Diamond Lake Area
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota
Board of Director's Meeting
7:00 PM Wednesday October 11, 2001
Covell Building  Atwater
Members Present: Bob Meyerson, Jon Hanson, Larry Redepenning, Bill Schultz, Joan Schultz, Jennifer Davenport

Secretary's Report was read and approved.

Treasurer's Report was read and approved.

MM & 2nd to pay Baker Printing for Fall issue of Diamond Lake News $235.37 and Davenport for postage & Annual Meeting Refreshments $165.43.

Bill Schultz reported on the hearing he attended October 8,2001 with the Kandiyohi County Planning & Zoning Commission. He spoke with Paula Schroeder, County Zoning Administrator, who has encouraged the DLA to pursue an attempt to re-zone DogFish Bay Area. She believes it is a no-opposition, non-controversial position, however, it is our understanding that if Bill Bernard comes in with another petition, he would supersede the DLA. We agreed the Association will move ahead on this issue, even if Bernard comes in with another petition. Schultz also talked with to Bruce Gilbertson who will check to see if there are any other Special Protection areas in the state-at this time Gilbertson is overwhelmed with work due to the State Employees Strike. Schultz will follow up and keep in touch with Schroeder on this matter.

Bill Schultz has also been in touch with Dale Kragenbring, who has built the carp trap. He has the trap completed but again, due to the strike, there is no one available to install it.

Joan Schultz and Kathy Flaata made further inquiries about the 911/location signage problem-Schultz states that Kandiyohi County has no plans to do anything. Schultz proposed the DLA purchase and install three signs at a cost of $216.00. MM & 2nd to fund and install these signs.

Redepenning was contacted by Bill Schimmel-who had $10,000 in grant money available, which Schimmel wanted to earmark for cleaning up the Kloster Farm. Redepenning has discussed this with Marv Olson who states 'several area farmers want nothing to do with this issue'. Olson advised the DLA that if the Kloster Property has been all cleaned up (as owner states) then leave the matter alone; if the MPCA deems otherwise-let the MPCA deal with it.

Re Pickle: Redepenning and Hanson have talked with him. Pickle has installed an electric fence which keeps his cattle out of water area. Marv Olson hopes to write and sign a legal agreement with Pickle before reimbursing Pickle the $300.00 agreed on. Redepenning is waiting for Olson to get back to him on this.

MM & 2nd that Marv Olson submit his hours and expenses to date and be paid by DLA.

Redepenning informed us the DNR did electroshocking on Diamond Lake recently. Results showed Northerns-2 year olds, not yearlings, 50/hour.

Next meeting to be scheduled in April 2002.
Respectfully Submitted,

Jennifer Davenport