Diamond Lake Area
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota
Annual Meeting
June 15, 2013
County Park #3
Board members present:  Colleen OLeary, Bob Meyerson, Gordon Bloomquist, Harlan Meints, Gordon Behm, Jim Teschendorf, Jerry Ebersviller, Ken Gutzwiller, Becky Ricklefs, Diane Rivard .

A quorum being present, President Meints called the meeting to order at 930am.

The minutes of last year’s Annual Meeting (16June2012) were summarized.  Motion Ken, 2nd Gordy B. to accept.  Motion carried.

Diane presented the Treasurer’s report as follows:  Savings Balance $27227.68, Checking balance $2218.00, CD’s $14,051.04, Total $43496.72.  Paid Membership from 01Jan13 to today is 220 members.  Motion by Gordy B, 2nd by Jim T to approve the report.  Motion carried.

Bills of ~$3600 to DNR for balance of engineering study is due, also ~$400 to Miller Sanitation (~$200 to be refunded by County Water Dist).  Motion by Jerry, 2nd by Ken to pay the bills.  Motion carried.  Motion by Gordy B and 2nd by Ken to transfer money as necessary to complete these payments.  Motion carried.

Margaret Johnson, the new administrator of the MFCRWSD, was introduced.  She presented information on Water Monitoring that has taken place on Diamond Lake and why it is considered impaired waters.  Levels of chlorophyll , suspended solids, phosphorus  and clarity are all considered when monitoring these waters.  Because the lake is considered impaired, it is eligible for various programs.  Maggie also summarized the DU proposed, grant-funded project.  A study was done with monies from the Watershed District, DLARA, and DU and it was found that the chain of Hubbard, Schultz, and Wheeler lakes contribute 50% of the chlorophyll, phosphorus and solids in Diamond Lake.  DU’s $1.2 million plan is to draw down these lakes refill.  This effort should restore native vegetation and kill off the rough fish population.  It has been determined feasible and will not affect Diamond Lake levels.  It will take ~8 months to 1 year per lake to draw down the waters and about the same to refill, the process will be repeated.  Maggie also commented on AIS inspection for Euraisian Milfoil and Zebra Mussels.  80 inspections were done on this lake last year, and 2 boats were turned away.  3 interns were hired as inspectors by the Watershed District this year and 96hours have been designated to Diamond Lake –Wed—Sun.  She reminded the gathering that rain garden and shoreline funds are still available at a reimbursement of 75% from MFCRWSD and 10% from DLARA.  She also explained how the wood-chip bioreactor works and the fact that 1 has been installed this past fall on a 32acre and an 11acre farm in the district.  The watershed district will host a Ducks Unlimited meeting to discuss the project.

County Commissioner Harlan Madsen briefly discussed the possible redirection of County Road 4.  There are several studies and options and nothing will be decided until 2015.  Funding, DNR ok, property purchase and state funds are all involved in the concepts being formed.  There will be public meetings.  Many questions were asked at the meeting and on membership comment sheets about speed around the lake—Mr. Madsen indicated that this will be addressed in the studies.  He also thanked the Watershed District on their AIS inspection program and indicated that in Kandiyohi County there will be no warnings and fines can be up to $2000.  In some states it can be up to a lifetime ban.

Harv reported that the Carp Fishing Tournament this past May included 15 boats, 19 teams and netted about 2000 pounds of carp from the lake.  The winning team had ~30 pound average.  DLARA  paid a bounty of $00.50 per fish for a total of $126 and extended an invitation to the group to return.
Dues letters are being sent in January and the May, July, and Sep newsletters will list current paid members.  This way you can see if you have paid, so as not to send in again.

Speed and Weed Control were the most mentioned complaints on the membership forms.  This year the DLARA in conjunction with a grant from the DNR chemically treated 6.6 acres for the invasive curly pond leaf. ($3628.99DLARA, $1500DNR).  The DNR dictates where and how much we can treat.  Cost is prohibitive to treat the whole lake each year.  We did check into cutting, but we would need to immediately harvest—this is also a very expensive option.  There will be a meeting at Harlan Meints garage on 13July13 for all to discuss options.  Mr. Nick Brown of the DNR will be present.  Please remember that if you are going to transport water weeds from your property, you must have a permit.  This can be found on the website.

Harv received a list of instructions for grinder maintenance and passed out copies.  He did call Ron and was told that this list of instructions was not regular required maintenance.  Important instructions for those who close up are to run water 6 or 7 times prior to departing and then flush out before closing—this will have the same effect.  Also, do not use any type of wipes.

Elaine Sietsma,  Jerry Ebersviller, and Lisa Piotrowski have indicated that they no longer wish to remain on the Board of Directors of DLARA.  A thank you for their past service will be sent.  Nominations for board members include Mr. Brian Weisman, and Mrs. Tammy Skovbroten.  Motion by Ken and 2nd by Jerry to accept the nominations and that the secretary cast a unanimous ballot for their election.  Motion carried.

Motion to adjourn by Diane,2nd Colleen.  Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Colleen O’Leary