandiyohi County in 2003.  Each homeowner will be assessed through the County (the County still has to build this into their budget).  The County will move on this after the cost of the signs is determined.  It is possible 159th St NE on Diamond Lake will be a pilot site for installation of these signs.

Reclassification of Dogfish Bay Update - Bill Schultz
Bill Schultz received a letter from Skip Wright, Area Hydrologist with the DNR.  This letter informed him that the county has decided to include the establishment of a Special Protection District on Dog Fish Bay as an action item in their plan.  This should greatly help efforts to have the zoning ordinance amended to include Dog Fish Bay.  Bill Schultz and Tom Sykora will work with Gary Greer, Jeff Bredburg and Skip Wright on guidelines.

Education Program Update - Dave Solbrack
Dave Solbrack has contacted several science and social studies teachers at ACGC about a program in Lake Science.  Dave will set up a meeting with teachers (Sue Aagrunsen, Paul Anderson and Roger Benson) to formulate a program.  Steve McComas will help with materials needed.  Dave Solbrack, Jon Hanson and Judy Christensen will be available for approval of monies needed for this program.

Shoreline Inventory Update - Steve McComas
Steve McComas brought the inventory of shoreline conditions done on Diamond Lake in August 2002 by Ken Krueger and Harlan Davenport.  The report rated Diamond Lake very low on natural conditions.  We need to work on Lakescaping to improve the natural conditions on the lake.

Lakescaping Alternatives - Bob Meyerson
Bob Meyerson asked for clarification on just what was needed for lakescaping.  Rick Reimer said the SWCD was working with other lake groups and would be willing to work with DLA.  He would recommend grasses and plants native to the area, also property owners could get these at cost.  Judy Christensen, Kathy Flaata and Bob Meyerson will meet with Rick Reimer to set up an incentive for property owners on shoreline naturalization.  Judy Christensen will drive this.

New Business

Concern Regarding Sick Child - Arlys Winkelman
Arlys Winkelman relayed to board that her granddaughter became ill after being at Diamond Lake over the 4th of July.  The childs' Doctor said the test was positive for salmonella, which is a bacteria.  Arlys was concerned that the lake was contaminated by improper septic drainage.  Steve McComas explained this bacteria is usually picked up from birds, pets and food.  For water to be contaminated there has to be a source with salmonella.  Calls had been made to the State Health Department, State Environmental Department and State Epidemiology Department.  Arlys's granddaugher is fine and Arlys thanked the board for being able to voice her concerns. 

Dave Solbrack voiced concerns about other pollutants and septics that are not up to code.  Steve McComas suggested a paid professional inspector for on-site inspections was needed; also, a County septic system ordinance.  A fecal chloroform test could be done in the spring off the water.  Bill Schultz will invite Gary Greer to our spring meeting to speak to these issues.

Bike / Walking Path - Bob Meyerson
Bob Meyerson reported do to high costs a bike / walking bath would be prohibitve.  Sue Meyerson will approach the County Board to discuss alternatives.

Centralized Storage Space for Association Property - Bill Schultz
Bill Schultz reported there is an old shed on a cement slab at County Park #3 that may belong to DLA.  The shed is in poor shape and would need replacing.  Also, he needs to check on the ownership of the land the shed is currently located on.  Russ Johnson will check on condition and size of the slab.  Bill Schultz will check on the cost of a new shed.  He will also investigate contracting the building of a shed with the shop teacher (Phil Smith) at ACGC.

Watershed Meeting Update - Kathy Flaata
Kathy Flaata attended the meeting for Middle Fork Crow River Watershed Clean Water Partnership.  She suggested DLA get together with groups already working toward this common goal.  The board approved of this idea.  Kathy will contact Don Holmgren and the Lake County Association to get ideas to carry this out.

Request for "Private Drive" signs on 159th St - Kathy Flaata
Kevin Gruenhagen has requested a "private drive" sign be install on 159th Street.  He says that after the placement of street signs, he has seen an increased volume of car traffic.  Discussion on this matter followed.  Joan Schultz felt a Dead End sign would be a better choice.  Since the County placed the sign it was decided to send a letter to the Gruenhagens encouraging them to contact the County as to what to do.  Joan Schultz will send this letter to the Gruenhagens.

First meeting of 2003 to be Thursday May 1st at the Covell Building in Atwater.

MM & 2nd to adjourn.

Submitted by,

Joan Schultz