Diamond Lake Area
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota
Board of Director's Meeting
11:00 AM Saturday August 10, 2002
Kandiyohi County Park #3, Atwater
Board Members Present: Judy Christensen, Bob Meyerson, Larry Redepenning, Dave Solbrack, Kathy Flaata, Jon Hanson, Kevin Gruenhagen, Tom Deadrick, Bill Schultz, Joan Schultz.

Guests: Steve McComas

Reviewed and updated board on meeting with the SWDC that was held on July 26th.  Following is a recap of that meeting: 

July 26, 2002 1:30 pm USDA Building
Present:  Judy Christensen, Dave Solbrack, Russell Johnson, Kathy Flaata, Bill Schultz, Joan Schultz

Meeting was held to help DLA board members prioritize monies to be spent on Diamond Lake Action Plan Phase 2.

Main concern was buffer / filter strips in areas around Diamond Lake (i.e. Wheeler, Summit, Hubbard and Schultz lakes).  There are Federal incentives for landowners to place land in CRP (conservation reserve project  paid 15 years).  Discussed added incentives from DLARA might help more landowners sign up.  We discussed the DLA would pay out of pocket cost share landowners portion back to them plus a fixed amount one time payment of:
$100 for up to 1 acre
$250 for 1  3 acres
$350 for 5+ acres).

This, with board approval, would be in the next FSA newsletter (out after Labor Day) and the DLA newsletter.  In addition, we will obtain a list of targeted landowners and send a letter stating the plan and encouraging them to participate.

We would like Marv Olson to continue work with landowners and Rick Remer.  Other people to contact at SWCD are Mike Taylor and Steve Smith.  BY Oct 1st of this year would be a good time for incentive sign up as landowners would get paid full 15 years by USDA.  Judy Christensen will contact Marv Olson and also ask for more help.

Another area to look at is updated and working septic systems around the lake and low to no phosphorous usage on lawns, etc.

Action items for filter strips / buffers:
Judy ChristensenContact Marv Olson for input   8/6 Completed
Judy ChristensenConfirm  this will qualify for grant money                 8/10 Completed
Judy ChristensenPresent proposal to board for approval    8/10 Completed
Judy ChristensenDocument package
Judy Christensen        Contact Rick Remer to:
                                      *  Obtain list of landowners to target
                                      *  Have Wes put in FSA newsletter & discuss on radio talk show
                                      *  Communicate to SWCD staff program
Judy ChristensenCreate letter for targeted landowners from DLA with assistance from us
Judy ChristensenContact Marv Olson with list of landowners
Judy ChristensenObtain ideas from Marv Olson on additional help (if needed)
Judy ChristensenObtain additional help (if needed)
Judy ChristensenMonitor results

Action items for septic systems
Bill SchultzContact Steve McComas to put together septic systems inventory.

Board discussed.  There was a motion made, 2nd, and approved to accept as is.  Judy Christensen will drive this effort.

Bill to be paid were presented as follows:
Baker printing$586.82
Judy Christensen (web site)$69.99
EcoAgri (water testing)$228.00

There was a motion made to accept and pay all bills, 2nd and approved.

A request for monies to rebuild the carp trap was made.  Repairs will be $200.00, and to repair the gate on lakeside $2000.00.  There was a motion made to accept up to $2200 for all the carp trap work, 2nd and approved.

Lakescaping opportunities were discussed.  If lake owner wants to know what are the options, we should have alternatives that are acceptable along with a coupon to use towards the lakescaping.  Bob Meryson will document the alternatives and present at the next Board meeting.

Judy Christensen report Harlan Davenport and Ken Kruger volunteered to take pictures of each lot on the lake for the shoreline inventory.  They will take the pictures on a digital camera, send them to Judy Christensen, who in turn will get them to Steve McComas for analysis.  The analysis will be approximately $3000.00.  A motion was made to accept up to $3000.00 for the analysis, 2nd and approved.

It was decided to wait 1 more year before doing alum testing as one more year of carp out and water reverse aeration would benefits us.  Kevin Gruenhagen and Bob Meryson will ensure the reverse aeration is done this winter.

MM & 2nd to adjourn.

Meeting adjourned at 11:45 am.

Respectfully submitted,
Joan Schultz