Diamond Lake Area
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota
Annual Meeting
9:00 AM Saturday August 21, 2004
Kandiyohi County Park #3, Atwater
Board Members Present:  Judy Christensen, Bob Meyerson, Jon Hanson, Kathy Flaata, Joan Schultz, Larry Redepenning, Russell Johnson, Dave Solbrack, Gordon Bloomquist

Guests: Roger Ramthun, Harlen Madsen, Ron Peterson, 68 people

Meeting was called to order. Directors were introduced along with guest speakers.  A special thanks was given to Dick Johnson (who was present), who organzed and lead the first annual July 4th boat parade..

Treasurer's read and approved. 

Loon Nests - Kathy Flaata
Two loon nests were constructed and placed on the lake this spring.  We cannot confirm habitation on the nests, though we did have 2 pair of loons residing this year.  The nests were pulled and are being stored in the association's shed.  The nests will be placed out again next spring.

Weed Cutting - Kathy Flaata
Fourteen people helped cut weeds on Saturday May 28th.  These volunteers put in many manhours to accomplish this task.  Other people did additional cutting before the permit expired.  The permit went up to $750 for this past year.  At this time, we are planning on applying for a permit for 2005.

Agricultural Best Management Practices (Ag BMP) - Judy Christensen
An additional 20 acres of land is having BMP's established on it this year through our program.  In the 2 years we have done this, we have established BMP's on approx. 90 acres.

Phosphorous-Free Fertilizer & Core Aeration - Judy Christensen
The association is again offering a bag of phosphorous-free fertilizer for lake residents through our grant monies.  The bag can be obtained through Peterson Hardware om Atwater.  When you pick up your bag, you will also receive literature on proper lawn care and how it affects our waters.  A core aerator is also part of correct lawn care, and we will be renting a couple of them one weekend this fall - more details will follow.

Water Testing - Joan Schultz & Kathy Flaata
Water testing for nitrates was performed at County Park 3 on June 3rd.  This was sponsored by Rick Reimer of the SWCD.  Volunteers who assisted Rick included Jackie DeRudder, Elaine Willems, Kathy Flaata and Joan Schultz. 

Educational Efforts - Roger Ramthun, MPCA
Roger updated all on the fall 2003 and spring 2004 ACGC biology field trips that were sponsored through our grant monies.  The fall trip focused on lake studies, hands on water sampling, secchi disk and soil testing.  The spring trip focused on lawn care, waterways. fish population and human effects on the lake.  For the spring trip speakers included Roger Ramthun, MPCA, Skip Wright, DNR Hydrologist, Bruce Gilbertson, DNR Fisheries, and Rick Reimer, SWCD.  Volunteers who coordinated and helped run the events included Joan and Bill Schultz, Gordon Bloomquist and Tim DeRudder. Mrs. Weseman provided lunch for the students at the spring field trip.

Ways to minimize human effects on a lake's eco-system include shoreline restoration, septic maintenance done at least every 3 years, mulch lawns to help build up top soil instead of bagging clippings, filter strips and crop rotation.  The lower water level in a non-spring fed lake will add up to a higher nutrient content which in turn equals more algae growth due to phosphorous levels.

Proposed Watershed District - Harlen Madsen, Kandiyohi County Commissioner

Harlen supports a concentration of local, state and lake associations working together, but opposes formation of a watershed district.  He opposes this because. it is another unneccesary layer of government.  In addition, once a watershed district is formed, it has the ability to create rules ad regulations above what townships and counties can do; this would affect property owners, farmers and town residents in the district.

He stated he has seen both good and bad watershed districts, and feels those that focus on projects are better. .

Ron Peterson, President of Harrison Township reported they are opposed to the proposed Watershed District.

If a Watershed District does get approved, 45 people were in favor of supporting Gordon Behm if he was appointed to the board.  In addition, a petition was sent around to be signed opposing inclusion in the Watershed District should it be approved, 54 signatures were obtained (only 50 were needed).

Harlen also asked for a show of hands of those property owners interested in a study for sewer around Diamond Lake at no cost to us; 38 were in favor.  This study will take place in the next 1 - 1 1/2 years.

Hubbard Lakes Chain Improvements - Judy Christensen
A meeting is scheduled to occur on August 27 with key members of state agencies to discuss ways to improve the quality of the water on Diamond Lake. A main focus of the discussion will revolve around the Hubbard Lakes Chain.

Bylaws - Directors - Judy Christensen

The bylaws are being worked on and will be finalized next year.  We needed 4 volunteers to be Directors as we have had some resignations this past year.  New Directors are Harv Meints, Bob Carruthers, Lowe Skoglund and Vicke Behm.  Thanks to these people for volunteering their time and effort to participate on our Board.

MPCA Grant Ending - Judy Christensen
Judy Christensen reported April 2005 is the end date of our grant monies from the MPCA.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Joan Schultz