Diamond Lake Area
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota
Annual Meeting
County Park #3
Saturday June 15, 2019
Meeting was called to order at 9:37.

The minutes were read and approved

The treasurer’s report was as follows:
We have
$12,405 in savings
$24,773.14 in checking
$14,489.93 in CDs
for a total of $51,668.07
Paid up membership as of today is 260.
Treasurer’s report was approved.
A bill for $58.72 for donuts was approved.

Board of directors was introduced.

Dave Coahran from DNR Fisheries reported on our fish population.
The walleye population is the third highest ever on the lake.
In the fall of 2015, 47,000 fingerlings were stocked in the lake.
In the spring of 2017, 20,000 fingerlings were stocked.
Eggs have been taken from Diamond, Rice, and Koronis since 2014.
Fry are then stocked in the lake to make up for the eggs taken.
The DNR never takes the fish out of the lake; they fertilize the fish while
they are on the lake.
Every year 10% of the eggs are put back as fry. This is better than the
normal hatch rate of 2 to 3%.
The number of crappies in the lake is better than ever before.
The number of northern is the same as normal.
The number of perch is high. The perch act as a buffer for the walleye
fingerlings from being eaten.
The cormorants on the lake are eating perch. They are not hurting the
number of walleye.
The state is considering testing setting limits on sunfish and bluegill so
they will get bigger. Diamond might be a test lake because we have nice
We have a lot of crappies which is why we have so many winter fishermen.
It is possible to put a limit of 10 panfish. This could be submitted for

Harlan Madsen reported on the progress of the County Road 4 project.
He reported that the trail will be done later this year. There is leeway as to the time allowed to complete the project, and because of the amount of rain we have had, that leeway has been used. Harlan handed out a report on the progress on the project and future timelines. He predicts that County Park 3 will be the second premier park
in Kandiyohi County after this project is done.

There is a park planning task force that is meeting. From this group, it is
possible to have tenting and smaller amounts of time to camp to allow for
more family camping.

Also, the wake zone is lifted as of today.

Margaret Johnson explained to the group how water samples are taken.
She gave us handouts on the Hubbard/Schultz/Wheeler project and on the
testing being done on Diamond.

Hubbard/Schultz/Wheeler lake were drawn down over the winter. The final
drawdown was done by December of 2018. This caused no change in the
amount of water in Diamond. The chain was filled back up as of a month ago.

The lake association has paid for processing the tests on our lake for
several years. We also monitor the lake level and the amount of rainfall.
Because we don’t have much structure on our lake, we may not have a big
problem with zebra mussels.

We can only treat 20% of the littoral area for curly leaf pondweed because
of DNR rules. We cannot treat an area if native vegetation is mixed in with
the curly leaf.

Two years ago the DNR stopped inspecting lakes for invasive species. So
we have to pay for that inspection now. Last year we hired LinNoPro to spot check in 20 to 30 places on the lake. This year we hired them to thoroughly check for all invasives. We cannot spray if the temperature is above 55 degrees. We did not spray this year because the inspection was done after the temperature was above 55 degrees.
We will spray next year and, as always, we have to get permission from the
DNR on where we can spray. You can get an individual permit to clear the area by your dock if you are having trouble getting your boat on the water because of the curly leaf.

It was approved to pay Judy Christensen $200 to manage the website.

There will be a boat parade on July 6 at 1:00. This is not sponsored by the
Lake Association.

The lake directories can be downloaded from the Diamond Lake website. If you do not have internet access, you can pick up your directory at Harlan’s house, 14249 Breezy Point Road.

Bob Schimerowski, Mark Streed, Lee Mammen, Jeff Gertgen, and Tom
Hayden were elected to the board of directors.

We need a person from Diamond to serve on the Glacial Lakes Sewer
Board. We had no volunteers.

The annual meeting date is to remain the same weekend as we are
currently using.

A weed roller was on display and pamphlets were available if anyone
wants to purchase one.

It was reported that there is a company looking into providing natural gas
around the lake.

The aerator that is owned by the Lake Association is currently at Harlan’s
house. We need a place to store it.

Suggestions for future projects were was follows:
Install library boxes on the lake.
Put benches on the walking path
Hold a triathlon
Build a shelter for entertainment on the lake where boats could tie up
Buy more rain barrels to auction off at the annual meeting
It was pointed out that the water level on the lake is very stable with only a
2 foot swing, according to history found on the internet.
We were asked to put “No Fishing” signs on the landings.
There is a housing development on Johnson’s Road, called Johnson
Lakeside Addition. Starting next week, the sewer will be installed. There
are 9 more lots besides the Johnson lots to be sold.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:07.

Respectfully Submitted
Becky Ricklefs, Secretary