Diamond Lake Area
Recreational Association
Atwater, Minnesota
Annual Meeting
9:00 AM Saturday August 18, 2001
Kandiyohi County Park #3, Atwater

Board Members Present: Dave Solbrack, Jon Hanson, Kevin Gruenhagen, Gordon Bloomquist, Kathy Flaata, Tom Deadrick, Bill Schultz, Joan Schultz, Judy Christensen and Jennifer Davenport

Approximately 50 lake residents attended.

Board members were introduced. President Rasmussen was unable to attend. Vice President Bob Meyerson is recuperating from recent surgery; we send our Best Wishes for his smooth recovery! Former President Dave Solbrack stepped in to fill their roles; Thank You, Dave for doing so!

Treasurer's Report was read and approved. Total $32,645.48. Hanson explained the Association recently received a Three-Year Grant for $25,000.00 and the budget/projects for that are being finalized. 

Flaata presented information concerning the house/street number signs that can be purchased through Meeker County at the price of $18.41(includes 3" numbers,post and screws) until August 21. MM & 2nd to have Flaata check into the possibility of the DLA purchasing signs for all lake residents; more information at the September meeting.

Christensen explained and showed printed sample pages of the DLA Website and how lake residents' can access same. She states Diamond Lake is the first lake in the area with a website!

Gruenhagen transported the electric portable generator and BeaverTail Outboard purchased by the DLA to the meeting and explained how this equipment works. It will be used by the DNR to monitor Diamond and area lakes; the DNR will store and maintain it. Gruenhagen has been working with Bruce Gilbertson, DNR on several lake projects. Gilbertson has designed a 20" gate with apparatus to self-clean debris during high water periods; plans are to build this gate this Fall. Gilbertson gave Gruenhagen a verbal agreement to reinforce the I-beams at the gates.
Bill Schultz reports that the June 11 storm left two trees down - one in the outlet and one in the inlet. He notified the County and they will remove the tree in the outlet. The tree in the inlet will be remain - hopefully it will be a good Sunfish bed! 

Many good questions from lake residents' attending!  Gordy Carity asked if there are any plans for testing septic systems around the lake? Solbrack and McComas conducted a lake shoreline and resident survey several years ago. Paula Schroeder,County Zoning Administrator will be asked about this at the September meeting.

Steve McComas, Blue Water Science and our lake advisor, attended and explained that the Phase II is transitioning from a County/State to an Association project. He recommends five project areas:
1. Homeowner/shoreland
2. Agricultural BMP's
3. Hubbard/Schultz/Wheeler Chain
4. Aquatic Plant Management-especially maintenance cutting of CurlyLeaf
5. Fish Projects-especially reducing the carp population.

McComas states the funding comes from the Association and the MPCA and should be used to implement some projects to improve and sustain the lake quality. Volunteers are needed to accomplish the listed projects!
McComas responded to several questions from residents.

Where did the CurlyLeaf go this year? McComas states it seems to indicate improved lake quality - and it is hoped native plants are getting reestablished with this exotic lessened. He said seed pods were rare this year when he dove but to apply for DNR Cutting Permit and be prepared to do maintenance cutting next summer anyway.
Softshell Snapping Turtles in DogFish Bay? A resident reports he found a dozen or more dead soon after ice-out. McComas suspects they hibernated in the wrong place and were killed by a lack of oxygen and/or natural toxins created by ice-out.

What causes the 'Green Paint' on the water sometimes? McComas explained it goes back to last fall when lake levels were so low. Algae go to the bottom of the lake then under certain conditions it comes to the surface to obtain as much sun as possible. It is a natural cycle that fluctuates with the rise of the lake and wind conditions. He states that 99% of the time, while unappealing, this algae is harmless; in rare cases it produces a toxic substance that can sicken animals. The goal is to reduce the amount of algae in the lake.

Mercury in Diamond Lake fish? McComas states mercury is present in all lakes in North America and there should be no more mercury in Diamond Lake fish than any other area. Mercury and PCB's accumulate in fish; therefore the smaller (younger) fish will contain less mercury.

Black baby Bullheads? The black ones tend to do better in high fertility lakes, while yellow bullheads indicate a lake has better quality.

Chiggers/Swimmers Itch? McComas says this tends to be episodic. Caused by a parasite that goes from snails-birds-snails, etc. The parasite is actually looking for a duck host - if a human is chosen for 'host' instead, the parasite burrows into human skin where it dies-causing intense itching a few hours later.

Any Zebra Mussels in Diamond Lake? They have only been found in one lake near Rochester.

Cockleburrs on sandy shores? McComas explained they do not grow on lake so must have blown or been carried in from land source.

Thank you, Steve for attending and answering our lake questions and concerns!

MM and 2nd to adjourn the meeting at 10:50 AM.

Submitted by,
Jennifer Davenport