Diamond Lake Area
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota
Annual Meeting
9:30 AM Saturday June 19, 2010
Kandiyohi County Park 3, Atwater

Board Members present: Harlan Meints, Jon Hanson, Bob Meyerson, Ken Gurzwiller,  Dale Owen, Lisa Piotrowski, Gordon Bloomquist, Jerry Ebersviller.  Gordon Bloomquist, Elaine Sietsema

Harlan called the meeting to order at 9:30 A.M.

Minutes of last years annual meeting were read and approved.  Motion Gordie Behm  Seconded Arlan Zigeman

Jon presented the treasurer’s report.  The checking balance is $4381.32  Saving account of $26,710.451, CD,s  totaling $13,594.38 and cash balance of  $35.00, for a total of $44,721.69     Motioned by Tim Johnson   Seconded  by Bob Lund  Motion passed to approve the treasurer’s report. 

Jon presented a bill form Thompson Bakery for $112.00. Motioned by Bob Meyerson and Seconded by John Ryan to pay the bills.  Motion passed

Harlan gave an update on the fish barrier, stating work should begin this fall.  DLARA, DNR and the watershed district are funding the work.  Jim T. is checking on funding for a new trap at the lake end on access.  Harlan also stated that Jim was looking into the DNR doing a vegetate study of the lake. 

Harlan gave an update on the septic bond.  The county approved the issuing of bonds at a rate of 3.6892% plus the counties cost of administrating the project.  Interest cost should be about 4.6 to 4.7 per cent.  Work will start this summer and will take 2 years.

Harlan reported that DLARA has joined the Kandiyohi County Lake Association.  This group is working to control invasive species in the county.  It is made up of members form the lakes in the county.  The group has placed sign at accesses on the lake about zebra mussels and also has printed pamphlets to give to all county lake residents.  The group is working with the county, DNR and state agencies.

Bruce Jaeger from Foot Lake gave presentation on the zebra mussel’s problem in the area.  He showed what has happened in lakes where mussels are found.  Little at this time can be done if they invade a lake.

Chad Anderson from the watershed district gave an update on the impaired water status of Diamond Lake.  Explained what the next steps are.  Chad also told those attending about funding for shoreline restoration and rain gardens.  The watershed district will hold a formal update of the impaired water status Thursday July 29th from 6:30 to 8:30 in Atwater at the Community Center.

It was announced that the fourth of July parade would be held again this year.  Stan and Carol Lange are in charge.

A change in the by-laws was discussed to allow the board to regulate length of board terms so there is not an large number of board member up for election each year.  This year 8 of the 13 members were up for election.  After discussion Rich Seaboth made the motion and John Ryan seconded it.  Motion passed 

As only 8 people were running for the 8 positions is was discussed to declare the 8 elected.  Motion Elaine S.  Seconded by Arlan Zigeman.  Motion passed   New members were Gordie Behm and Colleen O’Leary.

Next years annual meeting will be held on a corresponding date at 9:30

Harlan is going to check with the DNR about walleye stocking and minimum size limit on keeper on the lake.

Next regular board meeting is July 24, 2010 the Harlan Meints’ home at 9:00.

Motion to adjourn by Bob Meyerson   Seconded by Gordie Behm.  Meeting adjourned

Submitted by Harlan Meints