Diamond Lake Area
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota
Annual Meeting
8:30 AM Saturday August 6, 2005
Atwater Community Center, Atwater
Board Members Present:  Judy Christensen, Chris Black, Jon Hanson, Joan Schultz, Vicki Behm, Gordon Bloomquist, Bob Carruthers, Russell Johnson, Harlan Meints, Bob Meyerson, Lowell Skoglund, Dave Solbrack,

Absent: Larry Redepenning

Guests: Gary Danielson, Harlan Madsen, Brad Wolf, 232 people

Meeting was called to order. Directors were introduced and the changes from the previous year noted - Bob Meyerson - previous VP is now a Director, Chris Black is the VP, new members are Vicki Behm, Bob Carruthers, Harlan Meints and Lowell Skoglund.

Treasurer's read and approved. 

MPCA Grant - Judy Christensen
Judy reported the MPCA grant ended in April 2005.  All reporting is done and we are pleased to report of the $25,000 grant all but approx. $25 was spent and we match it with in-kind hours and dollars.  A new grant was applied for, but we were turned down. We will continue to look for grant opportunities..

Septic Program Update - Bob Carruthers & Harlan Meints
The program to reimburse association members $50 towards the pumping out of their septic systems is successfully executed and received by people. 

Slot Length / Limit - Chris Black
Chris reported the DNR is doing a study on our lake to determine if a slot length/limit would be a good tool to help improve the fish population.  When they have finished the study, they will make their recommendation known to the Board.

Weed Cutting - Joan Schtulz 
Joan reported that weed cutting was done again this year in June and weeds were found mostly in the east side of the bay.  It was noted that individuals cannot cut weeds on their own - permits must be obtained and the regulations followed.

Core Aeration - Joan Schultz & Kathy Flaata
Joan reminded everyone that the association purchased an aerator, and it is available for all association members to use - it is kept at our shed at the County Park.  You can obtain a key to the shed from any of the Directors or the County Park main desk.  If you take it out, please return it immediately - clean-up and stored neatly in the shed. 

Watershed District - Gordon Behm
Gordy Behm is a member of the Watershed District representing our interests.  He reported they set up ffices are at Bell Tower Plaza in Spicer.  There is no watershed plan yet.  The WSD receives the first tax dollars on June 30, 2006.

High Speed Internet - Harlan Meints
Harlan reported he had been checking into the possibility of getting high speed internet around the lake.  He had invited some representatives to attend our annual meeting to get a sign-up sheet going, though no one showed up.  He asked anyone who was interested in high speed internet meet at the back of the room when the meeting was finished to discuss further.

Sewer Feasilbity Informational Meeting - Gary Danielson, Harlan Madsen, Brad Wolfe

Gary, Harlan and Brad all gave information on the sewer feasibility study that was done.  Packets of information were handed out with the presentation materials.  A Q&A session followed.

After the Q&A session, a count was taken for the following questions:

1)  How many people are interested in pursuing the sewer proposal.  Approx. 65% of the people present were interested in moving forward.

2)  How many people with buildable lots would be in favor of the sewer proposal (limit of 1 vote per lot).  Approx 65% of the people present were interested in the sewer.

3)  How many people wanted the Board to continue working with the County on the sewer proposal.  Approx 90% of the people present were in favor of the Board continuing to work with the County.

Gary and Harlan stated that there was an upcoming meeting the next week, they will recommend we continue with the sewer proposal.  In addition, those people who have to get their systems compliant (as either they have recently bought, or getting a building permit) will be given some leeway with the zoning department as this gets finalized.  The target for a final decision is spring 2006

The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Joan Schultz