Diamond Lake Area
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota
Annual Meeting
County Park #3
Saturday June 16, 2018
Meeting was called to order at 9:30.  

The minutes were read and two corrections were made.

The new road on County 4 will have dirt work completed in
2018, as opposed to the road being complete.

The reason people are not catching walleye in the lake is
because the number of bait fish is high, as opposed to
predator fish.

The new minutes were approved.

The treasurer’s report was presented by Diane.  We have $12,341.52 in
savings and $9,667.01 in checking.  We have $14,357.01 in CDs for a
grand total of $36,365.54.  We have 250 paid members as of this date.
Two outstanding bills were approved.  $530 to Miller Sanitation for
dumpsters and $11,516.80 to PLM Land & Lake Management Corp. for
weed spraying.
The report was approved.

A bill for $72.32 for the donuts for the meeting was approved.

Guests were introduced.  Mel Odom, County Engineer, Harlan Madsen,
County Commissioner, and Margaret Johnson from the Watershed were

Harlan Meints informed those present that the DNR determined that
Diamond Lake now has zebra mussels.  Signs were posted at the
accesses on June 14 and a news release will occur on Monday following
the meeting.  The board will keep residents informed on the zebra mussels
via the newsletter.

Margaret Johnson showed videos on the work on the Schultz-Wheeler-
Hubbard project.  She informed us that 45% of our watershed is from the
three lakes and 75% of the phosphorus entering the lake is from these
lakes.  The plan is for a total drain this winter and refill in the spring of

On zebra mussels, one adult can lay over 1,000,000 eggs per season. 
They clean the water, allowing noxious weeds to grow.  The lake will turn
over sooner and the oxygen for the fish will go down. 

Harlan Madsen reported on County Road 4.  The walking trail will be
incorporated with the road.  The county park will be totally renovated.  The
road will be graded this year up to County 28, maybe two more miles. 
They plan on pouring concrete from Dogfish Bay to the back of the park
this year.  They will redo the parking lot at the park.  The trail will not be
paved until 2019.

Updated directories can be downloaded from the website.  If you don’t
have internet, you can pick them up at Harlan Meints” house.

Harlan Meints, Eric Hohmann, and Dianne Rivard were re-elected to the
board and Ben Anderson was elected as a new member.

The DNR does not inspect lakes any more for curly leaf pondweed.  We
will have to hire a firm to inspect from now on.  LimNo Pro from St. Cloud
is a firm that will perform this service for $5,000 to $6,000.  This year we
sprayed the same areas as last year—on the point and the north bay—20
acres.  The cost is $11,516.80, with half paid by a grant from AIS and half
from the Watershed money that is assessed from lake residents.  $20,000
per year is assessed to owners on the lake to spray for weeds.

We fund trash containers on the lake year round for $530.

A question was posed about getting rid of the carp in the lake.  The
harvesters who have come before have quit harvesting carp. 

Meeting was adjourned at 10:58.

Respectfully submitted:
Becky Ricklefs, Secretary