Diamond Lake Area
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota
Board of Director's Meeting
7:00 PM Wednesday September 12, 2001
Covell Building  Atwater
Members present: Bob Meyerson, Dave Solbrack, Kathy Flaata, Joan Schultz, Bill Schultz, Jennifer Davenport.

Three guest speakers had been invited: Joan Johnson and Veda Stockland by Kathy Flaata and Paula Schroeder.

Johnson with Kandiyohi County 911 system discussed the possibility of 911/house number signs being posted at the end of driveways. She had talked to Wayne Thompson about this matter and he said at this time, Kandiyohi County does not plan to put up such signs. Several counties in this area have installed such signs, such as Stearns, which paid half the cost of the signs and townships picked up the other half. Meeker County signs were paid for by the county with townships paying for the posts and installing. Pope County charged each homeowner $20.00 Johnson will talk to the County Board and Township members about this -she believes they will be put up but does not know when. Johnson brought sample signs made by the MR Sign Co. of Fergus Falls. This company would like the association to wait on any decisions until Kandiyohi County makes a decision. On the other hand-if lake residents go ahead and purchase/install signs-it might be incentive for the County to move forward on this.

MM & 2nd for Davenport to write a letter to Wayne Thompson and Richard Falk (Chairman of County Commissioners) expressing the Association's interest/desire to have this type of sign.

MM & 2nd for Davenport to also write letters to the County And Harrison Township-re: house #signs and urge them to pursue this for the entire county. Reference to be made to the difficulty an ambulance recently had in locating a lake property.

Johnson will also check into the possibility of having a sign for 159th ST and get back to Flaata with this information.

Veda Stockland, Atwater Ambulance Coordinator also attended the meeting and explained some of the difficulties emergency response teams have had in locating properties around Diamond Lake. Some of the roads have one or more entrances; in addition, some appear to be private driveways or roads which is confusing to emergency vehicle drivers. Stockland, Johnson and Schroeder agreed this problem needs to be looked at carefully by the County.

Paula Schroeder, Kandiyohi County Zoning Administrator was the third guest, invited by Bill Schultz and also by Tom Sykora per phone call. Schroeder explained the three lake classifications in Kandiyohi County: General Development, Recreational Development and Natural Environment Lakes. Each classification has required lot size and setbacks. Concerning the Dog Fish Bay ,Schroeder suggested the Association go before the Planning Commission and petition to reclassify this area of Diamond Lake. Next Public Hearing by the Commissioners will be held on October 8,2001. Schroeder put the Association on the schedule to be heard.

MM& 2nd for the Association to support/propose to the Kandiyohi County Commissioners that Dog Fish Bay be reclassified.

Schroeder advised us to contact Skip Wright, Spicer DNR Office to provide information we will need to present plan.

Schroeder answered several other concerns the Board had:

*  Trailer/mobile homes? the County cannot discriminate against these-only require that setback, septic ordinances be followed.

*  Covenants-they are legal because they are made between the people that live in the area governed by the covenant.

*  Septic systems-state law states Seller ,must disclose condition-Buyer may waive. Schroeder states that recently several mortgage companies have been requiring septic system inspections before loan approval and she sees this as a positive requirement. Kandiyohi County does not have enough people to inspect all septic systems.

*  Schroeder commented that she believes an updated and well-maintained septic system is extremely efficient. Also that Kandiyohi County has not hired anyone to monitor/inspect feedlots.

Bill Schultz has been working with Bruce Gilbertson to design a new carp trap. It will be built in one piece using some of the existing material, weigh 450#, with eight support beams, installed by the DNR. Dale Kragenbring, Atwater will build for approximately $1300.00, labor & material. MM& 2nd to go ahead with this- cost not to exceed $1500.00
Schultz has repeatedly tried to contact Dave Rau, commercial fisherman with no luck-he will keep trying and also try to contact Seeman.

October meeting will be held on Thursday October 11.

Submitted by,

Jennifer Davenport